Best Meliseptol products in the Hand sanitiser category

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1. Meliseptol Wipes Surface disinfection refill

Wipe disinfection for small and alcohol-insensitive surfaces. Saturated with the fast-acting disinfectant Meliseptol rapid. Effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses. Active ingredients: 50 g propan-1-ol, 0.075 g didecylmethylammonium chloride per 100 g solution; effective within 1 minute; wide range of applications and effects; environmentally friendly refill pack made of flexible material for quick removal and reloading of the dispenser box. 

2. Meliseptol Foam Pure

Meliseptol Foam Pure Spr 750 ml.

3. Meliseptol Alcohol rapid disinfection

Meliseptol Rapid Alcoholic Rapid Disinfection Ovalfl 1000 ml.

Meliseptol Alcohol rapid disinfection (1000 ml)
Hand sanitiser
25,73 EUR 25,73 EUR/1l

Meliseptol Alcohol rapid disinfection

1000 ml