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1. Beurer FW20

Easy handling - temperature adjustment with hand switch Illuminated switching levels With overheating protection Automatic switch-off after 90 minutes Extra soft, fluffy fabric Washable, removable teddy lining 

Beurer FW20 (Foot warmer)
Hand and foot warmers
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Beurer FW20

Foot warmer

2. Thermopad Hand warmer 1 pair

Air-activated hand warmer - just put it in your pocket, jacket pocket or gloves - 12 hours EXTRA WARM.

3. Beurer FWM 45

The massage foot warmer FWM 45 not only ensures warm feet, but also relaxed feet thanks to the integrated massage function with two massage levels. The heat and massage functions can also be used separately. The teddy lining is removable and hand-washable and provides cuddly warmth. Due to its dimensions, the foot warmer is also suitable for large shoe sizes. 

4. Thermopad Toe Warmer Set of 10

The thin, comfortable toe warmers are simply attached to the socks with the adhesive side from above or below. They are activated by contact with oxygen when the packaging is opened and provide natural warmth for up to 8 hours. Especially hunters, skiers, stadium and Christmas market visitors are pleased about the pleasant effect of our toe warmers. Produced according to Japanese standards, the warmers are subject to the strictest criteria of heat quality. The toe warmers are the ideal companion for all activities in the fresh, cool air. The foot warmers are the favourable alternative to our big foot warmers, the sole warmers. After opening the packaging, the protective foil must first be removed from the pad. Then the toe warmer is attached to the socks with the adhesive side from above or below. Now the shoes can be put on. The colder it is, the more important it is to have well insulated shoes. All Thermopads are climate neutral. We have completely offset the CO2 footprint of our products. 

Thermopad Toe Warmer Set of 10 (Foot warmer)
Hand and foot warmers
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Thermopad Toe Warmer Set of 10

Foot warmer

5. Medisana FWS

The cold winter days may come: With the foot warmer FWS you are protected from low temperatures and can quickly warm up your cold feet after a long walk. The foot warmer works in 3 freely adjustable temperature levels and has a particularly soft, breathable core. The foot warmer material complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

Medisana FWS (Foot warmer)
Hand and foot warmers
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Medisana FWS

Foot warmer

6. Thermopad Sole warmer S size 36-39

Luxury for the feet. The foot sole warmers are considered a top product for skiing. Who hasn't experienced that yet? Great skiing weather, untouched slopes after days of snowfall - and icy, bone-chilling cold. The sole warmers fit into any ski boot and provide pleasantly warm feet even in very cold outside temperatures. Thermopad sole warmers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and activate automatically after contact with oxygen. The warmers provide pleasant warmth for up to 8 hours and are available in different sizes and variants. 

7. Thermopad Sole warmer

The sole warmers fit into any shoe and provide pleasantly warm feet even in very cold outside temperatures. The warmers provide pleasant warmth for up to 8 hours. The hand warmers are particularly popular with rescue services, stadium visitors, winter sports, outdoor work, cold storage, hunting, forestry, fishing, camping or with children, for whom the hand warmers make going to school easier in icy temperatures. The hand warmers are comfortable, discreet and odourless. Thermopad is made of a mixture of natural substances. This mixture consists of iron powder, salt, activated carbon, water and clay mineral (vermiculite). The substances are carefully mixed in the right proportions to produce granules that have the ability to react with oxygen. A soft fleece that allows oxygen to enter, but not the powder to exit, makes the warmer what it is, a small, soft heat pad in various sizes and shapes.
Thermopad warming pads are designed to generate heat for up to 12 h once the airtight pouch is opened, depending on the item. The reaction is based on the simple principle of chemical oxidation. In this process, thermal energy, i.e. heat, is generated in combination with oxygen.
The heat is generated naturally - without any environmentally harmful substances. Pleasant, light and always with you.
First the hands and feet start to freeze and then the whole body. This is due to the fact that the body only starts to freeze at the outer extremities and thus the body's own protective function concentrates the main energy on the torso. This can be counteracted with thermo pads in order to enjoy sports even during longer stays in the cold, and to remain active and fully able to concentrate.

8. Thermopad Toe Warmer

Thermopad heat pad, field of application: people.

9. Roost Pocket warmer Didi

Pocket warmer

No more cold hands. These hand warmers fit in every pocket. Different motifs and sizes round off the selection.

10. Beurer Sanitas SFW 10

Many people, especially older people, suffer from cold feet in the autumn and winter months. The foot warmer SFW10 with its pleasant teddy lining can help -breathable -3 illuminated temperature levels -automatic switch-off after approx. 90 minutes -rapid heating -electronic temperature control -overheating protection -removable and hand-washable teddy lining -size: approx. 32 x 26 x 26 cm -Ca. 100 watts.