Best Philips products in the Children's headphones category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Philips products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Philips SHK2000

The right headphones for young music lovers to discover the whole world of sound. The clear basses and playful design have been specially designed for adolescents. They are also so robust that they can cope with any situation. The 85 dB volume limit ensures entertaining yet secure music enjoyment. The simple, ergonomic handle is comfortable, fully adaptable to any child's head and grows with the child. Neodymium is ideal for generating a strong magnetic field, which increases the sensitivity of the voice coil and improves bass response and sound quality.

Rugged design without screws, so the headphones snap open and can easily be returned to their original position. The ear cups are fully padded with soft foam for ultimate comfort and safety. The slender temple is so light and comfortable that it can be worn for hours with pleasure. Kids can even forget they're wearing it at all. The volume of the headphones for children is safe for your child. The maximum volume is limited to 85 dB for a safe music experience. Noise-isolated ear cushions significantly reduce ambient noise, so children don't need a higher volume to immerse themselves in the music.


Philips TAT1209BK/00. Product type: Headphones. Connectivity technology: True Wireless Stereo (TWS), Bluetooth. Recommended usage: Calls/Music. Headphone frequency: 20 - 20000 Hz. Wireless range: 10 m. Cable length: 2 m, Product colour: Black. 

3. Philips TAK4206

Shine all by themselves in their own style with these rugged, flexible on-ear headphones. The inserts in the ear caps light up in colour and the volume is capped at 85 dB. Parents can control the volume and playback time via the Philips headphones app.

For travel, in front of the screen, or for homework: Kids will love these wireless on-ear headphones. Get 28 hours of playback time on a single charge, and the battery fully charges in just 2 hours. A quick 15-minute charge provides 2 hours of additional playback time.

These headphones are designed specifically for young ears. The 32mm drivers are limited to 85dB. Parents can set the maximum volume and playback time in the Philips headphones app. Relax while the kids have fun.

The earcaps are equipped with funky light elements. There are four varieties to choose from: Red, green, blue or a combination of all three colors. Switch through the different light options at the touch of a button on the ear cap.

Soft ear caps and a soft earpiece cushion keep kids comfortable, whether they're listening to music or watching their favorite YouTubers. The flexible earpiece is easy to adjust.

Kids can easily control music and calls using the buttons. The headphones are instantly ready to pair when Bluetooth is turned on. Once paired, they remember the last device they were paired with.

These wireless on-ear headphones for kids have a clever design that folds in two directions. You can fold them flat and easily store them in a drawer. Or you can fold them flat and inward so they fit compactly into jacket pockets and school bags.

The 3.5mm audio jack lets kids connect their headphones directly to their smartphone or handheld console.

With the Philips headphones app, you can limit the volume and playback time per day or week. A voice prompt informs your child when the time limit is reached - and the app can automatically lower the volume if it gets too high.

These semi-open headphones offer a compromise between closed and open designs. It offers both spacious sound and some sound isolation to the outside and inside, positioning itself between the two main designs.

On-ear headphones rest directly on the ear cup. Their design makes them comfortable to wear, even when you want to listen to music for longer periods of time. They offer a free, spacious sound and shield outside noise only to a limited extent. Therefore, they are ideal for quieter environments or if you like to hear some of the ambient noise - such as the ringing of the phone or the front door.

4. Philips TAK4607GY/00

With these wireless open-ear headphones, your kids can hear everything. Limit playback time and volume via the Philips app. The secure, fitted design and adjustable headband ensure that the headphones grow with your child and won't fall off during play. 

5. Philips Open-ear headphones

- Type: Open-ear headphones - open - Transmission: Bluetooth 5.2 - Application area: Children - Colour: Green, Charging cable: USB-C cable, 200 mm - Waterproof and sweat-proof (IP67), App-based parental control.