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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Gardena Sileno Minimo

The Gardena Sileno minimo takes care of lawn care fully automatically, precisely and reliably. Thanks to the SensorCut system, it leaves no streaks, but ensures a balanced cut. It is suitable for lawns up to 500 m². Narrow passages and cul-de-sacs are mowed without any problems thanks to the CorridorCut function. A boundary wire, which defines the mowing area, provides the necessary orientation. The cutting height adjustment of the mower ranges from 2 to 5 cm. The Sileno minimo works regardless of the weather and is so quiet that you can hardly hear it. When it is finished, it returns to the charging station fully automatically. If necessary, you can simply reach for the garden hose to clean the housing, blades and wheels. The Sileno minimo can be operated via the Gardena Bluetooth app. With simple menu navigation and set-up wizard, the robotic lawnmower is easy to install. Basic settings can be made on the device, schedules for the mower and other settings can be made with the tap of a finger in the app. 

2. Scheppach RoboCut XL 600

Maximum cutting area m2 600Voltage: 20VUnladen speed: 2800 rpmCutting area: 180 mmCutting height: 20-60 mm (5 positions) Maximum allowable slope 35% Battery: 2Ah Charger: 1A Features: Scheduled cutting nodeCharging BluetoothDigital display sensorIncluded: Perimeter wire 130mMounting pins 180pcsBlades: 9pcsCharging station dimensions: L x W x H - 610 x 225 x 435 mmMower dimensions: L x W x H - 530 x 360 x 225 mm. 

3. Worx Landroid M500 Plus

Robot mower Worx Landroid M500 Plus 2019 and 2020 the best-selling robotic mower in Europe. Unique Features Smart: Noesis Cognitive Automatic Scheduling. Precise: Edge-to-edge trimming reduces the need to manually trim edges. Efficient: the most efficient and mobile robotic mower thanks to patented AIA technology. Customizable to your needs: Choose from four unique options. Universal: The PowerShare battery is suitable for all Worx cordless tools. Automatic Over-the-Air Software Updates. Rugged Lawns Landroid's advanced inertial sensor technology provides real-time pitch, slope and speed information for precise wheel torque control. Uphill and downhill. The Landroid's all-weather design is great for being outside in any weather. However, if it rains, it knows that mowing can damage your lawn, so stop and don't start mowing until the grass dries. Cutting Height Adjustment Grass length depends on weather conditions and your preferences. Adjusting the Landroid's cutting height to the desired length is as easy as turning the wheel. Safety first. Trust the robot The blade disc stops rotating immediately when the robot lifts off the ground. Quiet operation The noise from gasoline-powered lawn mowers can reach 100 dB, so hearing protection is required. The Worx Landroid operates so quietly that you can work on it at night and enjoy the garden during the day. Free yourself from clutter Secret charging station. The nearly invisible, sleek charging station for the new Landroid sits on a trellis that allows grass to grow through. Includes: A. Worx Landroid M500 Plus WR165E B. Two-wire repair plug C. Nine replacement blades with screws D. Allen wrench E. Charging station F. Eight charging station screws G. 210-pin H. AC adapter I. 150 m landmark J 20 V 2.0 Ah PowerShare battery K. Two boundary knives L. One Bertelsen ruler Specifications Recommended lawn size Up to 500 sq. ft. AIA Intelligent Navigation Technology Yes Edge-to-edge mowing Yes Noesis Cognitive auto-planning Yes Multi-zone management Yes Floating plate Yes Rain sensor Yes PowerShare-Battery System Yes Water Hose Washable Deck Yes Safety Lift Sensor Yes Tilt Sensor Yes ACS Obstacle Avoidance Technology Optional Virtual Fence Off Limits Optional Low Inertia Blade Yes PIN Code Yes Lock Code Yes Find My Landroid Anti-Theft Geographic Fencing Optional ... Connectivity Bluetooth Yes Wi-Fi Yes RadioLink Wi-Fi Extender Optional Software Updates and Enhancements Over-the-Air Yes Via USB Yes User Interface Landroid Application Yes Integrated Screen LCD Cutting ... 

