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1. Czuczu Czuczu Puzzle with a hole Fire engine 23 elements

Puzzle with a hole Fire truck 23 elements Innovative educational puzzles will encourage two-year-olds to play. After arranging an almost meter long puzzle, you should match the elements to the appropriate holes. Thanks to play, the child learns to distinguish shapes, learns new words, develops creativity and imagination, and trains fine motor skills and logical thinking. Interchangeable wheels fit all sets from the Puzzle series with a hole. 

Czuczu Czuczu Puzzle with a hole Fire engine 23 elements
Jigsaw puzzles

Czuczu Czuczu Puzzle with a hole Fire engine 23 elements

2. Czuczu Fish and Aquatic Animals Puzzle 200 pieces

Puzzlove CzuCzu Fish and Aquatic Animals (200 pieces)

An ocean of fun awaits you - so plum!

Who lives in the depths of the sea? We delved into the ocean of
imagination and marine knowledge and discovered a fraction of fascinating creatures. We combined beautiful illustrations, exciting topics and lots of fun to create. The result is a wonderful 200-piece puzzle. It's a great idea as a gift, as a puzzle for older children and adults and for organising together.

Have as much fun as you like!

Dive in with us! Puzzlove CzuCzu Fish and Aquatic Animals have 200 pieces (a 500 piece version is also available!). They will delight lovers of underwater life, aquatics, puzzles and beautiful decorations. By arrangement, the illustration is 48 x 68 cm and can become a beautiful decoration in a maritime interior!

Take the challenge and arrange the puzzles as you like:

Alone or with friends or family

At home

On holiday - perhaps in some port?

Discover the secrets of nature: have fun finding your favourite animals and information about them

Learn the similarities and differences between fish, whales, crustaceans, molluscs and other deep-sea creatures - these puzzles are a great starting point for future oceanographers and marine biologists

While singing shanties!

Plan another holiday by the water.

3. Czuczu Counting keyhole puzzle

Keyhole puzzle Train to count 1 2 3 Time for a digital journey! This educational panoramic puzzle shows a long train and its passengers. It consists of 30 elements: 20 traditional puzzles and 10 detachable circles with numbers that have to be matched to the corresponding holes. This is a great idea for creative fun and learning to count to 10. The set contains 30-piece puzzles and play scenarios. The large objects are made of durable cardboard. The illustration and shape are adapted to the age of the child. The fun stimulates creativity and teaches counting to 10 Recipe for fun Assemble the puzzle train. Then invite passengers to join it and connect the circles with numbers to the corresponding holes. Count the passengers and talk about what you see in the picture. Name the colours and numbers. Make sure that the circles can be interchanged freely. You can also place the passengers in any order and rearrange the numbers. This is a great idea to teach counting! The joy of discovery The three-year-old already knows many words, is becoming more and more independent and asks many questions. Every day he acquires new knowledge that comes naturally to him through play. Hole Puzzle The Counting Train is a friendly introduction to the fascinating world of numbers and lets you learn to count to 10. CzuCzu Hole Puzzle is a unique series of educational, beautifully illustrated puzzles. 

4. Czuczu Koty

Puzzle 500 pieces Puzzlove - Cats Cats and cat lovers, it's time for paw puzzles!Cat love has many names and guardians can do a lot for their purring friends. We understand this very well. We also know very well what the joy of preparation is. This has resulted in unique puzzles for adults, seniors and all purring fur lovers. My Lord Have fun, as you wish! Meow! A great puzzle consists of 500 pieces and presents different cat, kitten and kitty breeds. It's a great gift idea for adults, seniors and lovers of these beautiful animals. Puzzle as you like: With friends With family With the cat Away from the cat (good luck!) At home and on holiday Slowly or on time On the wall Frame to train patience Puzzlove CzuCzu Koty is a great gift for all purring animal lovers. 

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6. Czuczu Quadruple Beetle Jigsaw Puzzle ZA4156

CzuCzu Robaczki czworaczki úładanki edukacyjne rozwijające CzuCzu Puzzle Worms Quadruple is the first simple, four-part puzzle for toddlers. Tidying up the cheerful meadow inhabitants is great fun and incidentally encourages manual dexterity, insight and concentration. Large and durable elements are suitable for small children's hands. Fun animal faces encourage play and eye-catching colours grab the child's attention. Includes: - 8 puzzles - 32 pieces The solution to the puzzle is not yet complete! Here are some fun, educational recipes: - name the insects together, this is an opportunity for the child to learn new words - imitate the sounds and movements of the worms - it's a mouth and whole body exercise while bringing lots of laughter Time - make up your own stories about the little meadow dwellers. The set is packaged in a colourful box with a practical handle, perfect as a gift. 

7. Czuczu 5902983490654 puzzle Dissection puzzle 2 pc(s) Shapes

CZUCZU 5902983490654. number of puzzle pieces: 2 piece(s). Genre: Shapes, Recommended age in years (min.): 1 year(s). Width: 110 mm, Height: 110 mm.

Czuczu 5902983490654 puzzle Dissection puzzle 2 pc(s) Shapes
Jigsaw puzzles

Czuczu 5902983490654 puzzle Dissection puzzle 2 pc(s) Shapes

8. Czuczu 5902983491163

CZUCZU 5902983491163. Nombre d'énigmes: 9 pièce(s). Genre: Dinosaures, Age recommandé (min): 3 an(s). Largeur: 140 mm, Hauteur: 125 mm.

9. Czuczu 5902983491170 puzzle Contour puzzle 9 pc(s) Animals

CZUCZU 5902983491170. number of puzzle pieces: 9 piece(s). Genre: Animals, Recommended age in years (min.): 3 year(s). Width: 140 mm, Height: 125 mm.

Czuczu 5902983491170 puzzle Contour puzzle 9 pc(s) Animals
Jigsaw puzzles

Czuczu 5902983491170 puzzle Contour puzzle 9 pc(s) Animals

10. Czuczu 500 Piece Puzzlelove Dinosaurs