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1. Einhell GE-ST 36/40

The Einhell GE-ST 36/40 Li E-Solo cordless snow blower proves to be a strong helper in winter to clear the yard or walkways. As a powerful member of the Power X-Change family, equipped with powerful TWIN PACK technology and powered by a brushless motor, clearing snow is child's play. The brushless motor offers more power and a longer runtime than a conventional carbon brush motor, while the speed control ensures that the cordless snow thrower can be adjusted to suit the snow conditions. The direction of snow ejection can be conveniently adjusted via the control lever: left, right or straight ahead. The additional handle enables comfortable two-handed operation and stable guidance, and the cordless snow thrower is self-standing - which protects the unit. Another safety measure is the 2-point safety switch. This protects against unintentional starting. The integrated carrying handle makes it easy to transport the cordless snow thrower. The battery cover with practical magnetic lock protects the batteries from snow and moisture during operation. 2x 18 volt Power X-Change batteries are required for operation, 4.0 Ah batteries or larger are recommended for optimum results. Delivery does not include battery and charger, these are available separately, for example as a practical starter set. 

Einhell GE-ST 36/40 (40 cm)
189,99 EUR was 199,99 EUR

Einhell GE-ST 36/40

40 cm

2. MGA Ideal Pro

3. Stiga ST 300e Kit

Shovelling snow shouldn't be a tedious task. Our cordless snow shovel is comfortable to use and automatically clears snow up to 15 cm deep from driveways, patios and steps. Insert the battery into the splash-proof battery compartment, take the handle in your hand, switch on the snow shovel and you're ready to go. The adjustable handle lets you adjust the height of the shovel to suit your needs, while the adjustable deflector allows you to change the direction of the snow - so you can work close to doorways or edges without accidentally pushing snow onto your porch or into your neighbour's garden. With our STIGA ePower 48V battery, you get maximum results with minimal noise, vibration and maintenance - even in low temperatures (down to -20° C). When the seasons change, you can use the same battery for your 5 and 7 Series garden tools. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the battery snow shovel is easy to store. 

4. Husqvarna Petrol snow blower ST 230 2021

Product type: gasoline snow blower.

Husqvarna Petrol snow blower ST 230 2021 (76 cm)
1729,– EUR

Husqvarna Petrol snow blower ST 230 2021

76 cm

5. Lider Snow Blower KZO66LE 66 cm (KZO66LE)

Say goodbye to snow problems. Designed for the most demanding users, the LIDER KZO66LE powered snow blower is ready to tackle any winter challenge. No matter how much snow the winter brings, removing the white cover is no problem for it. Equipped with a reliable engine, this highly efficient machine is designed to remove heavy snowfall quickly and easily, while providing incredible control, easy manoeuvrability and durability for years to come. The petrol snow blower is a proposition for discerning users who require a reliable machine designed to work for longer periods on the property. The standard equipment of the snow blower includes: a set of fastening screws, a set of fastening nuts, a set of fastening washers, operating instructions in Polish, original cardboard box. Guaranteed low-temperature start with LONCIN engine Thanks to innovative technologies, the highly efficient and reliable LONCIN SNOW winter engine with a high output of 4.4 kW can be started quickly and easily even at very low temperatures. The large displacement of up to 212 cm3 ensures sufficient power even in the most difficult winter conditions. Moreover, thanks to the OHV technology with overhead valves, it offers amazing efficiency, which is reflected in more power and lower fuel consumption and wear. The cast iron cylinder liner ensures high durability for many years. 230 V electric starter for demanding customers. Starting a snow blower in heavy frost can sometimes be a difficult task, which is why the model on sale is equipped with an electric starter in addition to the manual starter, thanks to which we connect the snow blower to a 230 V socket and start the engine by means of a switch. Efficient auger conveyor A specially developed auger cutter system with a working width of up to 66 cm drives snow into the housing and then flings it through the discharge chimney at a distance of up to 11 metres. The cutter is made of reinforced, durable steel - snow and ice are crushed by the auger blades before being fed into the rotor. The working tool designed in this way is ideal and absolutely safe for concrete surfaces such as pavements, cobblestone paths and more. Thanks to the robust auger, you can work with both frozen and very wet snow. Snow clearing becomes a pleasure The presented snow thrower has 2 large drive wheels made of rubber, which facilitate driving the machine in all conditions - convince yourself of the exceptional working comfort with the drive with 6 forward gears. The possibility of working in two reverse gears makes it easier to get the machine out when digging in or getting stuck. Effortless snow removal. Fatigue-free work and easy handling thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle. The handle with soft grip can be adjusted to the height of each user, making snow removal extremely comfortable. Work becomes even less tiring with the wheel drive. Technical specification Engine type Internal combustion engine, four-stroke, overhead valve Engine manufacturer LONCIN Engine model G210FDS Displacement 212 cm3 Rated engine power 4.4 kW Manual electric starter 230 V Drive type Self-propelled on large rubber wheels Working width 66 cm Working height 51 cm Type Rotor serrated, steel Maximum snow throwing distance 11 m Number of gears front: 6, rear: 2 Angle of chute 190° Adjustment of throwing direction manually from operator's stand Front lighting yes, LED Heated handles yes Weight 72 kg. 

