Brushes + Attachments

Brushes + Attachments

The bristles on your toothbrush look in all directions or bend? The brush head smells strangely? The bristles have lost their original colour? The bristles are dull or no longer have the same thickness when you press on them with your finger? You have been sick recently?

If you can only answer "yes" to one of these questions, then it is high time to change your brush. Because a toothbrush removes food residues and cleans the mouth area. Due to the warm climate in the bathroom, bacteria and fungi can multiply very quickly. You have a similar problem if you were ill or suffered from herpes, sore throat or gum inflammation. In this case you should not wait for the normally recommended three months. In order to clean your teeth effectively and remove plaque from them, you need new, strong and, above all, clean bristles every few months. Bent bristles can also cause damage to the gums.

It is practical that the head of electric toothbrushes is replaceable, so only this head needs to be replaced. So you can buy the toothbrush head of your choice separately. There is a large selection of different replacement brushes. Whether you want one for removing plaque, cleaning the space between the teeth, protecting the gums or whitening your teeth: Depending on your needs, the brushes are available in different degrees of hardness and with other features. There are also replacement brush heads especially for children, which are smaller to fit the milk teeth.

Most of the models are also available in the economy package in multiple versions. This way you can save money when you want to stock up or buy new brush heads for the whole family.

Simply find your desired brush model among the many products by filtering for compatibility with your electric toothbrush, number of brush heads, need or hardness level.