4. Gardena Smart SILENO life 1000 Set

Experience innovative gardening and convenient lawn mowing with the robotic mower smart Sileno life, 1,000 m² set from Gardena. The lawn mower is fully integrated into the Gardena smart system. The smart EasyApp Control gives you the freedom to take care of your medium-sized garden from anywhere. This efficient garden helper is the quietest in its class with only 57 db(A). Experience a new dimension in smart lawn care and a whole new way of interacting with your robotic lawnmower. LONA is an innovative artificial intelligence with location tracking that learns, maps and adapts individually to the garden. In the Gardena smart app, you always have an overview of the lawn area to be mowed and can access your garden from anywhere. With it, you can check the settings of the lawn care plan at any time. Thanks to the Zone Management function, you can flexibly determine which areas should be mowed when and how often. With Area Protect, you can even define areas that the mower should not even approach, so that you can protect a wild meadow, for example. The app also lets you keep an eye on the mower's location at all times. This way, you and your neighbors can enjoy the peace and quiet in your garden while the robotic lawnmower does the hard work. The advanced CorridorCut function allows mowing in narrow passages and corners as small as 60 centimeters wide between the boundary wires. CorridorCut even navigates the robotic lawnmower out of dead ends. You don't need to mow these areas manually, the robotic lawnmower does the tricky work itself. The Gardena smart app has a scheduler that helps you take care of your garden. According to your schedule, but guided by SensorControl, the robot itself determines how often the lawn needs to be cut. It starts exactly according to the lawn growth and works only when needed. The innovative spot-cutting function, a spiral mowing function, lets the smart Sileno life work in other hard-to-reach places. Once the job is done, the smart Sileno life automatically returns to the charging station. This robust lawn mower is designed for all seasons thanks to Auto Weather & Terrain. The robotic lawnmower detects when the ground is frozen and pauses its program until the ground thaws. It can even handle inclines and declines of up to 35 percent. The smart Sileno life has a variety of useful features that you can discover via the Gardena smart app. EasyConfig guides you through the installation, thanks to Auto Schedule the smart Sileno life knows when and how to mow, and with SmartHome you can control the smart Sileno life by voice via the Alexa voice service. In addition, you'll find everything you need to know about the world of plants in the Plant Library. You get the complete smart experience with Gardena smart products and the smart Sileno life. The smart robotic mower. 

5. Gardena smart SILENO city 400 square metre robotic lawnmower set

Gardena robotic lawnmower smart Sileno city 400 m² Set The intelligent robotic lawnmower for lawns up to 400 m² Experience how easy it is to maintain your lawn with the robotic lawnmower smart Sileno city - the intelligent robotic lawnmower from Gardena! Thanks to the Gardena smart system, your mower is fully networked and with EasyApp Control you can maintain your garden from anywhere. The smart Sileno city is suitable for areas up to 400 m².Features: -Intelligent robot mower from Gardena for lawns up to 400 m² -Networked with the Gardena smart system and controllable with EasyApp Control -LONA Intelligence: artificial intelligence that scans, maps and adapts to the garden -AI-precise: Function that navigates through narrow and difficult areas -Very quiet, mows only when needed, spiral mowing function, weather and terrain detection, automatic return to the charging stationManages slopes and gradients of up to 35 per cent -Recognises frozen ground and only starts mowing when the ground has thawed -Sensor Control: Works according to your schedule from the Gardena smart app, but decides on its own whether the grass needs mowing -CorridorCut function: Guides the robotic lawnmower effortlesslyCorridorCut function: guides the robot mower effortlessly through narrow corners and passages with a width of just 60 cm between the boundary wires -Location Tracking allows you to determine the location of the smart Sileno city at the touch of a button and track it in real time on the display -The Area Protect function allows you to define areas that the smart Sileno city should not access, such as a wild meadow -Other functions such as EasyConfig, Auto Schedule, SmartHome and Plant Library available in the Garden asmart app Technical specifications: -Area capacity: 400 m² -Charging system: Automatic -Maximum slope within the working area: 35 % -Maximum slope on the boundary wire: 10 % -Information display: MonoChrome Graphical Display 2.1" -Programming of mowing times -Handle: Integrated -Software update: USB -Protection class: IPX5 -Normal charging time: 60 min -Typical mowing time per charging cycle: approx. 65 min -Average energy consumption per month at maximum use: 4 kWh -Cutting unit: 3 rotating, razor-sharp blades -Cutting height, min: 20 mm -Cutting height, max: 50 mm -Working width: 16 cm -Two cutting directions -Required daily operating time (mowing / charging): 10 h for maximum area -Loudness (perceived): 57 dB(A) -Security: PIN code -Lift sensor, tilt sensor -Mounting accessories: boundary wire: 150 m, low voltage cable: 5 m, hooks: 200 pieces -Li-ion battery 2.0 Ah / 18V -Dimensions (L x W x H): 55 x 38 x 23 cm -Weight: 7.3 kg 

