Best Tork products in the Paper towel dispenser category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Tork products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Tork Xpress

Modern, stylish stainless steel design and smooth surface. Single towel removal makes it particularly hygienic and efficient. Resistant to fingerprints, hygienic and economical single towel removal, refillable with Multifold towel papers, hinged hood on the side for easy refilling, resistant to fingerprints. 

2. Tork Elevatio

Tork dispenser for zigzag and layer fold towels

The Tork towel dispenser for H3 zigzag and layer fold towels in Elevation design is suitable for places where comfort
and hygiene are important. The slim dispenser with an attractive design ensures lower consumption and less waste due to the single sheet dispensing. Tork Elevation dispensers are characterised by a modern, functional design that makes a good impression on guests.

Good hygiene, as guests only touch the towel they remove
The bundles can be topped up to prevent the paper from running out
Cover can be opened laterally to facilitate maintenance
Peace of mind thanks to a robust design with reliable paper output.

3. Tork Pk2856 tork 130288 h2 soft multifold

4. Tork Dispenser Period Care - til bind/tampon - til vægmontering

5. Tork Matic H1 Dispenser Black

Color = Black
Depth = 203mm
Height = 372mm
Width = 337mm
Material = Plastic
Type = Wall mounting

Tork Matic dispenser for towel rolls. Tork Matic H1 dispenser for
towel rolls is a wall mounted plastic towel dispenser with a modern functional design. The dispenser dispenses one towel at a time, making it cost effective by managing higher demand with fewer paper rolls. An LED indicates when the dispenser needs refilling and the unit is functional, easy to clean and maintain. FEATURES and BENEFITS:. Tork Matic dispenser for towel rolls. H1 - towel roll system. Plastic. Wall mounting. Modern design. Dispensing one towel at a time. LED level indicator. Dispenses one towel at a time. Handles higher demand with fewer paper rolls. Functional. Easy to clean and maintain. Net weight: 3076 g. Colors available: Black or white. HAND TOWELS:. Order no. 136-9570 - part number 290016. Order no. 136-9571 - part number 290067. Order no. 136-9572 - part number 290076. 

6. Tork Singlefold

The compact paper towel dispenser for Tork zigzag and ply fold paper towels. Ideal for low to medium traffic washrooms and hygienic and economical due to single towel removal. Tork Elevation Design.Modern, functional and seamless - this is what makes the elegant Elevation Design stand out. The housing made of high-quality plastic leaves a good impression on visitors to your washroom. 

7. Tork Dispenser Tork Xpressnap grå/klar N4 IF serviet 1stk

Tork Xpressnap. Width: 191 mm, depth: 307 mm, height: 145 mm.

Tork Dispenser Tork Xpressnap grå/klar N4 IF serviet 1stk
Paper towel dispenser
89,55 EUR was 111,20 EUR

Tork Dispenser Tork Xpressnap grå/klar N4 IF serviet 1stk

8. Tork Wall Holder 652100 Turquoise, White

Wall holder for large rolls up to 43 cm width, modern colour scheme in white/turquoise for hygiene sensitive areas, robust metal construction, innovative roll holder for rolls up to 43 cm width and optimised for core Ø between 71 - 73 mm, glass fibre reinforced tear-off edge, plastic cover to protect the roll, W1 system. 

9. Tork Xpress H2 Dispenser Black

Color = Black
Depth = 102mm
Height = 444mm
Width = 302mm
Material = Plastic
Type = Wall mounting

Tork Xpress Multi-Fold Towel. The Tork Xpress Multi-Fold Towel
Dispenser has a sleek modern design that is wall mounted and uses the H2 Interfold Towel System. Made of plastic, the dispenser allows easy access to towels that are dispensed one at a time and is easily refillable. Hygienic and cost effective use of paper towels. FEATURES and BENEFITS:. Tork Xpress Towel Dispenser. Made of plastic. Wall mounted. Slim, modern design. Overfill protection. H2 - Interfold towel system. Easy to use. Easy maintenance. Net weight: 1205 g. COLORS:. Black: order no. 136-9658. White: order no. 136-9659. 

10. Tork Reflex&trade wipe dispenser

You only touch - what you use. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Easy to remove with one hand. Refill packs with level indicator ensure - there is always enough paper. Single wipe removal reduces consumption by up to 37%.