Best Weller Erem products in the Soldering irons category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Weller Erem products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Weller Erem WE 1010 Soldering Set 230 V F/G

Model number = WE 1010
Supported tasks = Soldering
Nominal power = 70
Input voltage = 230V
Soldering tip temperature = +450°C
ESD protected = Yes.

2. Weller Erem WXP 120 soldering iron

The all-rounder with 120 watts. It can be used to cover soldering work from small to large components with high heat requirements.
Maximum performance is achieved
through the optimised sensor position. With a cost-effective range of soldering tips, these tools offer a real alternative to

- WX compatible
- with Power-Response heating element technology
- Tip family XT, XT soldering stamps

Scope of delivery:
1 piece soldering iron WXP 120
1 piece XT B soldering tip, chisel shape, 2.4 x 0.8 mm

Technical data:
Power: 120 W
Temperature range: 100-450 °C
Weight: 315 g

Item number: COO52920199
Shop number: 803440.

3. Weller Erem WXMP Set

Weller's WXMP soldering iron with its fine and slim design and 40 watt power is ideal for soldering work under a microscope. The active soldering tip is characterised by its high performance. The soldering iron is ready for use in three seconds and reaches temperatures between 100 and 450 °C. The WDH 51 soldering stand is also included in the scope of delivery.

WXMP soldering iron and WDH 51 soldering stand

- Ideal for working under a microscope
- Power consumption: 40 watts
- Operating voltage: 12 Volt
- soldering tip RT 3 (chisel shape, Ø 1.3 mm) included

Note: To use the soldering iron, you will need an additional supply unit of type WX, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

4. Weller Erem Hot Air Pencil HAP 1

The hot air piston HAP 1 has a temperature range of 50°C - 550°C. The hot air flow is adjustable and ion-free. The hot air flow is activated via a finger switch. Various nozzles are available as accessories.

- Ion-free hot air flow
- Activation via finger switch
- Can be connected to WR 2, WAD 101, WR 3M
- Tip family F, R, D, Q

Scope of delivery:
1 hot-air pencil HAP 1
1 piece Hot air nozzle R06, 3.0 mm

Technical data:
Power: 100 W
Temperature range: 50-550 °C
Weight: 296 g

Item number: COO52711599
Shop number: 804240.

5. Weller Erem Toya GAS CAST IRON 73400 CARTRIDGE

Model Number = WX 1 // Tasks Supported = Desoldering / Soldering // Wattage = 200W // Input Voltage = 230V // Soldering Tip Temperature = 550°C // Number of Outputs = 1 // Display Type = LED // ESD Safe = Yes // // Please be aware solder wire is not incl. 

6. Weller Erem WXUPS MS Ultra soldering iron 150 V, 24 V

Weller WXUPS MS Soldering Iron 24 V/AC 150 W +100 - +450 °C (T0052923599).

Weller Erem WXUPS MS Ultra soldering iron 150 V, 24 V
Soldering irons
267,88 EUR

Weller Erem WXUPS MS Ultra soldering iron 150 V, 24 V

7. Weller Erem DSX 80 desoldering iron

Compared to the conventional desoldering irons, the desoldering irons of the X-series have an improved fastening system of the suction nozzle. Instead of the screw thread, the X-series uses an eccentric design as a quick-change system. The suction nozzles are changed easily and quickly by a short rotary movement (approx. 90°). The conical design of the transition between the heater and the suction nozzle ensures optimum heat transfer. In combination with an 80 Watt heater, these desoldering irons are particularly suitable for soldering joints with high heat requirements.
Desoldering iron with external tin collection container for desoldering SMD components. Same working position as conventional soldering irons, electronic temperature control and micro finger switch to activate the fast-acting vacuum pump. Various suction nozzles are available.

- with eccentric attachment
- with external tin collection container
- connectable to supply units WR 2 and WR 3M
- Tip family DX

Scope of delivery:
1 piece desoldering iron DSX 80
1 desoldering nozzle DX 113HM, outer/inner diameter 2.5/1.2 mm
1 piece Desoldering nozzle pliers PDN

Technical data:
Power: 80 W
Temperature range: 50-450 °C
Weight: 305 g

Item number: COO51319099
Shop number: 804010.

