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Resident Evil 7 – the reactions of our employees

Sandro Hostettler
Sandro Hostettler
Zurich, on 25.01.2017
Translation: Jessica Johnson-Ferguson
The latest horror classic is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The shocked reactions shown in this video speak for themselves. Would you have the guts to face the thrill in virtual reality?

digitec employees are no jellyfish and always up for trying something new. Five courageous individuals from product marketing and marketing agreed to put on the Playstation VR headset and venture into the living nightmare that is Resident Evil 7 – the latest game by Capcom.

Warning: Fright hazard!

Since the first edition, Resident Evil has been synonymous with top-notch horror. This also applies to the latest part. It all starts off with a harmless march through the forest. However, the level of difficulty soon rises sharply. In any case, none of our brave contenders stood a chance against Mia and her chainsaw.

As far as graphics are concerned, the Playstation 4 lives up to its claims. The game can either be played on a regular screen or in VR at no extra cost – provided you have the right equipment. This allows you to dive even deeper into the world of terror.

Not just for Sony Playstation 4

This game caters for a wide audience – feeding the nightmares of both console gamers and PC gamers.

Video games (box)/>
Resident Evil 7 (PS4)
Capcom Resident Evil 7 (PS4)
Video games (box)/>
Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One X/S, DE, FR, IT)
Capcom Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One X/S, DE, FR, IT)
Video games (box)/>
Resident Evil 7 (PC)
Capcom Resident Evil 7 (PC)

Who do you think freaked out most during their brief excursion into those spine-chilling surroundings? Would you dare do the same?

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Sandro Hostettler
Sandro Hostettler

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