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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bosch Professional GHE 18V-60 Professional

Good cutting performance with ergonomic design and easy handling.

The brushless motor supports strong performance in demanding tasks and a long service life.
The Bosch Anti-Blocking System prevents the blade from blocking even when cutting thicker branches. Minimises user fatigue, especially when cutting dense hedges. 

Bosch Professional GHE 18V-60 Professional (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
218,27 EUR

Bosch Professional GHE 18V-60 Professional

Cordless hedgecutters

2. Makita DUM111ZX

Warning light indicator, in case of overload or low battery power
Protective coating on the blade for longer life
Removable guide shoe allows a constant cutting
height (adjustable 15, 20 or 25 mm) and protects against stone chipping
Ergonomic handle with soft coating for optimum working comfort
Safety switch.

3. Makita Battery hedge trimmer LXT

The LXT cordless hedge trimmer is powered by an 18 V battery and achieves a no-load stroke rate of 3,600 min-1. The cutting length is 46 cm, the max. branch thickness18 mm. The shear blade is adjustable in 10 steps by 135° (upwards 60°, downwards 75°). Thanks to the low total weight of 3.3 kg, the machine is suitable for long hedges. Supplied without battery and charger. 

Makita Battery hedge trimmer LXT (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
298,56 EUR

Makita Battery hedge trimmer LXT

Cordless hedgecutters

4. Gardena AccuCut Li

With the handy GARDENA Grass Shears AccuCut Li you will get your lawn edges in perfect shape. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable hand position and easy guidanceof the entry-level model, and thanks to the large locking button and the switch on the handle, the application is particularly safe. With the durable and precision-ground quality blades, you work with optimum pre-tension. The easy-care and powerful lithium-ion battery can be recharged at any time depending on use. 

5. Black & Decker 18 V Battery Grass and Shrub Shears without battery and charger

- Powerful handy 2-in-1 combination tool: Simply switch between use as a grass or shrub shear. The complete set of blades can be easily replaced

- Shrub shears
with 20 cm blade length and 8 mm cutting thickness for precise topiary of shrubs and bushes, grass shears with 10 cm blade width for clean cutting of lawn edges.

- Compact and handy: you benefit from the handiness and light weight of the electric pruning shears

- Part of the 18 Volt Powerconnect battery system: the 18V batteries can be used with all Black+Decker 18V cordless tools, garden tools and household appliances

- Scope of delivery: 1x battery-powered shrub and grass shears, 1x shrub shears blade, 1x grass shears blade.

Black & Decker 18 V Battery Grass and Shrub Shears 
without battery and charger (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
72,99 EUR

Black & Decker 18 V Battery Grass and Shrub Shears without battery and charger

Cordless hedgecutters

6. Makita DUH523Z

Full freedom of movement and extremely quiet operation. Makita cordless hedge trimmers are the first choice when sockets are scarce far and wide or hedges have tobe processed in a noise-sensitive environment. This cordless hedge trimmer has a low-vibration run through a rubber buffer in the motor housing. The hedge trimmer is delivered without battery, without charger and without case. 

7. Makita DUM604ZX

The cordless grass shears DUM604ZX is an extremely light and handy cordless grass shear. It is used for cutting grass in places where the lawnmower cannot reach.The scissors are equipped with knives ground on both sides and a circumferential guard. In combination with optional accessories, the grass shears can be converted into shrub shears in just a few simple steps. 

8. DeWalt DCMPH566N

9. Greenworks G24PH51

24V hedge trimmer with telescopic handle for taller hedges The Greenworks G24PH51 is a lightweight, long-reach hedge trimmer for tall hedges because it can do more.With the 2 metre long tool, you can easily cut hedges up to 3 metres high without the need for a ladder. Powered by an advanced 24 V lithium-ion battery, the hedge trimmer delivers high performance despite its compact size. Convenience is ensured by the fact that no fuel is required and no electrical cables are laid. Simply insert the battery and trim. Fully adjustable cutting blades and ergonomic handles ensure that the user feels comfortable in the garden when trimming the sides or top of the hedge. The cleanest cut The G24PH51 blades are double, ensuring the most elegant finish and the cleanest cut. Both blades move simultaneously at a speed of 1,500 cuts per minute, ensuring an even cut and a better finish than machines with a single moving blade. Reach the tallest hedges with ease The G24PH51 has a telescopic handle with a maximum length of 2 metres. In combination with fully flexible blades, you can quickly and easily trim the sides or top of tall hedges. 24 Part V Group The Greenworks G24PH51 hedge trimmer offers complete convenience without having to worry about petrol or power cables. Instead, simply insert the smart 24 V battery and you're ready to go. The battery, which is part of the Greenworks 24 V Group, can be used for a wide range of tools: Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and even power tools. Advantages Compact cordless hedge trimmer. Lightweight and easy to use - weighs only 2.8 kg. Double reciprocating blades for smooth, clean cutting. Even cuts the sides and top of tall hedges with ease. No ladder required. No emissions. Operates quietly and vibrates easily. No fuel or cables to worry about. Lower running and maintenance costs compared to petrol equivalents. Interchangeable battery system - 1 battery, many applications. Technical data Voltage 24 V Motor Brush Weight 2.8 kg Telescopic handle Yes SPM 1500 Operating time (4 Ah) Up to 66 min Operating time (2 Ah) Up to 33 min Blade length 51 cm Cutting capacity 18 mm Blade material Steel Blade type Double blades Total range 2 m Source. Order battery separately. 

Greenworks G24PH51 (Cordless hedgecutters)
Hedge trimmers
Returned & Tested
93,47 EUR last new 109,97 EUR

Greenworks G24PH51

Cordless hedgecutters

10. Einhell GE-LC 18 Li

Einhell battery hedge trimmer for GE-LC 18 Li T. 40 cm cutting length. The sharp blades on the 45-centimetre-long bar are made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel.A robust metal gearbox ensures a long service life. The battery hedge trimmer runs at 1,700 cuts per minute with a tooth spacing of 16 millimetres.