Best Gardena products in the Hedge trimmers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Gardena products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Gardena NatureCut Set

Thanks to the robust serrated steel blades, even large areas can be cut in a short time without any problems. The perfect working angle ensures safe cutting at all times, as your hands do not touch the hedge and are therefore protected from scratches. Ergonomically shaped wooden handles made from FSC 100 %-certified wood with rounded grip ends ensure easy handling and comfortable employees. Bumpers made of special plastic protect the joints and allow you to work comfortably and safely. Precision-ground blades with a length of 230 millimetres and non-stick coating ensure a precise cut that is gentle on the plants. In addition to the NatureCut, the set also includes a popular pair of GARDENA secateurs. These also stand for high functionality and reliability. Even small branches with a diameter of 18 mm can be cut with the classic secateurs. 

2. Gardena TeleCut

The TeleCut hedge trimmer from Gardena impresses with a true wealth of features. Thanks to the extendable telescopic arms, the TeleCut enables you to extend your reach by 20 centimetres. This saves you unnecessary stretching or even walking up a ladder. Because of the longer lever, you also have more cutting power at your disposal. The blades have a serrated edge so that you always achieve top results when cutting larger areas. This cut ensures that leaves and branches do not slip away during cutting, but are held in the cutting area. It is also practical that nothing sticks to the non-stick coating of the blade. In addition to its great functionality, the TeleCut also impresses with its feel. The ErgoTec handles are very ergonomic and provide a good grip. When cutting, you will certainly notice the practical buffer that protects your joints from too hard an impact. This is easy on the joints and you can work for a long time without feeling tired. The aluminium lever arms are both light and durable. 

3. Gardena ComfortCut 600/55

The powerful Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 600/55 from GARDENA is particularly suitable for convenient trimming of medium-sized and large hedges. Due to its well-balanced design, the hedge trimmer can be optimally guided even during longer operations. The circumferential ErgoLine handle lies comfortably in the hand in every cutting position, especially when cutting the lateral hedge areas, and ensures fatigue-free, safe and pleasant working. The release button can be easily operated in any position. Laser-cut precision blades ensure efficient, fast and clean cutting of branches and twigs without annoying blockages and interruptions. The stop guard at the end of the blade protects the blades when cutting near the ground or along house and garden walls. The cable strain relief of the hedge trimmer ComfortCut 600/55 prevents accidental loosening of the cable during cutting. 

Gardena ComfortCut 600/55 (Electric hedge trimmer)
Hedge trimmers
151,61 EUR

Gardena ComfortCut 600/55

Electric hedge trimmer

4. Gardena Cordless grass and shrub shears PowerCut 20/18V P4A solo

La cisaille à gazon et à arbustes sans fil PowerCut 20/18V P4A Solo de GARDENA assure une coupe propre et rapide des arbustes et du gazon, même en bordure de pelouse. One battery powers more than 100 products from the main POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE manufacturers. Le système de batterie POWER FOR ALL 18V multimarques peut être utilisé dans plus de 100 produits de différentes marques. It is therefore no longer necessary to have a separate battery for each product, which is both good for your wallet and for the environment. The 2 in 1 quality blades guarantee a proper cut and high precision Quick, simple and safe, the blade adapts effortlessly to individual requirements. The 20 cm lame for branches is ideal for all types of branches and small sharks, while the 8 cm lame for herbs and trees is ideal for pelouse borders and the precise taille of the trees. The versatility of this cisaille à gazon et à arbustes 2 en 1 makes gardening a real pleasure. Légèreté et bon équilibre. The ergonomic and exceptionally light design of this cisaille allows easy handling and makes gardening a pleasant and stress-free experience. Its optimal characteristics guarantee a natural and comfortable grip, effortless use and make the size of the sharks a pleasure. Lames fabriquées en Allemagne Les lames fabriquées en Allemagne témoignent de la précision et de la qualité. The cisaille à gazon sans fillet guarantees a precise and efficient cut and allows you to keep a well-tended garden at every turn. The high-end manufacturing gives confidence in the exceptional performance and long-lasting quality of the product, making it the first choice for maintaining impeccable outdoor spaces. Rangement vertical pratique La cisaille sans fil is the practical solution for all the needs of cleaning the borders of the house and the arbustes. Thanks to its power and well thought-out design, this tool simplifies the work of cleaning the exterior, from precise toning to the shaping of the arbustes. One of its most striking characteristics is its practical vertical range. Fini les remises à outils encombrées ou les problèmes d'espace. The taille-haie can be stored in a vertical position in complete safety. 

