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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Scheppach Wood splitter standing Compact 8t 400V

With 7.95 tonnes, the 160 x 70 mm splitting wedge of the scheppach Compact 8t splits material up to 1070 mm long and with a maximum diameter of 350 mm. The log splitter effortlessly processes hard and soft wood. Safety catch and two-hand operation ensure optimum safety conditions. The scheppach log splitter requires a 400 volt power connection for operation and is therefore particularly powerful.

Powerful 7.95 t splitting force
Patented splitting technology ? the only splitter in Europe under 8 t which can split metre-long logs
GS certified
Powerful motor max. 3150 W
Particularly compact - for easy storage - only 99 cm machine height when retracted
Torsion-resistant and particularly tip-proof construction
Swivelling table for different working heights
Catching brackets on both sides for splitting material
Splits hardwood and softwood up to 1070 mm in length effortlessly and reliably
Max. Max. splitting material diameter 350 mm
2 large transport wheels
Vario system for adjustable splitting stroke

The scheppach Compact 8t log splitter is a powerful and reliable helper for processing logs into firewood comfortably, quickly, safely and power-saving. With the powerful 3500 watt motor and a splitting force of 7.95 tonnes, even dry hardwood can be split effortlessly.

Thanks to a patented splitting technology, the scheppach Compact 8t is the only log splitter in Europe that can split under 8 tons of metre-long wood with a length of up to 1070 mm and a diameter of 80 to 350 mm. With the integrated, swivelling table, two working heights are available: logs with maximum length are placed on the base plate and can thus be processed at ground level. Smaller logs are simply placed on the raised table for processing.

The large splitting wedge measuring 160 x 70 mm splits hardwood and softwood effortlessly. Thanks to the Vario system, the splitting stroke can also be infinitely adjusted. The scheppach log splitter requires a 400 volt power connection for operation and is therefore particularly powerful.

When handling heavy equipment, maximum safety for the user is a basic requirement: the Compact 8t consists of a torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction and has both a splitting material fixing device and splitting material catching bars placed on both sides. The unit can only be operated with two hands. The GS-certified log splitter therefore complies with the latest safety standards.

The Compact 8t from scheppach has a compact design and, with a machine height of only 99 cm, is particularly easy to store when retracted.

A tare weight of 126 kg and an integrated anti-tipper ensure that the log splitter always stands securely. Thanks to the two large transport wheels, the Compact 8t is still easy to transport.

Technical data

Splitting force

Engine power
3500W / 400V motor 50Hz

max. log length - short/long log
750 / 1070 mm

max. splitting material diameter
350 mm

Forward/reverse travel cm/s
Forward travel 5.4 cm/s | Reverse travel 24 cm/s

Cylinder stroke
485 mm

Oil quantity
4,8l (pre-filled)

Phase inverter

Working height
920 mm

Swivel table height
390 mm

Dimensions D x W x H mm
850 x 900 x 990 (retracted)

125 kg.

2. Hillvert Petrol Wood Chipper - 6,5 hp - 80 mm

Broyeur de végétaux thermique - 7 ch - 80 mm_x000D_Grâce à son moteur 4 temps performant, ce broyeur de végétaux thermique vient à bout des branches et brindilles d'un diamètre max. de 80 mm. It can also be used to remove food and food menus. As its pivoting base is at 90°, you can adopt a comfortable posture during work. The brushcutter has a 5,145 W (7 ch) motor that operates with the aid of an on-board démarreur and a 3.5 litre fuel tank. At full speed, i.e. 3,600 rpm, the engine consumes just 1.6 litres of fuel per hour. As a result, the couts d'utilisation are no longer low and it is possible to work without interruption for more than 2 hours. The blades of the broyeur branche can be dismantled easily for maintenance _x000D_Détails techniques_x000D_Alimentation électrique 12 V / 9 AhPuissance 5 145 WVitesse max. des lames 2 200 tr/minPuissance du moteur 7 chType de moteur Essence, 4 tempsType de carburant Essence sans plombConsommation de carburant 1,6 l/hContenance du réservoir de carburant 3,5 lContenance du réservoir d'huile 0,6 lDémarreur Électrique / À piedCylindrée 196 cm³Régime moteur 3 600 tr/minNiveau de puissance acoustique 107 dBDiamètre de coupe max. 80 mmCourroie d'entrainement Courroie en V_x000D_Contenu de la livraison_x000D_Broyeur de végétaux thermiqueAccessoiresManuel d'utilisation. 

