Business projectors for the office

Business projectors for the office

Cheryl Schlatter
Cheryl Schlatter
Zurich, on 01.04.2017
Translation: Jessica Johnson-Ferguson
Business projectors are perfect for the business environment or for schools as they deliver perfect results in bright rooms or in daylight. Find out what else you need to look out for in a business projector and check out the selection we’ve put together below.

Good preparation is the be all and end all of any important meeting – unfortunately, the electronic equipment doesn’t always play along. For perfect presentations and performance you can rely on, your business projector should have the following properties:


Look out for at least 3000 ANSI lumens for presentations in bright environments or in daylight. More ANSI lumens also equal even better performance.


Versatile connectivity is particularly handy if you need to transmit data from different sources. In any case, make sure the device features HDMI, VGA, DVI, Mini Display and Thunderbolt. Wi-Fi, MHL or a USB port complete the business projector profile.

Low operating costs

A long-life light source as well as energy-saving features ensure operating costs are kept at a minimum.

Lens shift

Horizontal and vertical image shift allows for flexible positioning of the projector without distorting the image.


Corrects the distortion of the image dimensions (trapezoid) when an image is projected to a wall at an angle.


This feature is helpful when it comes to adjusting image size and keeping a flexible distance.

Built-in speakers

Handy for portable use. For large meeting rooms, however, we recommend connecting external speakers.

P6600 (WUXGA, 5000lm, 3D, UHP, 35dB)
Acer P6600 (WUXGA, 5000lm, 3D, UHP, 35dB)
TH683 (Full HD, 3200lm, 3D, UHP, 34dB)
BenQ TH683 (Full HD, 3200lm, 3D, UHP, 34dB)
EB-U04 (WUXGA, 3000lm, UHP, 37dB)
Epson EB-U04 (WUXGA, 3000lm, UHP, 37dB)
EB-2245U (WUXGA, 4200lm, UHP, 37dB)
Epson EB-2245U (WUXGA, 4200lm, UHP, 37dB)
TW529 (WXGA, 3300lm, UHP, 33dB)
BenQ TW529 (WXGA, 3300lm, UHP, 33dB)
XJ-A257 (WXGA, 3000lm, LED, Laser, 35dB)
Casio XJ-A257 (WXGA, 3000lm, LED, Laser, 35dB)

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