Top-rated products in the Water pumps category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Gardena Drill pump

The Drilling Machine Pump is ideal for flexible pumping around and out of small amounts of water. Quickly and easily mounted in the drill chuck of any commercialdrill, the drill provides the necessary power. With the original Gardena System connection parts, the drill pump is immediately ready for operation. Suitable for every drilling machine. 

2. Kärcher Fabric hose set

The set consists of a flexible 1 1/4" flat hose and a stainless steel hose clamp (30-40 mm) with wing screw for tool-free connection. The Kärcher fabric hose setis particularly recommended for use with clear and dirty water submersible pumps. It is the ideal solution for the removal of large quantities of water such as floods. The 10 metre long hose can be rolled up flat and can therefore be stored in a particularly space-saving manner. The maximum operating pressure is 5 bar. 

3. Bosch Home & Garden GardenPump 18V-2000

Battery rainwater pumps GardenPump 18V-2000. Faster watering of the garden from a rainwater tank. Suitable for a wide range of open rainwater tanks and tanks withsafety closure. With wall and container attachments for a wide variety of rainwater container locations. Timer function with three settings for use with lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. Powerful use up to 25 m, ideal for most gardens. Excellent flow and spray projection for hard-to-reach plants and easy cleaning activities. Included in delivery: 18V 2.5Ah battery pack, battery control unit, rainwater pump, connecting hose, 2.5 m, hose guide, container attachment, wall attachment, AL 1810 CV charger, cardboard box. 

Bosch Home & Garden GardenPump 18V-2000 (Rain barrel pump)
Water pumps
144,58 EUR With free promotional product

Bosch Home & Garden GardenPump 18V-2000

Rain barrel pump

4. Einhell GC-DP 1020 N

The waste water pump GC-DP 1020 N is a robust, powerful and reliable tool that provides the best performance when pumping ponds, excavations, flooded basements andmuch more. With a power consumption of 1000 W, the powerful pump moves up to 18,000 litres of contaminated water per hour. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures a long service life. The high-quality mechanical seal of the GC-DP 1020 N protects the powerful motor and ensures extensive maintenance freedom. Its infinitely variable float switch offers the choice between continuous operation and a preselected switch-on and switch-off level. For flexible connection options, the GC-DP 1020 N is equipped with a universal connection and a 90° angle. In addition, it has a carrying handle for easy transport. 

5. Makita PF1110

The Makita submersible pump clear-/ dirty water PF1110 is suitable for dirty water with a maximum particle size of 35mm. It is ideal for use during floods and foremptying swimming pools or ponds. The submersible pump clear/wastewater PF1110 also features an adjustable float switch, overload protection with auto-reset function, a low-wear pump impeller and a double seal with medium oil reservoir for a long service life. The maximum flow rate is 15,000 l/h and the maximum head is 10 metres. 

6. Einhell Garden pump GC-GP 6538

The GC-GP 6538 garden pump is an efficient, compact and reliable helper which provides good service to the ambitious hobby gardener who wants to water the gardenwith collected rain water. With a 650 W motor, this pump achieves a delivery rate of up to 3,800 liters of water per hour. The GC-GP 6538 has an On/Off switch. A water filler screw is provided for seperate filling, while the residual water is emptied out with a user-friendly water drain screw. For easy transportation the garden pump has a carry-handle. 

Einhell Garden pump GC-GP 6538 (Garden pump)
Water pumps
59,20 EUR

Einhell Garden pump GC-GP 6538

Garden pump

7. wolfcraft Pump With Plastic Casing

wolfcraft Pump With Plastic Casing (Garden pump)
Water pumps
14,87 EUR

wolfcraft Pump With Plastic Casing

Garden pump

8. Comet Low-voltage submersible pump

The submersible pump VIP-PLUS is suitable for continuous operation. Hoses with an internal diameter of 10 mm can be connected. It is used for pumping water up tomax. 60 °C. The pump can be extended with a non-return valve, a filter and a venting connection. 

Comet Low-voltage submersible pump (Clear water pump)
Water pumps
20,46 EUR

Comet Low-voltage submersible pump

Clear water pump

9. Gardena Comfort submersible pressure pump 6000/5 automatic

The submersible pressure pump 6000/5 automatic is exactly the right product for deep wells or cisterns. Extremely powerful and noiseless, it transports water froma depth of up to 13 metres - even when submerged - to irrigate your garden or supply your house with service water. The pump is equipped with an innovative automatic function for comfortable and energy-saving operation. An integrated pressure switch with flow detection sensor switches the pump on automatically when water is drawn off and then off again. Robust and high-quality materials enable trouble-free operation under water and protect the pump from damage. For example, a stainless steel filter prevents dirt particles from entering the pump. A thermal circuit breaker protects the quiet, maintenance-free capacitor motor from overload. Rated power: 1,050 watts. Max. Output 6,000 l/h. Max. Delivery head/pressure 45m/4.5 bar. 

Gardena Comfort submersible pressure pump 6000/5 automatic (Garden pump)
Water pumps
453,92 EUR

Gardena Comfort submersible pressure pump 6000/5 automatic

Garden pump

10. Einhell GE-DP 6935 A ECO

The Einhell GE-DP 6935 A ECO dirty water pump with Aquasensor features Eco Power and a 690 W power rating to achieve a delivery rate of 17,500 liters per hour anda maximum delivery height of nine meters. The maximum immersion depth is seven meters. The pump is designed for foreign particles with diameters up to 35 millimeters. As a result the dirty water pump is suitable for powerfully pumping off water from ponds, building pits and basements, or for putting rainwater to use. Thanks to Aqua Sensor technology the pump can operate with patented sensor adjustment at three automatic starting heights or can be used for continuous operation. The pump is of slimline design thanks to the use of the aqua sensor and can therefore be used in tight shafts as well. A high-quality mechanical seal contributes to a long service life. The pump housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. The hose connection is easily accessible on the top of the pump. Features include the ergonomic carry-handle, a ten meter power cable and the cable rewind and an integrated suspension eyelet. 

Einhell GE-DP 6935 A ECO (Sewage pump)
Water pumps
108,77 EUR

Einhell GE-DP 6935 A ECO

Sewage pump