Best 2N products in the Doorbells + Door intercom system category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best 2N products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. 2N 2N IP Security Relay

2N Accessories IP Security Relay.

2. 2N UP Helios Verso 2 modules

2N flush-mounted housing, type: flush mounting, door opening: none, detection: none, video surveillance: none, connection options: None, 2N flush-mounted housing Helios Verso 2 modules. 

3. 2N IP Style

Use an intercom in your projects that can handle multiple parallel Full HD streams and has a chip with 5 MPx resolution. It supports WDR and delivers colour images even in low light conditions. The high brightness of the display guarantees perfect readability even in direct sunlight. In addition, enchant users with instant display response and smooth animations. Thanks to the patented folding system, you have both hands free to work with cables. Let users decide how they authenticate at the door - by mobile phone, RFID card or PIN code. All in one product. Don't let the all-glass surface fool you. 2N IP Style easily withstands heavy rainfall, dusty environments and vandalism. Choose from 2 views of the intercom's user interface. This allows you to meet the specifics of a home or office and brings the user experience to perfection. 

4. 2N IP Verso2.0 base unit with camera, black

App compatible: Yes, Colour of details: Black, Number of call buttons: 1, Integrated camera: Yes, Product series: 2N IP Verso, Communication standard: IP.

5. 2N IP Verso

Connection options: Wired, Colour of details: Black, Detection: RFID, Vandal protection: Yes, Door opening: NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, Code input.

6. 2N Indoor Intercom Indoor View Black

Display available: Yes, Touchscreen: Yes, Colour: Black.

7. 2N audio kit

2N Helios IP Audiokit, type: intercom, door opening: optional door opener, detection: bell activation, video surveillance: none, connectivity: Wired, power supply via PoE or 12V. 

8. 2N IP Verso frame for flush-mounted housing 2 modules

2N Mounting frame to 2er flush-mounted module Black.

9. 2N IP Base 1-2 Call + HD Kam

2N IP Base 1-2 Call + HD Cam, Type: Video Intercom, Door opening: Optional door opener, Detection: Bell activation, Video surveillance: Liveview, App compatible, Connection options: LAN. 

10. 2N IP Verso frame for flush-mounted housing 1 module

2N Mounting frame for 1 flush-mounted module Black.