Top-rated products in the Hazard detectors category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Ei Electronics Ei650 smoke detector

The Ei650 is a new generation smoke detector with integrated microprocessor and automatic contamination compensation. The smoke detector operates according to the scattered light principle and has a permanently installed 10-year lithium battery. Its Easy-Press button, the mute function and the absence of annoying LED flash signals make it particularly user-friendly. Product features: built-in 10 year lithium battery, integrated 85dB(A) strong piezo alarm, large, easy to reach Easy-Press button, reduced test volume, mute function in case of unwanted alarm, automatic contamination compensation, metal shielding in the optical chamber, disassembly safety device, incl. Mounting plate for easy installation and maintenance, VdS-tested to DIN EN 14604, Q certificate to VdS 3131 / vfdb guideline 14-01, for use to DIN 14676 

2. Google Nest Protect

3. Netatmo Smart smoke detector

The Smart Smoke Detector is a photoelectric (optical) smoke detector that increases the security of your home. When a fire breaks out and the powerful 85 dB alarm is triggered, the Smart Smoke Detector sends this alarm directly to your smartphone in real time. So you can take action even when you're on the move. Unlike conventional smoke detectors, the Smart Smoke Detector takes this worry off your shoulders by sending real-time alerts to your smartphone and your family members as soon as smoke is detected. Simply install the wireless Smart Smoke Detector on the ceiling in every bedroom, nursery and hallway, download the app and protect your home from fires. It's simple. 

4. Brennenstuhl Smoke detector RM C 9010

If the worst comes to the worst, smoke alarms can become life savers, so they should not be missing from any household. With the RM C 9010 Smoke Detector you create a plus in safety for property and residents of a house, because fires can be triggered anytime and anywhere.

The photoelectric smoke detector, tested according to EN 14604, triggers an alarm signal with a penetrating volume of 85 dB when smoke is detected. It thus warns affected persons early and reliably. For easy installation of the smoke detector, it is delivered including the necessary installation material.

When you put the RM C 9010 Smoke Detector into operation, you can easily check its functionality with a test button. If the smoke detector works, an LED lights up as an optical indicator.

5. LogiLink Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detector with LCD from LogiLink. The carbon monoxide detector from LogiLink ensures more safety in your home. It reliably alarms at increased CO concentrations in the air indoors and warns by means of a high alarm signal (85 dB). Ideal for use in rooms with stoves etc. 

6. Abus Mini smoke detector GRWM30600

Most fires are caused by technical defects such as cable fires. Since the sense of smell also sleeps at night, most people only wake up when dense smoke makes orientation difficult and those affected cannot get to safety in time. Toxic fumes lead after only three breaths to unconsciousness and within a short time to death. The photoelectric smoke detector is characterized by a very compact design.

It detects even the smallest smoke particles and warns residents with a loud alarm at an early stage and effectively before a fire develops. The detection range of the smoke detector is up to 40 m² and is limited to the room in which it is installed. Unwanted alarms (e.g. caused by dust or steam) can be easily and uncomplicatedly muted by pressing the large-area test button.

7. EQ-3 Smoke detector

The smoke alarm device joins the Homematic IP security solution as a particularly reliable alarm device. It warns of an incipient fire by detecting the first smoke of fire. The wireless smoke detector can be networked not only in the Homematic IP system itself, but also with other identically designed wireless smoke detectors, so you can also monitor large buildings and distant rooms. In addition to the acoustic signal output, a bright LED light in the smoke detector is switched on in the event of an alarm in order to realize emergency lighting. Optical scattered light smoke alarm with Q-label. LED emergency lighting when the alarm is triggered to illuminate the escape route. In addition, as a siren, z. For example, for a burglar alarm, usable in the Homematic IP security solution. Metal mesh around the smoke chamber prevents false alarms from insects. 

8. Sonero Magnetic mounting for smoke detectors

The sonero magnetic mounting for smoke detectors is completely tool-free, easy and quick to attach to the ceiling. Simple, fast and secure installation without tools, drilling and screws. Firm hold thanks to three strong magnets and full-surface 3M adhesive surface, full load capacity after 24 hours. 

9. Pyrexx PX-1 Smoke detector V3-Q

The PX-1 is a standalone smoke detector according to DIN EN 14604 and has a built-in long-term lithium battery, thus eliminating the need for annoying and expensive battery changes. The sensor-controlled safety mechanism only triggers an alarm if there are concrete signs of a fire. Pyrexx products achieve highest deceptive alarm security. Each scope of delivery includes a magnetic carrier with gel adhesive pad. Thanks to this certified installation technology, all Pyrexx smoke detectors can be firmly, safely and standard-compliantly connected to almost any ceiling surface structure in accordance with DIN 14676. 12 years battery life (lithium). Bi-Sensor-Processor-Technology (smoke and heat). Maximum real alarm precision-suitable for kitchen use due to condensation barrier. 3-way insect protection alarm signal. Cyclic real self-test function. 

10. Hekatron Genius Plus

Hekatron Genius Plus smoke detector incl. 10-year battery. The smart type of stand-alone smoke detector meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Developed in a state-of-the-art fire protection laboratory in Europe, it meets the highest test criteria of the VdS and is therefore one of the few smoke alarms in Germany to bear the coveted Q seal of quality. Highlights & details: No battery change necessary (10-year shelf life. App capability via Smart Sonic. EN 14604, VDS and Q-Label, certified. Permanent self-monitoring. Soiling prediction. Active contamination tracking. Alarm memory. Bedroom activated: (no status messages or flashing LED at night). Smart sonic (acoustic data transmission technology. Noise suppression at night using real time clock. Automatic compensation of temperature fluctuations by a temperature sensor. Mounting according to VdS: single hole/2-hole/adhesive. Acoustic, frequency-optimised alarm. Operating status display: multicolour LED (green, orange, red) "soft flash". Advanced Applications: The Genius Plus is useful in difficult environmental conditions, such as stairwells and hallways, as well as frost-free basements and attics. Built-in battery, typical battery life 10 years. Additional functions in conjunction with Genius Home or Genius Pro app and smartphone: detailed status display, history and recommended action on the smartphone (on-site diagnosis, creation of maintenance documentation in accordance with DIN 14676 (Genius Pro app only), documentation forwarding via "Share" function of the smartphone). Genius Pro and Genius Home App for iOS and Android (available in Germany and Austria). Delivery: Smoke detector. Attachments. Stick pad. Quick start guide.