3. Makita UD2500

Trimmings and tree waste do not belong in the waste but in the shredder. Thus you supply your garden soil with important nutrients in a natural way and support the regeneration of the soil without additional fertilizer. The UD2500 shredder is very quiet thanks to its milling drum. Its output is 2500 W and it chops branches up to a maximum diameter of 45 mm. 

4. Ryobi RSH3045U

Ryobi RSH3045U electric quiet shredder. 3000 watts of power. Quiet and precise shredding thanks to gear drum mechanism. Automatic self-closing mechanism. Large wheels and sturdy metal housing. Waste bin holds up to 55 litres of shredded material. 

5. Altrad ALF 2800 Silent

Even shredding ensures smooth operation The engine only starts when the collection capacity is set Up branches up to 45 mm in diameter can be shredded.

6. Hillvert Petrol Wood Chipper on trailer - 15 PS - 100 mm

Petrol shredder - 15 HP - 100 mmShred your garden cuttings with the petrol shredder from hillvertYou want to get your shrubs, hedges or trees into shape? But where to put the cuttings? hillvert offers you the optimum solution for your garden needs with the HT-HECTOR-120A petrol shredder and reduces the volume of your garden waste by 70 to 80 %. Use the shredded mulch for composting or covering the beds for pumpkins, courgettes or other plants.The mobile garden shredder with large wheelsDue to the powerful 4-stroke engine of the petrol-powered garden shredder with 15 hp, you can even shred branches and prunings with a diameter of up to 100 mm via the large feed hopper. You can also shred leaves or flower cuttings quickly and efficiently. For a comfortable working posture, the discharge hopper is located opposite the feed hopper so that you can easily collect the shredded material in a bag or wheelbarrow.You activate the efficient 15 hp petrol engine of the garden shredder with a cable pull. Let yourself be convinced by the increased performance values with a cutting speed of 3600 rpm. At the same time, the garden shredder proves to be particularly cost-efficient with a consumption of 4.65 l/h. The fuel tank holds a total of 6.5 l, so that you can work with the petrol shredder for more than 1 h and 15 min without interruption. The sturdy steel construction proves to be particularly durable and robust, so that you can also use the shredder heavily during the season. The hardened steel blades work just as reliably. For your safety, the shredder is equipped with a start/stop switch.On the sturdy chassis with two large, air-filled wheels, you can transport the professional shredder quickly and comfortably with the help of a tow bar. For longer distances, use the trailer coupling for your tractor. When you reach your destination, you can safely park the garden shredder on the support elements.Tips:You should wear eye protection and gloves when shredding! Pay attention to the discharge chute. This should be free. If, for example, the collection bag is full, there may be a jam in the unit!The shredded material should not exceed a diameter of 100 mm!Never reach into the shredder!Powerful - 15 hp petrol engine with a cutting speed of 3600 rpm shreds branches with a diameter of up to 100 mmFlexible - ejection hopper aligned to the front, large feed hopper ensures effortless fillingDurable - 6.5 l petrol tank enables uninterrupted work.stable - support element ensures that the robust steel construction stands securely mobile - easy to transport thanks to two large, inflatable wheels and trailer coupling for tractor Product features: Material: steel, iron Colour: blue Size wheel [mm]: 400 x 160 Size hopper [mm]: 168 x 264 Electric: cable type Fuel: 90, 92 Sound power [dB]: 120 Rated speed [rpm]: 3600 Engine power [hp]: 15 Cutting speed [rpm]: 3600 Type engine: single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV Height handle [cm]: 140 Type drive belt: V-belt B813 Displacement [cm³]: 420 Fluid consumption [l/h]: 4.65 Oil tank capacity [l]: 1.1 Fuel tank capacity [l]: 6.5 Cutting diameter max. [mm]: 100 Distance between control unit and ground [cm]: 120 Diameter of shredded branches in feed hopper [mm]: 100 Operating instructions: 1 Start/stop function: Yes Dimensions (LxWxH)[cm]: 160 x 55 x 170 Weight [kg]: 245 Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)[cm]: 114.5 x 80 x 116 Shipping weight [kg]: 274 Scope of delivery: wood chipper HT-HECTOR-120Operating instructions. 