8. Weller Erem 1-channel soldering station WT 1013

The Weller WT 1013 soldering set is a 1-channel supply unit with WP 80 soldering iron and WSR 201 safety rest. It is stackable and thus ensures more space at the workplace. Its detailed LC display provides an unprecedented overview of all functions, quickly and easily accessible via the new user-friendly menu button.
With an integrated usage sensor in the soldering tool, it switches off automatically.

- modern operating concept
- intuitive operation thanks to clear menu guidance
- low space requirement thanks to stackability
- graphic LC display with backlight
- high functionality and flexibility - large number of tools can be connected
- Automatic switch-off with integrated usage sensor in the tool
- Housing cover can be used as an additional tray
- LT top-of-the-range family

Scope of delivery:
1 piece 1-channel supply unit WT 1
1 piece soldering iron WP 80
1 piece Soldering tip LT B
1 piece Safety rest WSR 201
1 piece Rubber tray
1 piece Mains plug
1 piece Instruction manual

Technical data:
Power: 95 W
Temperature range: 50-450 °C
Dimension L x W x H: 149 x 138 x 101 mm
Channels: 1
Potential equalisation socket: via 3.5 mm jack socket
USB interface: no
Weight: 1.9 kg

Item number: COO53441399
Shop number: 810936.

9. Weller Erem Desoldering iron WXDP 120, without tray

The Weller WXDP 120 desoldering iron is a fast and powerful high-performance desoldering iron. It is particularly suitable for reworking and repairing SMD or conventionally assembled PCBs.
The heating time is 35 seconds. Its high-quality sensor and heat transfer technology ensures precise temperature control behaviour. Thanks to the sensor, the desoldering iron only switches on when there is movement. When not in use, the desoldering iron switches to stand-by mode.

- compatible with supply units WXD 2 and WXR 3
- Desoldering iron set with eccentric attachment
- Short heat-up time and set-back function
- soldering tip can be changed with one hand
- programmable, intelligent WX desoldering iron
- Usable tip family XDS, XDSL

Scope of delivery:
1 piece WXDP 120 desoldering iron
1 suction nozzle XDS 1, inside ß 1.4 mm, outside ß 2.5 mm
1 piece safety rest WDH 70 (only for 801221)
1 suction nozzle XDS 5, inside ß 1.8 mm, outside ß 3.3 mm (only for 801221)
1 suction nozzle XDS 3, inside ß 1.0 mm, outside ß 2.3 mm (only for 801221)
1 piece Operating instructions

Selection criteria:
Version: without tray

Technical data:
Power: 120 W
Heating time: approx. 35 s
Temperature range: 100-450 °C
Weight: 350 g

Item number: COO51320199
Shop number: 801219.

Weller Erem Desoldering iron WXDP 120, without tray
Soldering irons
380,42 EUR

Weller Erem Desoldering iron WXDP 120, without tray

10. Weller Erem Hot air piston set WXHAP 200 Set

The hot air flow is adjustable and ion-free. The hot air flow is activated via a finger switch. The ion trap in the hot air piston ensures that the hot air flowing out is free of static charges. The hose and handle are antistatic. The temperature of the hot air can be set using the WXA 2 control unit and various nozzles are available as accessories.
Suitable for both soldering and desoldering SMD components.

- Compatible with supply unit WXR 3
- Blue LED indication light
- internal parameter memory (zero tolerance)
- Ion-free air flow

Scope of delivery:
1 hot air gun WXHAP 200
1 safety rest WDH 30
1 piece round nozzle R06 ß 3.0 mm
1 piece round nozzle R04 ß 1.2 mm

Technical data:
Power: 200 W
Temperature range: 100-550 °C
Temperature accuracy: +/-30 °C
Hot air max.: 20 l/min
Weight: 1.55 kg

Item number: COO52712099
Shop number: 802393.