Best Gardena products in the Water pumps category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Gardena products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Gardena 3000/4 Basic

- The powerful and energy-saving garden pump allows problem-free operation with a garden spray or sprinkler

- The robust pump has a long service life thanks to
the thermal protection switch, stainless steel shaft and brass threaded connections

- Thanks to the pressure of up to 3.5 bar, the pump can also be used with longer hoses or sprinklers such as the Gardena AquaZoom (not included)

- The second opening makes it easy to fill the garden pump without a funnel and just as easy to empty it again.

- Scope of delivery includes: 1x Gardena garden pump 3000/4, Made in Germany, 2x G1 inch double nipples for connecting fittings with internal thread.

2. Gardena Submersible pressure pump 6100/5 inox automatic

Experience the benefits of the high-quality 6100/5 Inox automatic submersible pressure pump from Gardena as the ultimate solution for all your irrigation needs andhome water supply. High-pressure and almost noiseless - this pump for wells and cisterns is ideal for pumping groundwater and rainwater, even from greater depths. Do you want to operate several sprinklers at the same time? No problem: The submersible pressure pump 6100/5 Inox automatic from Gardena, developed in Germany, offers you the possibility of using up to four sprinklers at the same time, for example the AquaZoom from Gardena, with its particularly high output of 1100 W, a flow rate of up to 6100 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 4.7 bar. With these impressive performance values, it is in no way inferior to most fresh water supplies. The automatic switching function saves both water and energy by starting the pump when water is needed and stopping it automatically when no more water is needed - this not only makes it more convenient to use, but also ensures high efficiency with lower power consumption. Thanks to the integrated non-return valve, the water is available particularly quickly when needed. If the water pipe should drip, the leakage detection comes into play: this stops the pump and thus prevents possible water damage. The small-volume programme still allows smooth operation with small consumers such as your washing machine or the Micro-Drip system. Thanks to a diameter of only 149 mm, you can even use the pump in narrow wells with a diameter of 150 mm or more. The 23-metre-long and robust fastening cable and the 20-metre-long mains cable offer many options. A high-quality housing, the connection thread as well as the drive shaft made of solid, robust stainless steel not only look good, but above all offer protection during use under water and ensure sufficient stability even with fixed piping. The floating suction unit is an optional extra for the 6100/5 Inox automatic submersible pressure pump: It is used if sediments form on the bottom. The integrated and easy-to-clean fine filter prevents the pump and connection devices from becoming clogged or damaged. These factors and the practical self-protection technologies ensure that the submersible pressure pump is particularly robust and durable. More than 40 years of experience in drainage, irrigation, domestic water supply. 

Gardena Submersible pressure pump 6100/5 inox automatic (Garden pump)
Water pumps
268,65 EUR

Gardena Submersible pressure pump 6100/5 inox automatic

Garden pump

3. Gardena 4100 Silent

Developed in Germany, the Gardena 4100 Silent garden pump is powerful and efficient. The pump is ideal for watering the garden or pumping out tap water and rainwater.With a power consumption of only 550 watts, it is energy-saving thanks to efficient hydraulics and achieves a flow rate of 4100 litres per hour at 36 metres head (3.6 bar). The pump is therefore perfect for use with a shower or sprinkler. The water is drawn from a depth of up to eight metres. The use of water reservoirs such as wells, rain barrels or cisterns is an effective way to save valuable fresh water. Especially in dry summers, this cost saving is clearly noticeable and pleases the environment. The 4100 Silent garden pump is equipped with a noise-reducing plastic housing that reduces the noise level during operation to only 50 dB sound pressure at a distance of 5m. This makes the pump comparatively quiet. The rubber feet ensure low-vibration operation and a firm footing on the ground. The mains switch is so easily accessible and easy to operate that it can even be operated with the feet. Thanks to the weather resistance, high humidity levels such as in continuous rain or sunshine are not factors, so the electric pump can remain outdoors for the entire gardening season. For a short and efficient route, it is a good idea to position the outdoor-suitable pump directly at the water source. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry to the intended place of use. Due to the stainless steel shaft, the double sealing system between the motor and the pump drive and ceramic sealing, the pump is robust and durable. The thermal protection switch protects the motor from overload. Filling is easy due to the large filling opening and thanks to the drain valve, the pump is drained quickly. Draining water protects the appliance from frost damage. Two plastic connections are provided. Gardena offers a five-year manufacturer's guarantee on this quality product after it has been registered online. 

