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...sleep problems...insomnia...?!!! Help your baby to fall asleep with WOOSHH - the sleep soother! With 8 different soothing sounds, this little sound machine helps your baby to fall asleep quickly.
The WOOSHH muffles ambient noise and provides scientifically proven soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep in no time. - Specially recorded soothing sounds guarantee a peaceful sleep. - Choose from 8 sounds and 4 volume levels - find the perfect soothing environment for your baby. - WOOSHH is so small that it always fits in your pocket - take it with you wherever you go. - The versatile design allows you to place or hang the WOOSHH anywhere - out of your baby's reach. - Rechargeable, so no batteries are needed - simply use the included USB cable to charge WOOSHH. - Set the WOOSHH to 1-hour mode for a cosy nap or afternoon nap. Switch to 10-hour mode for a wonderfully restful night. The science behind WOOSHH Advanced mixing techniques have been used in the development of WOOSHH to produce high quality sound from a small speaker. The 8 different sounds have been specially recorded and have been proven to have a calming effect on babies. The 8 soothing sounds of WOOSHH WOOSHH has different suspension sounds. WOOSHH has two soothing water sounds and various sounds that simulate the uterus. With this white noise you can simulate the soothing environment that your baby knows from pregnancy. The ambient music is highly recognisable and can serve as a cue that it is time to sleep. You can also choose the relaxing sound of a purring cat or a cosmic sound recorded by NASA in space. Thanks to the many different sounds to choose from, you can create the perfect sleeping environment for your child. Dimensions H 60mm x W 36mm x D 36mm | Weight of product 38g | Weight of product in packaging 111g | Box contents: 1x Wooshh | 1 x USB cable | 1 x fastening strap | 1x instruction manual |.

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