Gardena smart SILENO city 400 square metre robotic lawnmower set (400 m²)
Robot lawnmowers
865,99 EUR

Gardena smart SILENO city 400 square metre robotic lawnmower set

400 m²

6. Yard Force EasyMow 260B robotic mower

Yard Force EasyMow 260B 300 sqm robotic mower - easy to use, 30% slope

The new Yard Force EASY MOW 260B is the ideal helper to get a flawless cut and a healthy
lawn. It's quick and easy to set up - now also easy with app control via Bluetooth connection. Tired of spending hours mowing your lawn? With this robotic mower you can sit back and relax while your lawn looks great all year round.

Mow on demand - Mow-on-Demand

Most of our Yard Force robotic mowers are equipped with a brushless motor: robust, reliable, maintenance-free and quiet. With Mow-on-Demand technology, the robotic lawnmower can save energy while working and adjust the cutting power while mowing.

- 20 volt powerful lithium-ion battery with 2.0 Ah, cutting width: 160 mm, cutting height: 20 mm - 55 mm

- Double protection: Tilt sensors, lift sensors, tilt sensors and collision sensors ensure optimum protection.

- Edge trimming function to keep the garden neat and tidy; brush motor to provide powerful cutting performance.

- Easy operation also via smartphone app via Bluetooth connection and quick installation. In just a few steps, the Yard Force EasyMow 260B is ready for use in your garden.

7. Gardena Sileno Life

Quiet. Manoeuvrable. Fully automatic. Precise and reliable. The robotic mower provides more relaxation in the garden. And has been doing so for many years. After a great deal of invention, research and development, Gardena "brought the robotic mower into the world and onto the lawn" more than two decades ago. Average energy consumption per month at maximum use 4 kWh. 

8. Robomow RK1000

The RK series is equipped with numerous features for easy operation and excellent cutting results. The RK 1000 also offers maximum flexibility thanks to the effortless programming of up to four secondary zones / starting points and two separate zones via app or the convenient touch display and a maximum cutting height of 100 mm. The brushless DC motor, the pendulum-suspended mower deck and the staggered blades convince with an accurately evenly trimmed lawn even on uneven terrain. Even slopes of up to 45% are no problem for the robotic lawnmower. The wheels guarantee a very good grip due to their optimal traction. And best of all: due to the low noise level, you will hardly hear that the robot is in use. 

9. Einhell Freelexo 1200 LCD BT

The Einhell Freelexo 1200 LCD BT belongs to the powerful Power X-Change family, which grants limitless flexibility within the system family. The lithium-ion batteries of the series can be combined with all system devices. The Freelexo is controlled via app through Bluetooth, while the robotic mower can be individually adjusted. In addition, it has an intuitive keypad with LCD display. Using the app, the working time of the Einhell Freelexo can be programmed to the day. The robotic lawnmower is theft-protected by a PIN code and the warning signal. The return to the charging station and also the charging process takes place automatically when needed. The multi-zone mowing mode makes this robotic lawnmower suitable for complex, winding gardens. The safety sensor system has shock, tilt and lift sensors so that the robotic mower can independently detect obstacles. A rain sensor is also integrated. The robotic mower has a 20 mm to 60 mm cutting height adjustment and is suitable for slopes up to 35%. The carrying handle ensures comfortable transportation. The Freelexo 1200 LCD BT includes everything needed to install and operate an Einhell robotic mower from the Freelexo series. It is designed for a lawn area up to 1200 m². Included are a 5.2 Ah battery, 210m perimeter wire, 300 mounting hooks, 3 spare blades and 4 connection clamps. 

10. Bosch Home & Garden Indego XS 300

The Indego XS 300 with LogiCut maps the lawn and mows in efficient, parallel paths, so your lawn is finished faster. With the AUTO Calendar Function, the Indego XS 300 automatically calculates a tailor-made mowing schedule. With MultiArea, the Indego can store data from up to three lawn areas (up to a total area of 300 m²). The Indego XS 300 knows where there are narrow passages in the lawn map and drives through corridors that are up to 75 cm narrow (between the wires).