Best Brennenstuhl products in the Hazard detectors category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Brennenstuhl products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Brennenstuhl WRHM01

The brennenstuhl Connect WiFi smoke and heat detector WRHM01 lets you warn of fire early - The combination of smoke detection and heat sensor detects a fire reliably and quickly. Through the brennenstuhl Connect App you will be informed immediately and everywhere via push notification on your smartphone. If you are outdoors or just traveling, let quickly acquaintances or neighbors to see what's going on. The WiFi smoke alarm and heat detector can be easily and unobtrusively installed in your own four walls thanks to mounting materials. In addition, the WIFI smoke detector is compatible with routers of any brand and does not require a hub. When connecting, make sure to choose the radio frequency 2.4 GHz. 

2. Brennenstuhl Networkable smoke detector (PU 4) RM L 3101

Radio smoke detector set, 4x RM L 3101
Clever protection and maximum security throughout the house.
* All interconnected radio smoke detectors sound when an alarm
is triggered.
* Suitable for wireless networking of up to 40 smoke detectors.
* Operational for 10 years without battery change.
* 3 V lithium battery permanently installed in the device for constant functional reliability.
* Increased stability, e.g. against external influences.
* Quality seal "Q" - smoke alarm device fulfils the increased requirements of guideline 14-01 of the vfdb.
* Tested according to DIN EN 14604.
* Penetrating alarm signal 85 dB.
* Visual indication of function, with test button for function testing.
* Visual and audible low battery signal.
* Includes mute function in case of false alarm and "do not disturb" function in case of low battery.
* Mounting material included.

Brennenstuhl Networkable smoke detector (PU 4) RM L 3101
Hazard detectors
135,92 EUR

Brennenstuhl Networkable smoke detector (PU 4) RM L 3101

3. Brennenstuhl Smoke detector set

The two fire detectors with built-in 10-year battery (3 V lithium battery) ensure constant functional reliability. Thanks to the high-quality housing, they have increased stability, e.g. against external influences. The smoke detectors bear the quality seal "Q", which meets the increased requirements from the directive 14-01 of the vfdb. 

4. Brennenstuhl Magnetic fastening for smokewake

Magnet mounting plate BR 1000. Fixing of your smoke detector without drilling, screws, noise. No damage to ceiling or pipes. Very simple and fast assembly due to two self-adhesive magnetic plates. Easy removal of the smoke detector (for tests, battery change, etc.). Not suitable for vinyl wallpaper, polystyrene, non-stick, siliconised or Teflon-coated surfaces. Only conditionally suitable for smoke alarms with a diameter of less than 8 cm. 

5. Brennenstuhl Smoke detector RM C 9010

If the worst comes to the worst, smoke alarms can become life savers, so they should not be missing from any household. With the RM C 9010 Smoke Detector you create a plus in safety for property and residents of a house, because fires can be triggered anytime and anywhere.

The photoelectric smoke detector, tested according to EN 14604, triggers an alarm signal with a penetrating volume of 85 dB when smoke is detected. It thus warns affected persons early and reliably. For easy installation of the smoke detector, it is delivered including the necessary installation material.

When you put the RM C 9010 Smoke Detector into operation, you can easily check its functionality with a test button. If the smoke detector works, an LED lights up as an optical indicator.

6. Brennenstuhl CO2 detector C2M L 4050 Carbon dioxide/temp./humidity

Brennenstuhl CO2 meter C2M L 4050 CO2 traffic light for monitoring air quality (with display and acoustic signal, with integrated rechargeable battery, up to 12h operation).Features: -CO2 measuring device for assessing the risk of infection by aerosols -Measures and monitors the CO2 concentration (carbon dioxide) and thus the air quality -CO2 sensor with traffic light display and acoustic alarm signal for quick assessment of the room air quality and the need for ventilation -Measuring accuracy thanks to NDIR sensor +/- 50 ppm -The CO2 traffic light can be operated for up to 12 h without a power supply unit thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, The carbon dioxide detector with additional temperature and humidity measurement can be easily placed on the table or attached to walls thanks to the integrated wall mounting - The carbon dioxide measuring device is ideal for the home or for places where many people are present at the same time, e.g. in offices, schools, children's playgrounds, etc. - The CO2 light can be operated without a power supply for up to 12 hours thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.e.g. in offices, schools, kindergartens, hotels or public facilities -Lithium-ion battery: 4.2 V / 1500 mAh -Dimensions (L x H x W): 3.70 x 10.0 x 10.0 cm. 

Brennenstuhl CO2 detector C2M L 4050 Carbon dioxide/temp./humidity
Hazard detectors
86,36 EUR

Brennenstuhl CO2 detector C2M L 4050 Carbon dioxide/temp./humidity

7. Brennenstuhl Smoke alarm SET, 4x RM L 3100

Brennenstuhl smoke detector RM L 3100, 85 db, white, set of 4 photoelectric, tested according to EN 14604, approx. 10 years operation - 1 piece (1290050004).

8. Brennenstuhl RM C 9010

Smoke detector with replaceable 9v block battery - battery life min. 1 year. In the event of an alarm, the fire detectors emit a loud, penetrating alarm signal (85 Db) - smoke detectors save lives. Fire detectors tested and certified according to EN 14604 - More safety for you, your family and your property. Smoke detectors detect smoke in your interior rooms at an early stage and warn you of possible dangers in good time - ideal for ceiling mounting in the bedroom, living room, children's room, hallway etc. Scope of delivery: 3x smoke detector RM C 9010, 3x 9 V block battery, 3x mounting material. 

9. Brennenstuhl BrematicPRO

Thanks to the Smart Home heat detector, you have reliable protection against fire and smoke development by being alerted at an early stage about fires or dangerous smoke gases. Even if the loud warning signal is not perceived and heard, you will be quickly notified and informed about the emergency when the gateway and the app are connected. The wireless smoke detector has a range of up to 100 m in free field. 

10. Brennenstuhl Radio smoke detector RM L 3101

The RM L 3101 networkable smoke detector from Brennenstuhl with built-in 10-year battery is ideally suited for wireless networking of up to 40 smoke alarms and thus ensures maximum safety in living spaces. The fire detector also impresses with the following features:.