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1. Science Can My Body - a knowledge journey with quiz and sound/ My Body Voice Pedia

Science Can My Body - a knowledge journey with quiz and sound/ My Body Voice Pedia (German)
Learning games
47,51 EUR

Science Can My Body - a knowledge journey with quiz and sound/ My Body Voice Pedia


2. Spin Master Paw Patrol Role Play Ryders Pup Pad

Help the Paw Patrol's fur friends on their heroic missions with Ryder's Paw Pad. With 14 different sounds, Ryder's Paw Pad makes the Paw Patrol even more exciting and lively. Just like in the series, you can use Ryder's Paw Pad to contact the Paw Patrol when problems arise. Turn the wheel at the top to choose between Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky or Zuma. When you select a puppy, the centre lights up and you hear unique sounds from the series. To start the mission, pull out the side, turn the disc and press the red button to race to the next dog-powered mission. With the Paw Pad, you'll be ready for any rescue mission, just like Ryder. Want even more fun with Paw Patrol? Then treat yourself to exciting role play with the Chase and Marshall "Be the Hero" play sets (all available separately). With Ryder's Paw Pad, you'll feel just like Ryder when he leads the Paw Patrol.

Contains 1 Paw Pad for Ryder, 1 set of instructions.

Spin Master Paw Patrol Role Play Ryders Pup Pad (French, German, English, Italian)
Learning games
25,39 EUR

Spin Master Paw Patrol Role Play Ryders Pup Pad

French, German, English, Italian

3. Sphero Activity Mat 2

4. VTech Peppa's Learning Laptop

Experience great learning adventures with Peppa Wutz and her friends. Great children's laptop in Peppa Wutz design. 10 number keys and 26 letter keys in the shape of an ABC keyboard. Mode switch and 4 directional keys. 5 game modes with a total of 15 activities on the themes: Letters and words, numbers, logic, games, music. With the original voice of Peppa Wutz. When pressing the Peppa Wutz button, Peppa speaks some great sentences. LCD screen. Learning content: Letters, letter sounds, numbers and counting, comparing, Peppa Wutz characters, musical instruments. Background music can be turned on or off. Childproof battery compartment and automatic switch-off. Volume control. Demo batteries included. 

5. tiptoi tiptoi® - The pen

The tiptoi pen brings books and games to life. For even more tiptoi fun, the pen's superior audio quality now immerses children in an even more intense listening experience - interactively and independently. Thanks to the pen cover made of soft-grip material, the pen fits comfortably in children's hands. The integrated rechargeable battery offers more convenience. The 4th generation tiptoi pen is compatible with all tiptoi products (apart from Create products).Game instructions in DE. 

6. Bandai Tamagotchi

Do you want to test your child's ability to raise and give them the experience of really caring for an animal? Tamagochi gives you all the care you can do for a real animal, only without the risk and on a fun, portable computer. Raise the animal, feed it, groom it, play with it and take it for a walk - everything must be done in time or the animal will be unhappy. 

Bandai Tamagotchi
Learning games
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Bandai Tamagotchi

7. VTech Interactive video globe

With the interactive pen you can tap all places on the globe. Documentary video sequences on the selected countries, continents, cities, places (More than 5 hours of video material from BBC Learning, approx. 600 videos). 11 categories: Continents, countries, capitals, animals, geology, sights, languages, currencies, flags, population, category mix. 4 game modes: Exploration tour (free game), quiz show, globe detectives, world trip (245 quiz questions in total, 3040 facts). Learning content: Geography, countries, the cultures of the world, animals, languages, flags, general knowledge. Games controllable at globe base. Multiplayer mode (in selected games): 2 players compete against each other. In the Download Manager you can download further games, videos and contents (e.g. ancient cultures and mythology, inventions and discoveries, dinosaurs, art, country cuisines). With integrated loudspeaker.

In German.

8. VTech Frozen 2 Lernhandy

The characters from "The Ice Queen 2" call and want to experience exciting learning adventures. . With cool sound effects and the original voices of the characters from "The Ice Queen 2". LCD screen . 10 number buttons, 6 character buttons, 5 activity buttons . Includes activities related to "The Ice Queen 2" characters, counting, numbers, arithmetic, memory. Pressing the character buttons triggers information about the characters and matching animations . Role-play phone calls can be made via voice activation . Learning content: Basic math skills (simple addition), problem solving skills, creative play, listening comprehension . Childproof battery compartment. Music can be turned on or off. Demo batteries are included. 

9. VTech Kidisecrets Dream Safe

Keep secrets safe in the dream safe. The dream safe can be securely locked with a numerical code. Entering the correct code opens the safe door. Glowing LCD screen with time display. 5 digital dials. 6 exciting games and activities: Listen to life wisdom, guess lucky number, lay magic cards, crack secret code, remember sequences correctly and catch treasures. Clock functions: Alarm clock with different alarm tones, timer as well as stopwatch. 3 sung songs and 10 melodies. Listen to great pre-installed music or connect your own music player (sold separately) and enjoy your own music. Three compartments for ample storage space. Includes great stickers to easily personalise the dream safe. Childproof battery compartment, automatic switch-off and volume control. Demo batteries are included. 

10. VTech 2-in-1 touch laptop

Laptop and tablet in one. The laptop can be easily transformed into a tablet with touch screen 10 number keys and 26 letter keys, 1 paw key, mode switch, fun button 5 game modes, 10 activities: 1) Letters: Letters and their sounds, 2) Animal ABC: each letter is assigned an animal, pop letter bubbles, 2) Numbers: 1 to 10, 3) Messages: Scout and Violet send funny messages to which the child can reply by text message or by emoji, 4) Games: Interesting animal facts, recognize picture details and complete them by pressing the correct letter key, find things 5) Music: 2 sung songs about letters and numbers, 13 melodies LCD screen With convenient carrying handle The two cute little dogs Violet and Scout guide through the different games and activities Learning content: Letters, letter sounds, numbers, vocabulary, animals, fine motor skills, writing Personalizable: Child's name can be saved With parent control area Child-safe battery compartment and automatic shut-off Volume control Demo batteries included.