Gardena Cordless grass and shrub shears PowerCut 20/18V P4A solo (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
67,85 EUR

Gardena Cordless grass and shrub shears PowerCut 20/18V P4A solo

Cordless hedgecutters

5. Gardena 2in1 EnergyCut

The EnergyCut from Gardena impresses with its 2-in-1 function, thanks to which it offers the best combination of fast and powerful work with high efficiency. When cutting hedges, bushes and shrubs, it can always happen that a thicker branch gets in the way as an obstacle to a perfectly even cut. with the help of the gearbox, which can be engaged at the touch of a button, the EnergyCut is much lighter. The greater force is achieved by a larger opening angle. Wax' with every cut. The normal cutting mode is also convincing all along the line and is particularly suitable for quick cuts of finer branches. This is also ensured by the serrated edge of the blades, which have an additional non-stick coating to prevent the cutting mechanism from sticking. The two cutting modes mean you always have everything under control. So it goes without saying that comfort is not neglected either. The handles of the EnergyCut, for example, stand out due to their well thought-out ergonomics - this means that they are both round symmetrical and ergonomically shaped. In combination with the successful suspension, you will not feel any signs of fatigue when pruning your plants. So look forward to the 2in1 EnergyCut that will never let you down. 

6. Gardena ComfortCut

The lightweight Gardena ComfortCut 50/18V P4A battery hedge trimmer is very suitable for cordless maintenance trimming of medium-sized hedges. The all-round ErgoLine handle with integrated release button lies comfortably in the hand in any cutting position and is easy to operate. The optimum blade geometry ensures an efficient, fast and clean cut, with little effort and without interruptions. The stop guard at the blade end protects the blades when cutting close to the ground or along house walls and garden walls. Power is supplied by an 18 V System battery from the Power for All Alliance, based on Bosch technology. This fits all 18V Gardena garden tools from the Power For All Alliance, but can also be used across brands with numerous other products from the alliance around the home. (Battery and charger not included). 

7. Gardena EasyCut 420/45

Easy to use and lightweight hedge trimmer is perfect for trimming small hedges. The compact design ensures the ideally matched balance. With the special ErgoTec handle, the hedge trimmer can be optimally guided, especially when cutting from the side. The optimized blade geometry ensures an efficient, clean and fast cut without interruptions. 

8. Gardena AccuCut Li + Str 09883-33

AccuCut Li battery grass shears, 3.6Volt, set with shrub blade (turquoise/black, Li-Ion battery 2.5Ah).

Gardena AccuCut Li + Str 09883-33 (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
54,24 EUR

Gardena AccuCut Li + Str 09883-33

Cordless hedgecutters

9. Gardena Akku EasyCut Li

The handy and lightweight EasyCut Li cordless hedge trimmer is ideal for cutting small to medium-sized hedges. The compact design provides for a balanced balance. For fatigue-free, safe and pleasant working, the hedge trimmer lies comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle. Counter-rotating blades enable fast and easy cutting with little effort, without disturbing blockages and interruptions. The optimized blade geometry ensures efficient, fast and clean cutting of branches and thin branches. The stop protection at the blade end protects the blades when cutting near the ground or along house walls and garden walls. With integrated, easy-care lithium-ion battery. It can be recharged at any time without memory effect. Complete with charger. 

10. Gardena ComfortCut Li cordless grass shears set

The ComfortCut Li battery grass shears by GARDENA are suitable for precise cutting of lawn edges and bringing small shrubs such as boxwood into shape. In addition to the grass shears, the set includes wheels and the telescopic handle. The precision-ground and non-stick coated quality blade with long-lasting sharpness enables clean and precise cuts. The 8 cm wide grass blade comes from German manufacture. The handle of the scissors is ergonomically shaped and can be angled so that it can be adapted to the hand position. This makes the scissors very comfortable to use and easy to guide. The telescopic handle also has an ergonomic grip and is flexibly height-adjustable between 74 and 96 cm to fit the body size. Combined with the wheels, cutting lawn edges in an upright posture is even easier. Fully charged, the powerful battery lasts 80 minutes before charging with the included USB-C cable. 

Gardena ComfortCut Li cordless grass shears set
Hedge trimmers
100,26 EUR

Gardena ComfortCut Li cordless grass shears set