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1. Weller Erem WE 1010 Soldering Set 230 V F/G

Model number = WE 1010
Supported tasks = Soldering
Nominal power = 70
Input voltage = 230V
Soldering tip temperature = +450°C
ESD protected = Yes.

2. Soldering iron 230 V 40 W 30 S Meis

Fine soldering iron for radio and television technology, electronics. Practical in handling.



4. Toolcraft ST-100D

5. FixPoint EP5

Infinitely variable temperature setting with UP-Down buttons (1° C steps; display accuracy: 5 %). Short heating-up times ensure immediate start-up (in 90 sec. to 330° C). Fast and uncomplicated soldering tip change. High stability when working and 1.1 m cable for sufficient range. Service life of the heating element in the soldering iron: approx. 500 hours. 

6. Dremel VersaTip

7. Borrmann Brenner Set for brazing and shrinking, in transport box

- Labelling according to GGVS
- Ventilation above and below

Scope of delivery:
1 piece RDS pressure reducer for propane cylinders from 3 kg (2411)
1 piece
high-pressure hose 5.0 m
1 soldering torch handle (4033)
1 piece Soldering insert LS 7 (4243)
1 piece Soldering insert LS 9 (4244)
1 piece Open-ended spanner (4901)
1 piece Gas lighter gun (8311)
1 piece Transport box (4902)
1 piece Instructions

Selection criteria:
L x W x H: 210 x 470 x 90 mm

Technical data:
Weight: 5.36 kg

Item number: BOR4827
Shop number: 102083.

Borrmann Brenner Set for brazing and shrinking, in transport box
Soldering irons
385,60 EUR

Borrmann Brenner Set for brazing and shrinking, in transport box

8. JBC Precision Hot Air Piston TE-TB

The TE-TB precision handpiece works with JBC hot air stations, including TESE and TESE-Q models.
All types of SMD components can be repaired quickly and safely,
even the largest QFP and PLCC. To direct the heat to a specific area, the TE nozzles are used.

- compatible with JBC stations TE, JT, TEQ and JTQ
- handy hot air piston
- TE stand is required
- Hot air nozzles TN series

Scope of delivery:
1 piece precision hot air piston TE-TB without nozzle

Technical data:
Power: 300 W
Weight: 187 g

Item number: JBC-TE-TB
Shop number: 800951.

9. BGS Induction Heater 1.5 kW

principle of operation:
there is an alternating magnetic field, the metallic object (e.g. nut), in the induction coil, acts on the induced eddy currents as an electrical
resistance and thus heats up
allows heating of screws/nuts without heating surrounding components too much or even destroying them, as it is often the case when heated with a torch
within the shortest possible time, e.g. rusty nuts are heated and can be loosened
using on e. g. ball joint pinch bolts and other items on axle and engine
a formless coil (length: 800 mm) allows using the device also for heating of components (bearings, etc.) e.g. bearings in which the heating facilitates disassembly or assembly
includes the following induction coils
induction coil: 19 mm, length: 220 mm (for Ø 10-16 mm)
induction coil: 27 mm, length: 220 mm (for Ø 17-24 mm)
induction coil: 50 mm, length: 235 mm (for heating small surfaces)
formless coil, 800 mm, for heating of components
max. power: 1.5 kW
max. current: 7.5 A

10. Velleman Multi-Function Smd Rework Station 100 W / 600 W

Features & Benefits

insulated power supply: high quality transformer of 32VAC specially designed for lead-free soldering/desoldering
Temperature stability: accuracy of peak temperature up to ±3°C
Vacuum switch: easy to operate Thyristor switch on handle controls suction function
SMD rework
Hot air function: radiator, 600 W
power saving function

Technical data

Power supply: 230 Vac
max. power consumption: 900 W
Power supply: 32 Vac / 100 W
Temperature range: 150-480 °C
Power supply: 32 Vac / 100 W
Temperature range: 300-450 °C
SMD rework
power supply: 230 Vac / 600 W
temperature range: 100-480 °C
airflow capacity: 1.5 L/min - 40 L/min
Dimensions: 365 x 300 x 150 mm
Weight: 12 kg

Velleman Multi-Function Smd Rework Station 100 W / 600 W
Soldering irons
814,13 EUR

Velleman Multi-Function Smd Rework Station 100 W / 600 W