Lider Snow Blower KZO66LE 66 cm (KZO66LE) (66 cm)
1669,– EUR

Lider Snow Blower KZO66LE 66 cm (KZO66LE)

66 cm

6. Husqvarna ST 224

Husqvarna ST 224 is designed for homeowners who need a powerful snow blower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths. Thanks to the adjustable skids, it works regardless of the type of ground. Husqvarna ST 224 is designed for use in all snow conditions (10-30 cm) and has an efficient two-stage system with high ejection capacity. The exclusive 4-position height-adjustable handle makes it comfortable to work with. The friction drive ensures smooth operation. 

7. Profix Snow shovel 480 mm H 310 mm, painted metal, 32 mm

Metal snow shovel 48x31cm - 12347.

Profix Snow shovel 480 mm H 310 mm, painted metal, 32 mm
20,90 EUR

Profix Snow shovel 480 mm H 310 mm, painted metal, 32 mm

8. Hillvert Snow Blower - petrol engine - 750 mm clearing width - 302 cm³

Fraise à neige - moteur essence - largeur de déneigement de 750 mm - 302 cm³Après une nuit d'hiver enneigée, voulez-vous vraiment prendre une pelle dans le noir par des températures inférieures à zéro? Avec la fraise à neige à 2 phases de hillvert, vous pouvez déblayer les allées, les rues et les chemins enneigés ou verglacés sans avoir froid aux doigts et en une fraction du temps qu'il vous faudrait normalement. Ceci est assuré par le moteur Moteur 4 temps de la fraise à neige à essence avec 302 cm³ et une puissance de 6.2 kW. Grâce à une largeur de déblayage de 750 mm avec une hauteur de ramassage allant up à 530 mm, vous pouvez facilement déblayer de grandes surfaces de la glace et de la neige. Laissez-vous convaincre par un service compétent et de haute qualité et achetez un Fraise à neige de hillvert dès aujourd'hui!Détails techniquesMatériau(x) Caoutchouc, Acier Couleur(s) Orange Matériau de la lame Acier Matériau(x) roulette(s) Caoutchouc Puissance max. [kW] 6.2 Dimensions roue(s) [mm] 600 x 180 x 1180 Hauteur de ramassage [mm] 530 Diamètre de la spirale [mm] 300 Largeur de déneigement [mm] 750 Diamètre de la roue [mm] 300 Lumière Oui Vitesse [km/h] 1 - 2,5 Matériau du boîtier Acier (peint par poudrage) Type de moteur Moteur 4 temps Capacité de récipient [l] 4 Démarreur Démarreur électrique Cylindrée [cm³] 302Contenu de la livraisonFraise à neige HT-ST-900NGoulotte de déchargePoignéesBarre d'orientation de la goulotteLevier de vitesse. 

Hillvert Snow Blower - petrol engine - 750 mm clearing width - 302 cm³ (75 cm)
1549,– EUR

Hillvert Snow Blower - petrol engine - 750 mm clearing width - 302 cm³

75 cm

9. Lider Snow Blower KZO53HL 53 cm (KZO53HL)

Lider Snow Blower KZO53HL 53 cm (KZO53HL) (53 cm)
1319,– EUR

Lider Snow Blower KZO53HL 53 cm (KZO53HL)

53 cm

10. Profix Sniego kastuvas W.480mm H.310mm Metal.lacquered.wood.D.32mm

Metal snow shovel 48x31cm - 12348.

Profix Sniego kastuvas W.480mm H.310mm Metal.lacquered.wood.D.32mm (48 cm)
16,90 EUR

Profix Sniego kastuvas W.480mm H.310mm Metal.lacquered.wood.D.32mm

48 cm