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1. tiptoi tiptoi® - The pen

The tiptoi pen brings books and games to life. For even more tiptoi fun, the pen's superior audio quality now immerses children in an even more intense listening experience - interactively and independently. Thanks to the pen cover made of soft-grip material, the pen fits comfortably in children's hands. The integrated rechargeable battery offers more convenience. The 4th generation tiptoi pen is compatible with all tiptoi products (apart from Create products).Game instructions in DE. 

2. VTech Interactive video globe

With the interactive pen you can tap all places on the globe. Documentary video sequences on the selected countries, continents, cities, places (More than 5 hours of video material from BBC Learning, approx. 600 videos). 11 categories: Continents, countries, capitals, animals, geology, sights, languages, currencies, flags, population, category mix. 4 game modes: Exploration tour (free game), quiz show, globe detectives, world trip (245 quiz questions in total, 3040 facts). Learning content: Geography, countries, the cultures of the world, animals, languages, flags, general knowledge. Games controllable at globe base. Multiplayer mode (in selected games): 2 players compete against each other. In the Download Manager you can download further games, videos and contents (e.g. ancient cultures and mythology, inventions and discoveries, dinosaurs, art, country cuisines). With integrated loudspeaker.

In German.

3. VTech Globe

Go on an exciting journey around the world with the interactive globe. About 9'000 questions, sentences, facts, videos, animations and much more. Learn exciting things about continents, countries, sights, languages, currencies, cultures, animals, general knowledge... 11 categories. 4 game modes: world trip, quiz show, globe detectives, discovery. multiplayer mode playable. More than 5 hours of video material (approx. 600 videos) can be admired on the 2.4 colour display. In the Vtech Download Manager you can download more games, videos and content. 4GB internal memory. USB port for connection to PC (USB cable not included). With integrated speaker and volume control. French incl. 4x AA batteries. 

4. tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World

Unpack and get started. The starter set is perfect for getting started with tiptoi - the playful learning system. The required audio file is pre-installed on the pen and the integrated battery is charged. This way, children from the age of 2 can immediately discover the included book My World. From shopping to the playground, they accompany Junis through the day. Thanks to the sounds, texts, songs and search pictures, the children immerse themselves independently and interactively in the scenes. This makes learning really fun.Game instructions in DE. 

tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World (German)
Learning games
55,34 EUR

tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World


5. Goula Calendar watch

With this calendar clock, your children can playfully learn months, seasons, days, hours and minutes. The built-in moving parts cannot get lost and are precisely designed for handling the small ones. 

6. Janod Animals

Educational toys made of cardboard to encourage creativity. Suitable for children from 3-8 years. Complete with a wide range of accessories. A 30-piece variation set in bright colours and packed in a high-quality folding box. It consists of 30 magnets, which can be assembled to the respective animals. These can be arranged on the magnetic cover. The 10 templates show how the little ones can assemble the different animals. This playfully promotes the imagination and creativity of your child. The practical storage box allows easy and comfortable transport so that your child can take his or her favourite toy with him or her wherever he or she goes. 

7. Jumbo I learn to read

All words are carefully selected. They consist of a maximum of 5 letters and are part of the vocabulary of children from the age of 5. The special learning system ensures that children can practice and train independently. Due to the special back of the letter blocks, they only fit in the right place. 

8. Melissa & Doug Board with fasteners

When you open one of the numbered doors, a funny picture appears on the wooden board below. Develops fine motor skills in learning colors, numbers, animal names and more. 

9. Jumbo I learn to calculate

All tasks are carefully selected and correspond to the curriculum for children 4 years and older. The special number system ensures that children can practice independently. Due to the colour and the special back of the number pads, they only fit in the right place on the exercise card. "I learn to calculate" - contains 15 cards with 83 exercises in 6 different difficulty levels: Counting, adding, subtracting, recognizing numbers, reading numbers and multiplying. The game is stored in a practical case - ideal to take with you. With "I learn to calculate" - children can practice at home what they learned in school or kindergarten. 

10. VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2

The Kidizoom Smart Watch from VTech is more than just a watch. In brilliant blue and equipped with a cool LCD colour display, this chic accessory is a real eye-catcher. Smart Watch also offers cool features like a duo camera, microphone, motion sensor and more. The Kidizoom Smart Watch is waterproof and parental controlled for comfort and safety.