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Eight products we tested and got really annoyed with

Martin Jungfer
Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 27.12.2021

Not good, just not good. Or even really bad. Here comes the collection with reviews from 2021, where the editors could find few reasons to buy the tested product.

As editors of an online shop, we don't have to find everything great. This selection of articles with tests proves that.

1. smarter than Magnus Carlsen?

Toy expert Ramon Schneider found a four-win game in three dimensions pimped with artificial intelligence while cleaning up. Like chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, it has defeated his opponents again and again and again. That's why Ramon finds the thing "invincible."

  • ReviewToys

    Beim Aufräumen einen unbesiegbaren Computer gefunden

2. velo pants test bikers

Sometimes it's the products we're unhappy with. Here, sports editor Patrick Bardelli gets the frustration of a pair of cycling pants he tested.

  • ReviewSport

    Velohose testet Biker und zieht ernüchterndes Fazit: «Ich fühle mich von ihm verarscht»

3. apple marketing vs. reality

You're supposed to be able to shoot Hollywood-quality movies with the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple's marketing machine promised at the launch of its best-selling smartphone. Video expert Armin Tobler tried it out together with film expert Luca Fontana.

  • ReviewSmartphone

    Apples Cinematic Mode ist absoluter Quatsch, sagt unser Videospezialist

4. yawn! - a Marvel movie to fall asleep to

No atmosphere, a boring story, dull images - the Marvel movie "Eternals" is for fan Luca Fontana a single disappointment, as he writes in his merciless review.

  • ReviewMovies and series

    Eternals: Der mit Abstand langweiligste Marvel-Film aller Zeiten

5th calendar without sex appeal

In mid-November, I handed editor Carolin Teufelberger the Durex Advent calendar for a test. I could have guessed what would come of it. She mercilessly exposed the weaknesses of the lovelessly made love play stimulator.

  • Review

    The Durex advent calendar is a mood killer

6. Roomba is not part of the family

Is the family life compatible with a robot vacuum cleaner? That's what editor Kevin Hofer wanted to know, and his answer is: no. As smart as the latest generation Roomba may be, it's still hardly any help to him because he has to clear too many obstacles out of the way.

  • ReviewHome

    Why the iRobot Roomba S9+ doesn’t quite rule my world

7. carbon, but not much else

At the beginning of the year, editor Dominik Bärlocher held a smartphone in his hands that was lighter than ever before. This was thanks to the material carbon. But as new as the shell of the Carbon Mobile 1 Mk II was, the technology inside was old. Therefore, there was a clear non-purchase recommendation.

  • ReviewSmartphone

    Carbon Mobile 1 Mk II: don't buy this phone

8. first fluffy, then flat and fuzzy

Editor Natalie Hemengül treated herself to fluffy Birkenstock sandals - and soon regretted the purchase. Cuddly socks have now been rehabilitated in her home.

  • ReviewFashion

    Birkenstock: Diesen Hausschuh-Kauf bereue ich

Test failures at a glance

You don't want to rely on the editors' verdict? That's okay too. Here you'll find all the products that failed our 2021 test - if they're still available in the shop.

Mille GT Knickers (L)
Cycling pants
Assos Mille GT Knickers (L)
iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB, Silver, 6.10 ", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 5G)
Apple iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB, Silver, 6.10 ", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 5G)
Carbon 1 MK II (256 GB, Original Carbon Fiber, 6.01 ", Dual SIM + SD, 16 Mpx, 4G)
Carbon Mobile Carbon 1 MK II (256 GB, Original Carbon Fiber, 6.01 ", Dual SIM + SD, 16 Mpx, 4G)
Arizona lambskin (36)
Birkenstock Arizona lambskin (36)
Illustration Titelbild: Maggie Blaser und Severin Keller / Digitec Galaxus

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