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1. Growatt MID 36KTL3-X

2. JUNG Light signal aws LS Aufs LED UP IP20 230V LS539WWLEDWB

Jung LS539WWLEDWB LED light signal.

JUNG Light signal aws LS Aufs LED UP IP20 230V LS539WWLEDWB
Accessories switch programme
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JUNG Light signal aws LS Aufs LED UP IP20 230V LS539WWLEDWB

3. Gira 1-gang System 55 frame, Standa

GIRA 1gang frame System 55, standard 55 pure white 021103.

4. Thebo Corner socket element RIVA 4f socket, Edst, 2m

Thebo corner socket element RIVA 4gang socket outlet, Edst, 2m

Stylish stainless steel corner socket element! Includes 4-fold earthed socket outlet, black and 2
metre mains connection cable with earthed plug, loose.

4 earthed sockets, black
3m mains cable with earthed plug (loose)
Dimensions: W 115 x H 460 x D 60 mms
By means of an attachable telescopic piece, a length adjustment from 460 to 580 mm is possible (included in delivery)
Suitable for corner installation

Installation note: Please note that the unit with a connected load of 230V is supplied with a safety plug or a fixed connection (without plug), depending on the power rating. If the unit has a fixed connection, a specialist company must be commissioned with the installation. All units with a connected load of 400V or more must be operated via a suitable power connection and may only be connected by a qualified electrician. For units with a rated power of more than 12KW, approval from your network operator is required. For this purpose, please contact the network operator or an installation company listed in the network operator's list of installers before installation. Such an installation company will assist you in obtaining the necessary approval from the respective grid operator.

5. Halemeier Touch dimming sensor for ChannelLine B/C/D/D2 12 / 24 V

Switches and dims Versa luminaires by touch, with built-in orientation LED, opal cover.
direct installation in ChannelLine profiles.

Halemeier Touch dimming sensor for ChannelLine B/C/D/D2 12 / 24 V
Accessories switch programme
only 1 piece on sale
15,90 EUR was 20,90 EUR

Halemeier Touch dimming sensor for ChannelLine B/C/D/D2 12 / 24 V

6. Busch-Jaeger Blind central disc

Busch-Jaeger Blind central disc ws 2538-212 Manufacturer: Busch-Jaeger Designation: Blind central disc ws with support ring Type: 2538-212 Composition: Operating element Usage: Blind cover Support ring: yes With dust protection: no With hinged cover: no Outlet direction: straight Labeling field: without labeling field With imprint: no Mounting type: flush-mounted Material: plastic Material grade: thermoset Halogen-free: yes Surface protection: untreated Finish: glossy Color: white RAL number (similar): 1013 Transparent: no Mounting type: claw/screw mounting Number of modules (for modular design): 1 With sockets/couplings: no With strain relief: no Sockets shielded: no Housing shielded: no Luster terminal: no Suitable for protection class (IP): IP20 Device width: 71 mm Device height: 71 mm Device depth: 32 mm Min. Device box depth: 40 mmBusch-Jaeger Blind central disc ws 2538-212: further detailsBlind central disc with support ring Blind central disc, with support ring, white Duro 2000 white. , EAN: 4011395077603. 

7. Bachmann PIX lid set

Swivel cover with matching decorative ring incl. covers for country and connection variants.

8. Merten Disabled WC set w. power supply f. MEG4849-1419

Merten MEG4849-1419 Disabled WC set.

9. JUNG 4074 TSM electric switch

Jung 4074TSM KNX push button sensor module 4gang.

10. Gira 232029 UP-Radio IP Loudspeaker + R

GIRA 232029 UP radio IP loudspeaker + R.