Best Siedle products in the Doorbells + Door intercom system category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Siedle products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Siedle CA 812-1, CA 850-1 E

Siedle CA 812-1, CA 850-1 E.

2. Siedle HTA 811-0

With the basic functions calling, speech, door opening and floor call. Electronic call generator with triad chime and alpha tone for door call and continuous tone for storey call. Performance features: Potential-free door opener and light button; Integrated audio privacy function for all applications (assignment as required); Electronic call signal with door/floor call differentiation, alpha and continuous tone; Call volume control infinitely variable max. 83 dB(A); Plug-in handset for easy mounting; Conversion for desk mounting with corresponding accessories; Technical data: Contact type: 2 NO contacts 24 V, 1 A; Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 91 x 201 x 46. 

3. Siedle Door intercom indoor unit H

4. Siedle Set CA 812-2 E/W

Audio set Siedle Compact in 1+n technology with the functions calling, speech and door release. Number of integrated call buttons: 2. Each Compact set can be supplemented by an additional indoor station or secondary signal device for each call button. 

5. Siedle IQ HTA

Intercom system for 6+n technology with WLAN interface for mobile expansion via the Siedle app. With call, speech, door release and light functions at the indoor station and on the smartphone with the Siedle app. Upward calling is also possible via the extension telephone. Features: Wlan interface for Siedle App. Siedle app behaves like an indoor unit connected in parallel. Parallel connection of further indoor stations not possible, potential-free door opener and light button. Integrated privacy lock. Call volume up to max. 83 dB (A ). 

6. Siedle S. & Soehne Handset 15505 white for 700 Series Telephones

S. Siedle & Soehne handset 15505 white for 700 series telephones (200015505-00).

7. Siedle CVB 850-2 E/W

8. Siedle Bus video panel

Siedle&Söhne Bus video panel Comfort BVPC 850-0 W Manufacturer: Siedle&Söhne Designation: Bus video panel Comfort white Type: BVPC 850-0 W With video: yes Installation technology: Bus system Mounting type: Surface-mounted Material: plastic Picture system: PAL Feature picture system: color With memory function: yes Tap-proof: yes Operation door opener: yes Switching functions: yes Handsfree: yes Function lamps: yes Connection with smartphone possible: yes Screen diagonal: 178 mm Screen diagonal in inches: 7 Hearing aid compatible: yes With automatic door opener: yes Color: white Interface design: other Call silencing: yes Internal communication: yes Call differentiation: yes Volume control: yes With touchscreen: yes Width: 202 mm Height: 202 mm Depth: 30 mmSiedle&Söhne bus video panel Comfort BVPC 850-0 W: further detailsBus video panel with touchscreen 17.8 cm for the Siedle In-Home bus. , EAN: 4015739440757. 

9. Siedle CA 812-2, CA 850-2 E

Siedle CA 812-2, CA 850-2 E CA 812-2 CA.

10. Siedle Bus telephone standard

With the functions calling, speech, door release, light and storey call. Hearing protection, privacy function integrated. Call silencing with status display. Parallel connection of max. 4 bus telephones as standard (from the 3rd device, the PRI 602-... USB and ZBVG 650-... are required for programming). Call differentiation for storey call, 2 door calls and internal call. Door release button. Light and call silencing button freely configurable and double assignable. Call generator with 11 call tone sequences, incl. gong. Call volume adjustable in 5 steps up to max. 83 dB(A). Door release/light function at any time via bus wires. Door release possible at any time. Accessory connection relay ZAR 850-... can be retrofitted, e.g. for connection of an additional signal device. Base plate with connection terminals can be pre-installed. Can be used as a table-top unit with the ZTS 800-... table-top accessory.