4. Gardena 5600 SilentComfort

Gardena 09067-61 Domestic waterworks 5600 SilentComfort 230V 5600 l/h.

Gardena 5600 SilentComfort (Domestic water pump)
Water pumps
437,94 EUR

Gardena 5600 SilentComfort

Domestic water pump

5. Gardena Pumps Prefilter

It provides effective protection against soiling and is particularly recommended when pumping sandy media. The filter insert is washable. The pre-filter has a 33.3mm (G 1) connection thread and is suitable for water flows of up to 3,000 l/h. 

Gardena Pumps Prefilter (Water pump accessories)
Water pumps
37,04 EUR

Gardena Pumps Prefilter

Water pump accessories

6. Gardena Submersible pressure pump 5900/4 Inox Automatic

The pump switches on automatically for water withdrawal and then switches off again. The patented small volume program allows operation with drip irrigation as wellas reliable leakage detection to prevent water damage or unnecessary water loss. The pump has a robust stainless steel housing and connection thread for reliable operation under water. An integrated pre-filter prevents dirt particles from being sucked in. Debris that builds up at the bottom of a well or cistern can clog the pump's filter. An optionally connectable floating suction directly under the water surface prevents this. If the water level is too low, an integrated dry run protection stops the operation of the pump. Including 15 meter connection cable and 20 meter fastening rope, with which the pump is quickly installed and ready for use. 

Gardena Submersible pressure pump 5900/4 Inox Automatic (Garden pump, Domestic water pump)
Water pumps
237,29 EUR

Gardena Submersible pressure pump 5900/4 Inox Automatic

Garden pump, Domestic water pump

7. Gardena Clear water submersible pump 17000 aquasensor

The GARDENA 17000 Aquasensor Clean Water Pump is an extremely powerful and efficient submersible pump with many innovative features. Has your basement been floodeddue to rising groundwater levels or a leaking washing machine? Need to pump out rain barrels before winter? Are you looking for an efficient drainage pump to empty your pool? In these specific cases or in many other possible scenarios, this energy-saving and particularly powerful pump is essential for your home and garden. The clean water pump 17000 Aquasensor has a power of 750 W and pumps up to 17,000 litres of clear or slightly contaminated water per hour at a pressure of 0.9 bar and a maximum supply height of up to 9 m. keeping your floor almost dry What sets this Clean Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor apart from conventional GARDENA Submersible Clean Water Pumps is the modern and innovative features provided by the digital LED water sensor. This innovation allows the product to be used in tight spaces, and the sensor control can be used to precisely set the pump on and off height. For example, it can start automatically from a water level of just 5 mm - ideal for protecting basements from flooding. The water sensor measures the current water level without direct contact and displays the data using easy-to-read LEDs. A useful timer function and intuitive touch controls are also added. The water sensor eliminates the risk of dry running, protecting the pump from possible damage. However, you will not only be impressed by the performance and protection technology of this GARDENA Pump. The outer casing is made using the highest level of durable materials. The stainless steel cover not only looks great, but also effectively protects the pump from external damage. The motor shaft has a ceramic coating with a triple seal, including an oil chamber. In addition, the submersible pump has no less useful built-in function to ensure maximum flow or stop dry operation. Easy-to-use, special pump feet can lift the pump off the surface if dry suction is not required to increase pump performance. Of course, thanks to the new, lightweight GARDENA Hose Coupling System, a variety of hoses of different sizes can be connected to the pump. This makes this pump even more versatile and easy to use. The GARDENA 17000 Aquasensor Clean Water Pump is functional, intuitive and easy to operate. require (['fndViewportImageLazyLoad']); require (['fndLoadLazyImages']); require (['fndImageInitNormalLazyLoad']); Five-Year Warranty Extension with Registration GARDENA offers a five-year warranty extension if you register your purchase at within three months. You can find detailed information in this link and in the instructions for use that came with the product. All rights apply without restriction. Wearable parts, batteries and chargers are not included. require (['fndViewportImageLazyLoad']); require (['fndLoadLazyImages']); require (['fndImageInitNormalLazyLoad']); Extremely efficient thanks to the latest technology The innovative GARDENA Clean Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor offers 750 W of power, a maximum suction speed of 17,000 litres per hour and impressive efficiency. require (['fndViewportImageLazyLoad']); require (['fndLoadLazyImages']); require (['fndImageInitNormalLazyLoad']); Innovative Aquasensor technology Thanks to Aquasensor, the submersible pump operates in narrow openings, offers many other innovative, self-protective and useful functions, as well as precisely adjustable on and off heights. ... 

