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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Makita UB100DZ

Lightweight, handy, powerful and quiet. 3 adjustable air delivery levels. Handle with soft coating for high operating comfort. Infinitely variable speed. Withoutbattery. Without charger. 

2. Makita DUB184Z

3. Makita DUB187Z

Convenient battery-powered leaf vacuum and blower for removing leaves. The machine can be guided effortlessly over the rollers at the end of the suction tube. Electronicswitch with soft start for jerk-free starting of the machine. The speed is infinitely variable via an adjusting wheel. In addition, the machine can be set for continuous operation. 25 l collection bag volume. 

4. Makita DUB185Z

Makita DUB185Z cordless leaf blowerProperties: -Powerful cordless leaf blower-Suitable for cleaning gardens, machines and work places-18V battery voltage-0 - 18000rpm idle speedDelivery without battery and charger (optionally available). 

5. Bosch Home & Garden UniversalLeafBlower 18V-130

Easily remove garden debris with the cordless UniversalLeafBlower 18V-130. Lightweight and compact, the leaf blower has an ergonomic handle and can be carried effortlesslyto the far corners of the garden. It has a simple switch with 2 speed settings to control the airflow for either more powerful or more controlled cleaning. The Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and Syneon Technology provide an impressive 245 km/h airflow speed for fast and powerful cleaning. Multiple nozzle attachments provide versatile flexibility when cleaning up the garden. The leaf blower is easy to assemble and stores compactly, and it runs for up to 18 minutes on one battery charge. The built-in Bosch Syneon Electronic protects the tool and the battery. The tool is part of the 18V POWER FOR ALL system. A single battery can be used for all 18V POWER FOR ALL tools. 

Bosch Home & Garden UniversalLeafBlower 18V-130 (Rechargeable battery operated, Leaf blower)
Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers
64,89 EUR With free promotional product

Bosch Home & Garden UniversalLeafBlower 18V-130

Rechargeable battery operated, Leaf blower

6. Makita DUB362Z

Environmentally friendly and cost-saving 2x18 V drive. Ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals, retirement homes, holiday resorts or schools.3-way adjustable telescopic blowpipe. Powerful blower with adjustable air volume and air speed. Without battery/charger. 

7. Bosch Professional BOSC Battery Leaf Blower

Powerful - the BITURBO motor and the axial fan provide an air flow of 750 m³/h and an air speed of up to 198 km/h, contrôle total - la commande de vitesse variablepermet de choisir la puissance, le niveau sonore et l'autonomie optimal pour chaque tâche, design ergonomique - travail facile grâce à un design léger et bien équilibré, sans accu ni chargeur. 

8. Bosch Home & Garden Advanced Leaf Blower 36V-750 Solo

Battery leaf blower AdvancedLeafBlower 36V-750 (without battery and charger). Remove stubborn leaves with powerful, cordless performance. Brushless motor delivershigh performance, demanding removal of garden debris. Infinitely variable speed control allows optimum choice of power, noise level and running time. Load-free operation thanks to light weight and well-balanced design. Axial fan removes stubborn dirt from hard, uneven or wet surfaces. Syneon Technology for optimum power and endurance on demand. 36V POWER FOR ALL - the battery for all Bosch 36V Home & Garden tools. Included in delivery: Cardboard box 

9. Deltafox DG-ELB 3014

Leaf blower/pump 3000W Deltafox DG-ELB 3014

Large capacity, 40 litre collection bag with zip and practical closure.

Anti-vibration handles.

Front handle with
adjustable angle.

Practical lever for switching the suction/blowing function.

Thanks to the large wheels, the blower is easy to push.

Cleaning hole for removing jammed blades.

Effective shredding with a metal blade.

Shoulder strap.


Motor power: 3000 W

Impact power (max.): 140-270 km/h

Suction power (max.): 14 m

3 /hour

Sanding: 1:10

Capacity of the collection bag: 40 litres

Weight: 3.2 kg

Sound power level: 99 dB

Deltafox DG-ELB 3014 (Electrical connection, Vacuum cleaners & blowers, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower)
Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers
73,90 EUR was 77,90 EUR

Deltafox DG-ELB 3014

Electrical connection, Vacuum cleaners & blowers, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower

10. Bosch Home & Garden UniversalGardenTidy 3000

Quiet, easy and flexible garden cleaning: Bosch UniversalGardenTidy 3000 leaf vacuumUniversalGardenTidy is the ideal 3-in-1 solution for efficient garden waste cleaning.This versatile ProSilence tool reduces noise levels by up to 75% with an ultra-low noise level of just 98 dB (A). Blow, vacuum, shred - switch between functions quickly and easily. The moisture and dirt repellent material of the collection bag ensures that water and dirt are drained to the ground. A metal fan allows optimum performance for longer operating time and its larger spiral allows blockages to be cleared easily and safely. Flexible and efficient garden cleaning with infinitely variable speed adjustment in both blowing and suction modes. 

Bosch Home & Garden UniversalGardenTidy 3000 (Electrical connection, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower, Vacuum cleaners & blowers)
Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers
117,41 EUR

Bosch Home & Garden UniversalGardenTidy 3000

Electrical connection, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower, Vacuum cleaners & blowers