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1. Playmobil Large riding school

The large horse stalls must be cleaned so that the horses feel comfortable, the animals must be fed and all stalls must be equipped with fresh hay.

Here at the
riding school everyone who wants to help is welcome. Whether rider, holidaymaker or horse lover, everyone has enough space to experience great hours in nature together with the horses. The stable boxes lead directly into the spacious outdoor enclosure, where not only horses but also the other cute pets of the farm cavort. The cute foal jumps across the meadow and enjoys every single ray of sunshine on the large riding farm. 

Playmobil Large riding school (6926, Playmobil Country)

Playmobil Large riding school

6926, Playmobil Country

2. Playmobil My grande mansion

Moving into the new home. With roof terrace, spiral staircases, functioning doorbell and letterbox to open. Perfectly combinable with the six comfortable rooms for furnishing art. no. 70206 - 702011. 

Playmobil My grande mansion (70205, Playmobil Dollhouse)

Playmobil My grande mansion

70205, Playmobil Dollhouse

3. Playmobil 71371 Airport Fire Truck with Light and Sound

(requires three 1.5 V micro batteries (not included)). Special vehicle for use at the airport. In combination with the separately available item 5397 "Fire operation with fire pump", real water can be used to "extinguish" fires. Dimensions: Approx. 37 x 12 x 14-35 cm (fold-out extinguishing arm). 

Playmobil 71371 Airport Fire Truck with Light and Sound (71371, Playmobil City Action)

Playmobil 71371 Airport Fire Truck with Light and Sound

71371, Playmobil City Action

4. Playmobil Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Police

But criminals have no chance against the lightning-fast Porsche 911 Carrera 4S police car from Playmobil. The latest Porsche model from guarantees rapid play fun for law enforcement officers. Great lighting effects: The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Police is equipped with front, interior and rear lighting and has a removable roof. 

Playmobil Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Police (70067, Playmobil Porsche)

Playmobil Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Police

70067, Playmobil Porsche

5. Playmobil Family motorhome

Luxury meets camping fun in this well-equipped family motorhome. With the moving house the families do not have to do without anything during their camping holiday: kitchenette, minibath and sleeping places everything is included. At the holiday destination, the table, chairs and barbecue are unpacked and the bicycle for the little one is fetched from the bicycle carrier. While he's doing the first rounds, Mom sets the table and Dad throws the grill at him. This will be a fantastic family vacation. For still more play fun roof and side wall of the motorhome can be removed. Inside the vehicle are rotating seats and the table can be converted into a reclining surface. 

Playmobil Family motorhome (70088, Playmobil Family Fun)

Playmobil Family motorhome

70088, Playmobil Family Fun

6. Playmobil 71202 Ambulance with light and sound

Playmobil ambulance with a modern look and lots of accessories to care for the injured construction worker. The light and sound module on the roof requires three 1.5 V micro batteries (not included). Become the hero of your own adventure with the Playmobil ambulance with light and sound. The realistic functions of the modern ambulance with opening side and rear doors as well as light and sound module on the roof and detailed doctor accessories encourage imaginative role play. The ambulance is quickly on the scene to help the injured construction worker. Safely strapped into the stretcher, the patient is pushed into the car and then driven directly to the hospital. A great playset for children who want to take on the role of paramedics. High quality Playmobil toy ambulance for children from 4 years. The playset includes three Playmobil figures, a rescue vehicle with light and sound function, stretcher, defibrillator, infusion bag and numerous medical accessories for exciting rescue missions in the children's room. Thanks to the enclosed printed building instructions with pictures, assembly is child's play. The Playmobil sets of the City Life series include modern vehicles and realistic models with which children can develop important skills and self-confidence.Figures: 1 female paramedic, 1 male paramedic, 1 injured person Accessories: 1 ambulance with light and sound module, 1 ambulance stretcher, 1 infusion bag with infusion tube,1 defibrilator, 1 documentation folder, 3 diagnostic charts, 3 splint bandages, 1 construction helmet, 1 air hammer, 1 head bandage, 2 plaster casts, 1 label sheet with bandage material, 1 wristwatch, 1 stetoscope. 

Playmobil 71202 Ambulance with light and sound (71202, Playmobil City Life)

Playmobil 71202 Ambulance with light and sound

71202, Playmobil City Life

7. Playmobil Magnum, p.i. Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole

The iconic Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole from the well-known crime series "Magnum, p.i." of the 80s. Includes the main characters from the series: Thomas Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins. The red Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole is one of the trademarks of the 80s crime series "Magnum, p.i.". How private detective Thomas Magnum darts across Hawaii in his red super sports car and solves exciting criminal cases wrote series history and still thrills fans all over the world today. Now the cult vehicle including Thomas Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins appears in PLAYMOBIL scale with lots of great details. In addition to hinged headlights at the front and an opening bonnet at the rear, the Ferrari has a removable roof. Not only series fans and car collectors will be thrilled by this detailed vehicle model. "I know what you're thinking now, and you're right!", you simply have to have this PLAYMOBIL Ferrari! 

Playmobil Magnum, p.i. Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole (71343)

Playmobil Magnum, p.i. Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole


8. Playmobil Fire brigade deployment on the construction site

What could shorten the waiting time for Christmas Eve better than the Playmobil Advent calendar? Behind 24 little doors hide many exciting Playmobil figures and parts around the fire brigade. Oil has leaked and caught fire on a construction site. Of course, the fire brigade is immediately with the Quad to the place to bring the fire under control. Up to the celebration a complete fire-brigade-like play scenery develops, suitably to the exciting fire-brigade play world. 

Playmobil Fire brigade deployment on the construction site

Playmobil Fire brigade deployment on the construction site

9. Playmobil SWAT rescue aircraft

With the rescue aircraft with winch, missions in the air are no challenge for the SEK. There is room for two figures in the cockpit and in the cargo area there are two fold-out seats for additional figures. The integrated light and sound module is controlled by the rotor movement (is that correct??). Sensitive cargo can be secured with a tension belt and if more cargo needs to be transported, even more cargo can be secured to the floor of the aircraft using transport chains. The rescue aircraft can be opened from all four sides for an optimal play experience. The 71147 SEK multi-terrain quad also fits in the SEK rescue aircraft. 

Playmobil SWAT rescue aircraft (71149, Playmobil City Action)

Playmobil SWAT rescue aircraft

71149, Playmobil City Action

10. Playmobil Intl. police command center with prison

The operation is controlled from the command centre. The boss knows where every car and helicopter is located. And the officers strike at exactly the right moment. They caught a crook - but his accomplice got away. The thief's fingerprints are quickly taken and a photo is snapped. And then they go behind bars. With prison, interrogation room, helipad, wall breakthrough and fingerprint capture. Fingerprints can be captured through the included transparent foils and thus the criminals can be identified. With command center and telephone system. The police car can be parked in the large inner courtyard. Including gangster on his skateboard. Through a wall breakthrough, caught criminals can escape from the two cells. The large entrance gate can be opened and closed to the left and right. With lockable weapon cabinet and many accessories. Catched criminals can be dressed in the attachable convict clothes. With helicopter landing pad. 

Playmobil Intl. police command center with prison (6872, Playmobil City Action)

Playmobil Intl. police command center with prison

6872, Playmobil City Action