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The heat belt provides with 12 h heat duration for soothing relaxation in everyday life. The four large heat cells provide lasting deep warmth.
Thanks to the thin material, the heat belt can be worn inconspicuously and comfortably under clothing. Stretch and a reliable Velcro closure make the heat wrap adjustable for all sizes (S-XL). The heat belt is comfortable, discreet and odorless. The back warmer is particularly popular with rescue services, stadium visitors, winter sports, outdoor work, cold storage, hunting, forestry, fishing, camping and many other uses.

Thermopad consists of a mixture of natural substances.
This mixture consists of iron powder, salt, activated carbon, water and clay mineral (vermiculite).
The substances are carefully mixed in the right proportions to produce granules that have the ability to react with oxygen.
A soft fleece that allows oxygen to enter, but not the powder to exit, makes the warmer what it is, a small soft heating pad in various sizes and shapes.

Thermopad warming pads are designed to generate heat for up to 12 h once the airtight pouch is opened, depending on the item. The reaction is based on the simple principle of chemical oxidation. Thermal energy, i.e. heat, is generated in combination with oxygen.
The heat is generated naturally - without any environmentally harmful substances. Pleasant, light and always with you.

First the hands and feet start to freeze and then the whole body. This is due to the fact that the body only starts to freeze at the outer extremities and thus the body's own protective function concentrates the main energy on the torso. This can be counteracted with Thermopads to have fun with sports even during longer stays in the cold, as well as to remain active and fully capable of concentration.

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Heating duration
43200 s
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Hand and foot warmers
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Heater properties

Heating duration
43200 s
Max. temperature
48 °C

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1 x

Product dimensions

110 g

Package dimensions

18 cm
14 cm
2 cm
96 g

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