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1. Beurer IH 26

Beurer IH26 inhaler, type: inhaler, operating mode: compressor, disinfectable.

2. Beurer IH 55

Easy to handle, ideal for children and suitable for travelling. Nebulisation with diaphragm technology. With self-cleaning function, very quiet, fast and effective nebulisation. For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. High proportion of respirable particles. For use in colds, asthma, respiratory diseases, etc. - for fast and effective inhalation. High nebulization capacity (>0.25 ml/min) - short inhalation time. Short inhalation time. Ideal for children and suitable for travelling. 

3. Beurer SI 40

Use the Beurer SI 40 steam nebuliser to nebulise liquids such as saline solution and essential oils. You simply adjust the fogging power by means of a slide control. Due to the constant temperature of approx. 43 °C the application is very effective. The maximum operating time is ten minutes. A universal mask for mouth and nose is included. 

4. Beurer FC 72 Pureo

The invigorating steam of the FC 72 ion facial sauna stimulates the blood circulation of the skin, opens pores and impurities can be removed more effectively. The application provides an ideal basis for facial beauty care.The FC 72 facial sauna also has an integrated ion generator. This ensures that the outflowing water molecules are additionally enriched with ions and the steam becomes even finer. In this way, ions can cause even deeper hydration, a softer epidermis and an improved skin tissue structure in the face. Automatic switch-off after 15 min. Microfine ion steam gently opens the pores of the skin. Ion vapour penetrates deeply into the skin and provides moisture. After application, the pores close and the skin appears refined and smoothed. The treatment promotes circulation and gives a fresher appearance. The application of the ion facial sauna FCE 70 offers an ideal basis for beauty care in the face. Your facial skin is optimally prepared for further treatments, such as deep cleansing, facial masks, etc. The opened pores allow the skin care products to penetrate deep into the skin and optimise their effect. Emphasizes the natural beauty of the skin. The deep cleansing application of the facial sauna opens the pores and increases blood circulation. At the same time, the ion-steam treatment moisturizes the skin. 

5. PARI NaCl 0.9 % Inhalationslösung

Bring soothing sea air into your living room. Thanks to modern inhalation devices and salt solutions from PARI It has been known for centuries that salty air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract - just like inhaling salt solutions. PARI NaCl 0.9% inhalation solution is particularly good for preventing colds. 

PARI NaCl 0.9 % Inhalationslösung
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PARI NaCl 0.9 % Inhalationslösung

6. Medisana IN 500

With the inhaler IN 500 from Medisana you can specifically treat diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract such as colds or asthma. Inhalation therapy with aerosols can help to alleviate respiratory problems. In aerosol therapy, drugs are brought into an "airborne" form - through the nebulisation applied here - and then inhaled. The great advantage of this therapy is that the drugs are administered directly where they are supposed to work, i.e. via the mouth and nose into the lungs without passing through other organs. The effect is noticeably fast and there are no side effects. The use of medication is low. 

7. Hydas Inhalation Pot

2 soft attachments for mouth and nose. Hygienic, since interchangeable. Ideal for use by several people. For filling with hot water and additives, with twist lock as locking system of upper and lower part, mouth-nose opening allows targeted application and protects the eyes, practical handles for transport after filling with hot water, quick and easy application: 2-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes, boil water and fill into inhalation pot, put top part on and turn tight (clockwise), inhalation (recommended application temperature: 45-50°C), capacity: 700 ml, easy cleaning: dishwasher safe. 

Hydas Inhalation Pot
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Hydas Inhalation Pot

8. Beurer IH58

Description The small, light and whisper-quiet IH 58 inhaler offers high performance in a compact size. It is therefore the ideal helper for colds, asthma and other respiratory diseases when you are out and about. Special features Compressor compressed air technology For treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract, colds, asthma, respiratory diseases With mains operation High proportion of respirable particles Ideal when travelling Very easy to use Low noise level Short inhalation time Working pressure: approx. 0.25 - 0.5 bar Extensive accessories Storage bag and carrier bag Disinfectable Nebulization performance: approx. 0.25 ml/min Medical device Incl. mains adapter with micro USB cable 

9. Emser Inhalationslösung

The Emser Inhalation Solution is a ready-to-use, isotonic solution of Natural Emser Salt. The Emser Inhalation Solution isotonic with Natural Emser Salt provides humidification of the airways and promotes the natural cleansing mechanisms of the bronchi. Stuck mucus can loosen and so the expectoration is facilitated. 

Emser Inhalationslösung
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Emser Inhalationslösung

10. Beurer IH 58

Child friendly, small and ultra quiet - the IH 58 Kids nebuliser is the ideal companion, even when travelling. Accessory in the form of a small giraffe makes inhalation easier for babies and children, and quickly distracts them.