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1. Sport-Thieme Spine Stretcher

Design: Sport The Sport-Thieme spinal stretcher relieves tension and strengthens the muscles - Many things in everyday life put a strain on our backs, whether atwork or in our leisure time - lack of movement and incorrect posture are frequent causes of tension and the resulting back pain. The result is tension and neck and back pain. The muscles shorten and can no longer support the spine. This is where the spinal stretcher comes in: it stretches the muscles, releases tension and strengthens the muscles at the same time. - Whether after a long day at the desk, in the workshop or doing the big house cleaning - a training session on the spinal stretcher helps you to relax. With its particularly easy use and small dimensions, this back stretcher is easy to use anywhere: just lie on it and relax. Thanks to its compact size, it can be used anywhere and is also easy to transport. - The spine stretcher is well suited for use in rehabilitation and therapy facilities - for fitness, wellness, strengthening and prevention. It is also an ideal option for companies that want to promote the back health of their employees. The spine stretcher helps to strengthen and relieve the back and thus to prevent one of the most common diseases of civilisation. - Product details: - Beech wood, solid - Loadable up to 140 kg - Environmentally friendly varnish - Further details about the back stretcher therapy: - Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 54x25x9 cm - Weight: approx. 2.3 kg - Number of pairs of rollers: 10 - Further details on the Sport back stretcher: - Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 90x26x17 cm - Weight: approx. 4.3 kg - Number of pairs of rollers: 14 - Further details on the Neck stretcher: - Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.5x20x9 cm - Weight: approx. 0.6 kg - Number of pairs of rollers: 4 

2. B.Braun INTRAFIX Safeset P Inf Ger 180cm 10

Manufacturer \r\nB. Braun Medical AG \r\nSeesatz 17 \r\nCH-6204 Sempach \r\nWebsite:

3. CareLiv Ultrasound gel, 1000 ml GEL

Product features:

Ultrasonic gel
1000 ml

Source: Information from the manufacturer
Status: 04/2023.

4. Newgene Antigen Test Card

COVID-19 antigen detection kit. Nasal swab Suitable for self-testing. Suitable for non-specialists to perform self-tests.

Newgene Antigen Test Card
Medical supplies + Equipment
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Newgene Antigen Test Card

5. Stool test tubes, 1 pc. test

Product features:

Stool examination tubes

6 cm long, length with lid 8 cm, diameter 2 cm.

Status: 03/2017.

6. + Prisoma Novofine 6 needles 0.25x6mm 31G, 100 pcs KAN

Novofine 6 needles 0.25x6mm 31G, 100 pcs KAN, + Prisoma GmbH.



8. CareLiv Ultrasound gel, 250 ml GEL

Ultrasound gel, 250 ml GEL, Careliv Produkte OHG.

9. Dr. Junghans Canister bucket 2L yellow, 1 pc

Cannula bucket 2L yellow, 1 pc, Brinkmann Medical a company of Dr Junghans Medical GmbH.

10. Aktivmed PENNADEL Universal 5 needles 0.23x5mm 32G, 100 pcs KAN

PENNADEL Universal 5 needles 0.23x5mm 32G, 100 pcs KAN, Aktivmed GmbH.