Top-rated products in the Wood splitter + shredder category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 25 TC

The AXT 25 TC quiet shredder is a versatile multi-purpose shredder. Universal: The new Turbine-Cut system guarantees extremely fast material throughput, whether soft materials or hard wood, and works largely jam-free. Top performance: high-torque for a material throughput of up to 230 kg/h and for branches up to a maximum diameter of 45 mm. Practical: 30 percent smaller than its predecessor thanks to the removable hopper. Stowed only 67 cm high. Self-retracting and quiet for extremely convenient shredding. Cutting capacity up to 45 mm for powerful shredding. Practical collection box. 53 l for easier collection of the shredded material. Removable hopper for easy filling and convenient shredding. Shielded cutting unit for greater application safety. Turbine-Cut system. Innovative cutting system with a motor output of 2500 watts. Safety function of the catcher box. The appliance only works when the catch box is inserted. Practical tamper. Catch box 53 l. Power supply unit not included. 

2. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 25 TC shredder

Chipper AXT 25 TC, Fast and powerful chipping of wood and garden waste with Turbine-Cut technology, Turbine-Cut technology ensures quick and easy shredding of wood and garden waste, Powerful, efficient shredding with the brushless 2.500 watt high-performance induction motor, Employees quietly thanks to the low-noise design, High shredding capacity thanks to the automated quick-feed hopper, Large 53-litre collection box requires less emptying, The removable hopper allows for practical storage of the shredder, which is then only 67 cm high, Stopper, cardboard box 

3. Ryobi RSH2545B

Ryobi RSH2545B Electric shredderPerformance Powerful 2500W electric shredder-For bushes, twigs and other soft materials-Suitable practical safety plug for fast material throughput and safe working-Extra large rear wheels for a safe stand and make the shredder manoeuvrable and sturdy plastic catch box with 40 l capacity-Contains safety plug. 

4. Einhell GC-RS 2540

The GC-RS 2540 electric quiet shredder is a powerful and reliable machine that shreds shredded material such as tree and hedge cuttings or garden waste quickly and quietly. Its long-life cutting roller pulls the chopped material powerfully into the large hopper opening. Thanks to its robust chassis with wheels and practical transport handle, the machine can be transported easily and conveniently. The machine's motor protection switch protects the motor from overload. A safety switch and restart protection ensure safe use. The GC-RS 2540 is equipped with a rotation direction switch, which allows the cutting drum to be switched to reverse running to clear blockages quickly and easily. A garden waste bag is also included. 

5. Ryobi RSH3045U

Ryobi RSH3045U electric quiet shredder. 3000 watts of power. Quiet and precise shredding thanks to gear drum mechanism. Automatic self-closing mechanism. Large wheels and sturdy metal housing. Waste bin holds up to 55 litres of shredded material. 

6. Bradas Splitting wedge

* High quality, hardened steel wood splitting wedge 1500g, for splitting wood and thick logs. High quality and hardened steel

- Weight: 1500g Scope of

1x Bradas splitting wedge - 1500g.

7. Wolf-Garten SDE 2800 EVO

The knife shredder works according to the planing principle. The knives arranged on a rotating disc cut the fed material into very fine slices. The chips produced in this way provide the microorganisms in the compost with an optimal surface for their decomposition work.
The product is shipped with a shock-proof plug. A T23 socket is required for the fix adapter.

8. Scheppach Compact 8t

With 7.95 tonnes, the 160 x 70 mm splitting wedge of the scheppach Compact 8t splits material up to 1070 mm long and a maximum diameter of 350 mm. The log splitter effortlessly processes hard and soft wood and only requires a normal 230 V socket. Safety catch and two-hand operation ensure optimum safety conditions.

Powerful 7.95 t splitting force
Patented splitting technology ? the only splitter in Europe under 8 t that can split metre-long logs
GS certified
Powerful motor max. 3150 W
Particularly compact - for easy storage - only 99 cm machine height when retracted
Torsion-resistant and particularly tip-proof construction
Swivelling table for different working heights
Catching brackets on both sides for splitting material
Splits hardwood and softwood up to 1070 mm in length effortlessly and reliably
Max. Max. splitting material diameter 350 mm
2 large transport wheels
Vario system for adjustable splitting stroke

The scheppach Compact 8t log splitter is a powerful and reliable helper for processing logs into firewood comfortably, quickly, safely and power-saving. With the powerful 3150 watt motor and a splitting force of 7.95 tonnes, even dry hardwood can be split effortlessly.

Thanks to a patented splitting technology, the scheppach Compact 8t is the only log splitter in Europe that can split under 8 tons of metre-long wood with a length of up to 1070 mm and a diameter of 80 to 350 mm. With the integrated, swivelling table, two working heights are available: logs with maximum length are placed on the base plate and can thus be processed at ground level. Smaller logs are simply placed on the raised table for processing.

The large splitting wedge measuring 160 x 70 mm splits hardwood and softwood effortlessly. Thanks to the Vario system, the splitting stroke can also be infinitely adjusted. The scheppach log splitter only requires a normal 230 volt socket for operation.

When handling heavy equipment, maximum safety for the user is a basic requirement: the Compact 8t consists of a torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction and has both a splitting material fixing device and splitting material catching bars placed on both sides. The unit can only be operated with two hands. The GS-certified log splitter therefore complies with the latest safety standards.

The Compact 8t from scheppach has a compact design and, with a machine height of only 99 cm, is particularly easy to store when retracted.

A tare weight of 125 kg and an integrated anti-tipper ensure that the log splitter always stands securely. Thanks to the two large transport wheels, the Compact 8t is still easy to transport.

9. Daewoo Power Products Electric garden shredder

Electric garden shredder DSR 2700E for processing branches and other plant debris. The overload switch protects the machine against overheating and damage. Two-blades cutting system cut branches up to 40mm in diameter with fine chips suitable for mulching. DAEWOO blades will last twice as long as regular blades - if they blunt on one side, just flip them to the other side. Additional blade set and a tool for pushing material into the shredder is included. 

10. Stiga Bio Silent 2500