Or will a portable mini projector do?

Or will a portable mini projector do?

Lilian Dach
Lilian Dach
Zurich, on 25.12.2015
Translation: Jessica Johnson-Ferguson
A portable mini projector is perfect if you do not plan to permanently install it. The portables give you the freedom to use them in almost any kind of environment.
  • A cheap mini projector will suffice for infrequent use.
  • The required lumen depends on the frequency of use. Our tip for daylight use: look out for a high ANSI value.
  • Battery-operated projectors mean there's no need for a socket.
  • Projectors should ideally be connectable to different devices without requiring an adapter.
  • HDMI connection.
PW700 (700lm, LED, 34dB)
LG PW700 (700lm, LED, 34dB)
Qumi Q6 black (WXGA, 800lm, WiFi, 3D, LED, 34dB)
vivitek Qumi Q6 black (WXGA, 800lm, WiFi, 3D, LED, 34dB)

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Lilian Dach
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