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1. Marioinex Statybiniai blokeliai Little House

Konstrukciniai klojiniai – tai žaislas, kuris ugdo kūrybiškumą, gebėjimą mąstyti ir vaiko vaizduotę.
Vaflių klojiniai leidžia sudėti išskirtines erdvines konstrukcijas,
o jų išvaizda priklauso tik nuo vaiko vaizduotės.
Neribota konstravimo galimybė padės jaunuoliui pastatyti įvairius statinius.
Rinkinį sudaro 31 elementas.
Trinkelių privalumai:
- lengvas
- patvarus
- spalvota
- saugus
- pagaminti iš aukštos kokybės plastiko,
- dideli elementai
- pagrindinis trinkelės matmuo 10,5 x 10,5 cm.

2. Marioinex Waffle mini pads - 148 element mixer

MARIOINEX Mini Wafers City garbage truck 148 el. 903131 Mini waffles are blocks loved by children and parents, made by the Polish company Marioinex. The material from which they are made has properties unheard of in other blocks. A bit like rubber, it is flexible, does not break, and at the same time keeps its shape and can be used for years. Of course, according to the certificates, it is completely safe, recyclable and can be washed or washed in a washing machine (in a bag and up to 30° C). imagination and encourages creative expression. By playing with waffles, the smallest ones develop their spatial intelligence and ingenuity, acquire new skills, learn and create. The Mini Wafle City series allows you to increase the possibilities of construction due to the variety of element shapes. And what tigers like the most is FIRST FIGURES in mini waffles. They will provide many new possibilities for creating fun and re-creating history. If only Polish technology and the production of this very innovative toy are important to you, we recommend the products of this family company even more. All the townspeople are still fast asleep, but the two start their day long before dawn. Ben gets behind the wheel of the city's garbage truck, while his brother Dan smiles under his mustache, zips up his overalls, and gets to work sorting. Thanks to the hard work of the guys at Cleaning Brothers, the town is always so clean! Build a modern garbage truck with a movable, opening garbage can and attached brushes to sweep the streets, and a recycling station with containers for sorting. Meet two new characters of the hardworking brothers Ben and Dan and go on adventures with them, thanks to which you will learn to maintain order and sort waste. The garbage truck set includes 148 blocks and 2 original figures. Playing with flexible, pleasant to the touch Mini Waffle blocks perfectly develops the child's fine motor skills, and building the set according to the instructions is an effective exercise in logical thinking. Stimulate your imagination and creativity by building any buildings and creating your own adventure scenarios for our heroes. Advantages of the set: develop children's imagination and creativity while playing together 100% safe, certified and non-toxic material Attractive hours of fun not only for children! Construct figures in 2D and 3D Heroes of the set: Dan, a hard-working and hard-working operator of the city garbage truck and the head of the Cleaning Brothers company. He is known and liked by everyone in the town, he always finds a moment to exchange a few words with everyone and wish them a good day. Garbage truck driver Ben, Dan's younger brother. Sloth and eternal joker. Instead of working, he would rather entertain the residents with his stories. Fortunately, Dan is always there, who knows how to bring his brother to the ground. Building blocks and packaging made from renewable and recycled materials. 

3. Marioinex Klocki Mini Waffle 80 kavinės elementų

Mini Waffle City - KavinaiGamintojas: MarioinexElementų skaičius: 80 vnt.

Rinkinio privalumai: Išplėskite savo vaiko vaizduotę ir kūrybiškumą per žaidimą. 100%
saugios medžiagos – sertifikuotos ir netoksiškos. Patrauklus, daug valandų trunkantis žaidimas ne tik vaikams! Kurti figūras rinkinio 2D ir 3D.Specyfikacja: iš viso 80 klauptų! 2 figūrėlės rinkinyje. Laipsniško kūrimo instrukcijosLenkijoje pagaminti klockai. Narveliai ir pakuotės, pagaminti iš perdirbtų atsinaujinančių medžiagų. Vaikams nuo 5 metų

Rinkinio didvyriai:.

4. Marioinex Supplier did not provide product name

Classic design blocks 95 pieces. The classic shape block is made of safe rubber material. Classic blocks are characterised by their simplicity, thanks to which you can build compact and durable buildings. Five building block sizes offer a variety of possibilities for building and expanding children's imagination. 

5. Marioinex Klocki Mini Waffle 80 Race Elements

Mini Waffle City - Race Manufacturer: Marioinex Number of applications: 80 units. Benefits of the set: Expand your child's imagination and creativity through play. 100% safe materials - certified and non-toxic. An engaging, hours-long game not just for kids! Create a set of figures in 2D and 3D.Specification: a total of 80 knees! 2 figures in a set. Step-by-step instructions for making blocks made in Poland. Cages and packaging made from recycled renewable materials. For children from 5 years old Heroes of the set: 

6. Marioinex Micro waffle blocks 150 pcs - Koala

Micro Waffle 150Blocks specially designed to support the harmonious development of children. Thanks to them, your child will spend many unforgettable moments in the Australian bush among exotic eucalyptus trees. He will experience many surprising adventures there with his friendly koala friend, whose shape he will make by himself according to the attached instructions. He can also build other, any 2D or 3D forms from Micro Waffle blocks. The possibilities are endless, just like a child's imagination. The set consists of as many as 150 elements. It develops creativity, psychomotor skills and teaches logical thinking. Marioinex safe blocks for children Marioinex blocks are designed to be as friendly and safe as possible for children. They are made of flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch material. Their shape has been perfectly matched to the shape and size of children's hands, and the colors used are gentle and pleasing to the eye. They received awards in such competitions as Toy of the Year or Child-Friendly World. Marioinex sets Marioinex sets can be collected and used to compose buildings of your own design. Advantages of the Micro Waffle 150 Koala set: As many as 150 elements! Development of imagination and creativity Learning and development through play Hours of entertainment For girls and boys 100% safe form Attractive fun for children and adults Possibility of constructing 2D and 3D shapes Innovative size of the blocks Bricks made in Poland Bricks and packaging made of renewable and recycled materials 

7. Marioinex Klocki Waffle mini - Farmer medium blister pack

FARMER medium set Bricks that invite you to the natural world! Thanks to them, every child will spend many fascinating moments playing activities related to the circle of nature. While playing, the child will get to know the village world, create a real farm and build a tractor with a trailer. The set will also include several original characters with whom he will take proper care of the farm animals and ensure that the crops and harvests are plentiful! The set not only develops children's imagination and manual skills, but also allows them to play roles and teach logical thinking.Marioinex safe blocks for children Marioinex blocks are designed to be as friendly and safe as possible for children. They are made of flexible, soft material. Their shape is perfectly adapted to the shape and size of children's hands, and the colors used are soft and pleasing to the eye. Better knowledge of the natural world Hours of entertainment For girls and boys 100% safe form Warning The toy is not suitable for children under 4 years old. Contains small parts, easy to swallow. This product complies with European standards. Before giving the toy to the child, remove the packaging elements. Keep the label as it contains important information. The colors of the elements may differ from those shown on the package Care The product can be washed in a dishwasher and washing machine in a suitable bag at a temperature of 30 degrees. 

Marioinex Klocki Waffle mini - Farmer medium blister pack
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Marioinex Klocki Waffle mini - Farmer medium blister pack