Gardena Clear water submersible pump 17000 aquasensor (Clear water pump)
Water pumps
145,65 EUR

Gardena Clear water submersible pump 17000 aquasensor

Clear water pump

8. Gardena Submersible sewage pump 25000

The GARDENA Submersible Dirty Water Pump 25000 is ideal for drainage as well as for pumping around and out dirty water with dirt particles up to 38 mm in size. Witha rated power of 1,100 W, it pumps a maximum water volume of 25,000 l/h. The adjustable float switch with continuous operation function prevents the pump from running dry. It has a stainless steel housing cover and an ergonomic handle design with cable rewind and rope holder. The quick coupling system for large, efficient hose diameters enables connection with just one click. 

Gardena Submersible sewage pump 25000 (Sewage pump)
Water pumps
125,89 EUR

Gardena Submersible sewage pump 25000

Sewage pump

9. Gardena 3000/4 Eco

With the Gardena Classic house waterworks 3000/4 eco with a power of 650 W and a max. flow rate of 2,800 l/h, you can easily save energy. It distributes servicewater, e.g. from rain barrels, wells or cisterns, fully automatically in the house and garden. For example, use water from the domestic waterworks for flushing the toilet, the washing machine and watering the garden. The domestic waterworks switches on automatically depending on the water requirement and then switches off again. The stepless Eco mode additionally enables energy savings of up to 15% compared to normal operation. This is good for your wallet and the environment. And if the pump should ever overheat due to a lack of water supply, an automatic safety shutdown provides protection against overheating. Convenient: The large-volume 24 l tank. The diaphragm does not need to be replaced during this time and air does not need to be refilled. The Gardena Classic house waterworks is equipped as standard with an integrated pre-filter, which protects the pump from dirt and sand, as well as a backflow stop and can therefore be easily put into operation. The large filling opening and the vent valve support problem-free commissioning. Self-priming is optimized by the manual check valve adjustment. In addition, a thermal protection switch watches over the continuous trouble-free operation of the maintenance-free condenser motor. If frost threatens, drain the pump using the water drain plug. The domestic waterworks impresses with its sophisticated technology, high-quality materials and compact, space-saving design. Pressure gauge and pressure switch are integrated in a space-saving and clearly arranged manner. Salt water, aggressive and easily combustible substances as well as foodstuffs must not be pumped. Max. Pressure/head: 4.0 bar/40 m Connection thread 33.3 mm (G1). 

Gardena 3000/4 Eco (Domestic water pump)
Water pumps
229,94 EUR

Gardena 3000/4 Eco

Domestic water pump

10. Gardena Domestic waterworks 3700/4

The Gardena 3700/4 domestic waterworks can be used for domestic water supply in the home and garden. With a rated output of 800 W, the domestic waterworks deliversa maximum water volume of 3,700 l/h at a pressure of 4.1 bar quickly and reliably. A brass non-return valve guarantees simplified handling and quick commissioning. The optimised suction process ensures that water can be pumped from a depth of up to 7 m in a short time. The domestic waterworks is particularly durable thanks to a ceramic seal. 

Gardena Domestic waterworks 3700/4 (Domestic water pump)
Water pumps
153,84 EUR

Gardena Domestic waterworks 3700/4

Domestic water pump