The 10 best Apple Vision Pro videos
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The 10 best Apple Vision Pro videos

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Apple’s new headset’s a hit with YouTubers. They experiment with it, think about it and even destroy it – all in front of the camera.

Apple’s spatial computer’s been on the market in the USA for just over a week. Since then, YouTube’s been flooded with Vision Pro content. In addition to conventional reviews, there are also other interesting, funny and absurd videos. Here are ten of the best ones.

50 hours in Apple’s Vision Pro

Of course, there were going to be people who’d go about their daily life attempting to wear the Vision Pro for as long as possible. That’s not what the headset was designed for, but is still makes for entertaining content. One of the best videos is by Ryan Trahan. How wonderfully socially awkward!

The O.G. vlogger has his say

The video by vlogging godfather Casey Neistat can’t be missing from this list. Good storytelling, great editing, New York, electric skateboard. I love it! Please don’t imitate that intro scene.

Vision Bros are the new Glassholes

Wearing an AR headset in public can raise eyebrows. Only a few days after its launch, a few idiots overenthusiastic contemporaries filmed themselves driving a car while wearing the Vision Pro. Bridget Carey from CNET describes the Vision Bros as the successors to the Glassholes who made themselves unpopular with Google’s glasses.

Violent destruction

JerryRigEverything satisfies the violent fantasies of all Apple haters. As usual, Zack Nelson ruthlessly tackles the Vision Pro with knives, sharp tools and a lighter. Ouch.

Gentle destruction

iFixit is going about things with a bit more love. In the first teardown video, the portal took the Vision Pro apart as carefully as possible. Not an easy task. As expected, the repairability score is poor – 4 out of 10. In the second video, iFixit analyses the hardware in more detail, especially the displays.

The potential of augmented reality

Together with Marques Brownlee, Cloe Abram reflects on the possibilities of augmented reality. Teleportation, anyone?

PoV snippets

The short video shot from the user’s perspective on the completely unknown channel Himels Tech went viral. It gives you a good feel for what it’s like to wear the headset. On their YouTube channel, you’ll find even more point-of-view snippets.

Vision Pro on a plane

Transforming a flight into a cinema experience is one of the Vision Pro’s flagship applications. Nikias Molina’s tried it out and shows you what to expect in a detailed video.

Coding in the Vision Pro

Alex Ziskind tests products for their practical benefits from the perspective of a software developer. The Vision Pro seems to have potential, but also a fatal flaw: you can’t drink coffee when you’re wearing it.

Room for improvement

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s published a whole series of videos about the Vision Pro. The latest is about the disadvantages of the first generation: experiences can’t be shared and window arrangements can’t be saved. And the technology has room for improvement, too.

I didn’t include your favourite video? Share it in the comment section.

Header image: Screenshot YouTube / Casey Neistat

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