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    A QD-OLED miracle? Testing Samsung's best TV ever

    by Luca Fontana


From premium OLED TVs to affordable LCD TVs - you'll find it all here. Thanks to the simple filter function, you can find your TV immediately, whether it's from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense or Hitachi. You don't know which TV you should buy? An OLED, QLED, 4K or 8K TV? Here are a few inputs:

First, it's about the size of your TV: it has to fit in your living room and on the TV furniture. At the same time, it shouldn't be too small, so you can watch your favourite series without hurting your eyes. For a few years now, the trend has been moving more and more in the direction of "the bigger, the better". 65-inchers are now affordable rarities, 80-inchers are available from almost all manufacturers. Here, of course, the question arises: how far in front of the TV should I sit? Forget what your parents used to say: "Don't sit too close to the TV. It will give you square eyes". With today's resolutions, you should sit even closer. The theory is that the bigger the pixels, the further away you should sit. The rule of thumb for 4K TVs is - depending on who you ask: screen diagonal x 1.5 = sitting distance. So in my case, 75 inches (190cm) x 1.5 = 2.85m. 4K is now standard, only small inch sizes and extremely inexpensive TVs still manage with the four times lower Full HD resolution. Netflix is already leading the way with 4K content, followed in 2017 by Ultra HD Blu-ray and more and more corresponding content. Now that almost every TV is a 4K TV, manufacturers are looking for new spheres of image resolution. Various buzzwords such as HDR, Ultra-HD Premium, Quantum Dot Displays, "SUHD", "Triluminos" or OLED are used by manufacturers for this purpose. Ultimately, they all offer you very good picture quality and increase the incentive to buy a new TV.

Since the TV is in the living room, you have to like the design. The design is relatively similar across the various brands, differing mostly in details and the stand. The sets have become increasingly flat in recent years, so you can easily hang them on the wall or place them on your TV furniture. In the meantime, the decision between flat and curved design has already been made, because curved design is already out again. The new TVs come in a well thought-out 360-degree design. Cables and connections are hidden. The TV can now also be placed in the middle of the room. Next, it's about the features. Nowadays, almost every TV is smart. That means you can connect your TV to the internet. This gives you access to countless apps such as Netflix, Spotify, zattoo and games. Streaming and time shift (time-shifted television) are also child's play.

Now it's just a matter of making the final decision on the inch size? Not quite. All manufacturers offer about four to five different sets per year. The Premium series offers you the best features, both in terms of design and functionality. The other series stand out with a different design and fewer features. You can get a good overview in our online shop and use the filter function to find the features that are important to you. It is also clear that you pay the most money for the premium series and that the other device series cost less because they are less equipped. We offer you the full selection in our online shop. Whether it's the inch size, the design, the price or the features that are important to you - you're guaranteed to find the right TV for you.