7. Hillvert Petrol Wood Chipper - 15 hp - 120 mm

Petrol Wood Chipper - 15 hp - 120 mm Thanks to the 15 hp petrol garden shredder's 4-stroke engine, you can chip even branches and hedge trimmings with a diameter of up to 120 mm in the feed hopper. The shredder can also quickly and efficiently mulch leaves and flower cuttings. For a comfortable working position, the hopper can be adjusted by up to 90°. The garden shredder's efficient 11,040 W motor (15 hp) is activated by kick-start. The fuel tank holds a total of 5.5 L, but at maximum 3,600 rpm it uses just 1.8 L of unleaded petrol per hour, making the garden mulcher especially cost-effective. This enables you to work for over three hours without interruptions. The wood chipper is equipped with an emergency switch for your safety. The cutting blades can be easily removed for maintenance. The professional garden shredder has a large, sturdy chassis for quick and easy transportation. It has two large, air-filled tires, making it quick and easy to relocate the wood chipper. It also has a trailer coupling for longer distances. Delivery includes a practical collection bag for the clippings, which can easily be attached to the shredder. Technical Details Model HT-HECTOR 420TPower supply 12 V / 9 AhOutput 11,040 WMax. cutting speed, blades 2,200 rpmEngine power 15 hpEngine type Petrol 4-stroke engineFuel type Unleaded petrolFuel consumption 1.8 L/hCapacity, fuel tank 5.5 LCapacity, oil tank 1.1 LStarter Electric / Kick-startDisplacement 420 cm³Motor speed 3,600 rpmSound power 109 dBMax. cutting diameter 120 mmDrive belts 2 V-belts Delivery Contents Petrol wood chipper HT-HECTOR 420TAccessoriesInstruction manual. 

8. Wolf-Garten SDE 2800 EVO

The knife shredder works according to the planing principle. The knives arranged on a rotating disc cut the fed material into very fine slices. The chips produced in this way provide the microorganisms in the compost with an optimal surface for their decomposition work.
The product is shipped with a shock-proof plug. A T23 socket is required for the fix adapter.

9. Güde GHS 500/8Ted

Log splitter GHS 500/8 TED

- 2-hand safety operation

- Splitting knife made of special steel

- Riving knife catcher on both sides

- High-quality
hydraulic pump

- powerful 400 V electric motor

- Large transport wheels incl. driving handle

- Infinitely adjustable splitting stroke

- switch-plug combination

- 4-sided splitting column guide made of plastic (interchangeable)

- Splitting tray on both sides


10. Hillvert Petrol Wood Chipper - 7 hp - 70 mm

Petrol Wood Chipper - 7 hp - 70 mm With the petrol wood chipper HT-HECTOR 212, hillvert offers you the ideal solution for your gardening needs and reduces the volume of your garden waste by 70 to 80 %. The resulting mulch is perfect for composting. Thanks to the 7-horsepower petrol garden shredder's 4-stroke engine, you can chip even branches and hedge trimmings with a diameter of up to 70 mm in the machine's side hopper. The main hopper can chip branches with a diameter of 10 mm. The fuel tank has a total capacity of 3.60 L. The efficient 5,152 watt motor consumes just 1.4 L of petrol per hour at maximum 3,600 rpm, making the garden mulcher especially cost-effective. The professional garden shredder has 2 air-filled tyres with a diameter of 25 cm. Together with the ergonomic handle, they make moving this device easy and fast. Delivery also includes a practical collection bag for the resulting chips as well as a set of protective goggles and work gloves for work safety. Technical Details Model HT-HECTOR 21212 V / 9 Ah5,152 WMax. cutting speed 2,400 rpmMax. engine power 7 hpDimensions, hopper 420 x 295 mmDiameter, side hopper 125 mmEngine type Petrol 4-stroke engineFuel type Unleaded petrolFuel consumption 1.4 L/hCapacity, fuel tank 3.6 LCapacity, oil tank 0.6 LStarter ElectricDisplacement 212 cm³Rotation speed 3,600 rpmSound power 97 dBSound pressure 77 dBMax. cutting diameter 10 mmMax. side cutting diameter 70 mm Delivery Contents Petrol wood chipper HT-HECTOR 212 Accessory bag 2 wrenches 10/13 Wrench 14/17 Allen key 4 mm Allen key 5 mm Socket wrench 21 mm Hopper Collection bag Eye protection Work gloves Instruction manual.