Best Wolf-Garten products in the Scarifiers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Wolf-Garten products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Wolf-Garten 34cm Electric scarifier VA 346 E

VA 346 E #34CM 1600 W.

Wolf-Garten 34cm Electric scarifier VA 346 E
198,89 EUR

Wolf-Garten 34cm Electric scarifier VA 346 E

2. Wolf-Garten VA 303 E

Lawn experts recommend thoroughly removing lawn thatch about twice a year to ensure permanently sufficient aeration of the plants. Only in this way can the lawn grow healthy, dense and lush green. This manoeuvrable, multifunctional electric scarifier makes the work much easier. The 3in1 device is equipped with a moss rake for aeration, a scarifier and a catch bag (35l), whereby the change between aerator and scarifier is effortless without tools. The blades of the rotating roller cut into the ground superficially and carefully remove moss, weeds and tangles from the lawn. The cutting depth can be adjusted 5 times as required. The loosened material is either collected directly in the catcher bag or later removed from the surface with a rake. The handle with soft grip provides the necessary operating comfort and can be folded away for space-saving storage. Compatible with this model are: - Spare springs WAS3001 AN: 196-107-650 for lawn aeration - Scarifying blade WBS3001, AN: 196-101-650. 

3. Wolf-Garten WAS3001

Wolf-Garten aerator roller WAS3001 Scarifier (30cm).

4. Wolf-Garten VA 389 B

With powerful engine power, the scarifier eliminates everything that keeps your lawn from bursting with power. Moss, felt or even dead grass plants are cleanly separated from the growing healthy stalks. The scarifier is suitable for areas up to 1000 m². The device is easy to control and you can pull your lanes without often obstructing cables. 

5. Wolf-Garten VA 357 B

This powerful gasoline scarifier VA 357 B 16BHGJ0F650 from Wolf-Garten will be ideal to keep your lawn well-groomed and free of weeds, allowing light, air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. The dead plants, weeds and moss are effectively removed thanks to the powerful petrol engine and 14 double blades. The working depth can be centrally adjusted over six different levels, so you can adapt the scarifier to the particular needs of the soil and vegetation. The sturdy chassis of the scarifier is made of high-quality, impact-resistant polypropylene. The 45 L collection bag offers plenty of space, so you can work for a longer time. The folding handle saves storage space. 

6. Wolf-Garten VA 378 E

The electric scarifier VA 378 E from Wolf Garten has a 3 in1 function: scarifier or aeration and collection. The scarifier is equipped with a fully foldable handle with quick release fastener and soft grip, the working depth is centrally adjustable in 5 positions. The VA 378 E has a powerful 1800 W motor and a collecting bag with 50 l volume. 

7. Wolf-Garten VS 302 E

Regular scarifying of the lawn is essential for a permanently healthy and dense lawn. The practical 2in1 function of this handy electric scarifier makes work much easier. In addition to scarifying, the cuttings can be collected directly in the 35l collection bag and disposed of conveniently. Subsequent raking together is no longer necessary as a work step - this saves time and energy. At the same time, operation with the powerful 1,200 watt motor and the cutting width of 30 cm is efficient and saves energy. The scarifying depth can be adjusted 5-fold with the central setting. Maximum operating comfort is provided by the height-adjustable handle, which can be easily folded away for space-saving storage. Spare blades are available for the machine (WBS3001). An aerator roller is optionally available, which allows the scarifier to be converted into an aerator in just a few steps. The roller does not scratch the surface, but combs the lawn to gently remove moss and lawn felt.