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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Pentatech RA 260

Tested safety: VdS according to EN 14604. Easy installation. Photo-electronic principle.Loud warning tone (85dB/3m).

2. Jalo Kupu 10

The Kupu 10, designed by Harri Koskinen, is a battery-operated smoke detector for home use. It comes with an integrated, non-replaceable Ltihium metal battery with a life of up to 10 years - which corresponds to the maximum recommended lifetime of smoke detectors. Automatic activation during installation and never-ending battery changes ensure your home is safe for up to 10 years. In addition to the mounting plate included for easy installation, the automatic self-test function and the test function that can be activated from the entire front are further special features of this lifesaver. Kupu smoke detectors use photoelectric detection techniques to distinguish smoke from different fire sources. The photoelectric (optical) detector is triggered when infrared rays in the housing are deflected by smoke particles and reach the sensitive sensor. The integrated self-test function guarantees a problem-free product life of up to 10 years. When smoke is detected, the device sounds a loud and continuous alarm tone to alert residents and neighbours. In order to avoid false alarms, the smoke detector carries out regular checks in which the air quality is measured. However, should a false alarm nevertheless occur, you can temporarily deactivate the smoke detector for 8 minutes with the practical mute function. If heavy smoke is detected during muting, the alarm is reactivated for your safety. When the smoke detector reaches the end of its life, it will automatically warn you of the weak batteries with short beeps for up to a month. 

3. Gira Dual Q

The new Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device is equipped with two detection methods and is therefore particularly safe. This is because it detects small smoke particles optically and sensor-based - heat sensors measure the temperature changes in the room. This means that different types of fire, such as liquid fires, can be registered more quickly and detected reliably. Are you looking for a smoke detector that is not distracted by kitchen fumes, dust or electronic interference? The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device is also a good choice for these cases. 

4. Hekatron Optical smoke switch ORS 210

Optical smoke switch ORS 210.

5. Hekatron Genius Plus

Hekatron Genius Plus smoke detector incl. 10-year battery. The smart type of stand-alone smoke detector meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Developed in a state-of-the-art fire protection laboratory in Europe, it meets the highest test criteria of the VdS and is therefore one of the few smoke alarms in Germany to bear the coveted Q seal of quality. Highlights & details: No battery change necessary (10-year shelf life. App capability via Smart Sonic. EN 14604, VDS and Q-Label, certified. Permanent self-monitoring. Soiling prediction. Active contamination tracking. Alarm memory. Bedroom activated: (no status messages or flashing LED at night). Smart sonic (acoustic data transmission technology. Noise suppression at night using real time clock. Automatic compensation of temperature fluctuations by a temperature sensor. Mounting according to VdS: single hole/2-hole/adhesive. Acoustic, frequency-optimised alarm. Operating status display: multicolour LED (green, orange, red) "soft flash". Advanced Applications: The Genius Plus is useful in difficult environmental conditions, such as stairwells and hallways, as well as frost-free basements and attics. Built-in battery, typical battery life 10 years. Additional functions in conjunction with Genius Home or Genius Pro app and smartphone: detailed status display, history and recommended action on the smartphone (on-site diagnosis, creation of maintenance documentation in accordance with DIN 14676 (Genius Pro app only), documentation forwarding via "Share" function of the smartphone). Genius Pro and Genius Home App for iOS and Android (available in Germany and Austria). Delivery: Smoke detector. Attachments. Stick pad. Quick start guide. 

6. Ei Electronics Radio module incl. 10 year bat

For installation in smoke alarms of the Ei650W, Ei650iW, Ei650C and Ei650iC series and heat alarms of the Ei603TYC series for networking smoke alarms and heat alarms, radio frequency 868 MHz with individual house coding and easy entry function. 

7. Busch-Jaeger Smoke Alarm ProfessionalLINE

For early detection of smouldering fires and open fires with smoke development indoors according to the photo-optical measuring principle (Tyndall). With test button, mute and permanently installed lithium battery. 

8. Hekatron Genius Plus X

HEK Genius Plus X smoke detector wireless networkable 31-5000030-02-01 (31-5000030-02-01).

9. LogiLink Smoke detector

Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting, a test button to test the function and a low battery signal. With a 10-year life span, you no longer need to worry about changing the battery. 

LogiLink Smoke detector
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LogiLink Smoke detector

10. Brandson CO2 Detector

CO2 detector, air quality tester, carbon dioxide sensor, PPM measurement, CO2 display, indoor ventilation, alarm, alarm clock, thermometer, hygrometer. Fresh air quality is an essential criterion for well-being and health. A high CO2 content leads to tiredness, headaches and poor concentration. The Brandson CO2 measuring device warns you in good time of poor values and offers numerous functions: Product features and range of functions. Co2 meter with NDIR sensor. Alarm function. Individually adjustable limit value (preset: 1000 PPM). LCD display with good readability from all sides. 4-stage round display with feel-good symbols. Alarm clock plus snooze function. Display of temperature (C and F), time (12 / 24 h) and humidity. Displays battery level, ventilation recommendation, Co2 warning, CO2 alarm. Four selectable display brightnesses via touch function. Buttons: On/OFF switch, +/- rocker switch, settings button. Connection for charging and mains operation (USB-A). Integrated rechargeable battery 5V DC 500 mAh. Incl. USB to DC hollow plug cable. Dimensions: 82 x 82 mm, depth 26 mm | Screen diagonal: 8.5 cm / 3.34 inches | Weight: 108 g. Scope of delivery: Brandson carbon dioxide meter with rechargeable battery, charging cable and operating instructions. Technical data: CO2 measuring range: 400 - 5000 PPM; measuring accuracy +-(50ppm + 5%). Temperature measuring range: -9.9°C to + 50°C. Humidity range: 0% - 95%; +-6%. Battery life 6-24 h (depending on display brightness). Update frequency for measured values approx. 5 seconds.