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Epideixis Epidextic finger. Educational toy

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Finger - the game focuses on the development of manual skills (fingers of both hands) and senses, stimulation and coordination of both hemispheres of the brain as well as hand-eye coordination. WHO IS
THE FINGER GAME FOR? For children and adults, for entertainment at home, in preschool education and at school, in therapy for visual and motor perception and eye-hand coordination disorders. PURPOSE Strengthening of concentration and attention, sensory perception, promotion of creativity, training for movement, relaxation. : Black Box - optimal size and shape to fit in a child's hand: two-piece base made of opaque plastic with 37 fingertip-sized holes, transparent lid with lock base for repeated opening and closing. Inside are 24 plastic balls in 4 colours. EXAMPLE GAME RULES:? For 1-2 people? Players choose a card with an arrangement of coloured balls? Push the balls into the holes in the bottom with their fingertips to reproduce the design on the card? You can create your own designs and attach them to blank cards with crayons or markers, or can you exchange cards? On a blank card you can prepare an incomplete model so that a second player can arrange and complete it? The players draw 1 card each in 1-3 minutes. They look carefully, memorise the layout, then cover the card and start to recreate the pattern. Whoever gets the pattern right wins? Depending on the programme, you can set your own rules. The FIRST game inspires you to create your own rules. For more ideas on how to use the finger game, see the Method Guide Format: 15.5 x 5 cm Published: 2013, Binding: Box.

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