What makes a good business projector?

What makes a good business projector?

Lilian Dach
Lilian Dach
Zurich, on 25.12.2015
Translation: Jessica Johnson-Ferguson
Business projectors need to be reliable in large, bright rooms and even in broad daylight. To ensure your important presentations and meetings run even smoother, we’ve put together the most important things you should look out for when it comes to business projectors.

Keep the following in mind when you’re shopping for a business projector: * High resolution is not a must for presentations and standard programmes. * Go for at least 3000 ANSI lumen for excellent contrast in daylight or bright environment. * Ceiling-mounted or portable? Mounting a projector to the ceiling requires special mounts and keystone correction. Portable projectors should weigh under 3kg and be equipped with built-in speakers. * Make sure there are various connection possibilities as the projector will be connected to different computers. VGA, DVI and HDMI as well as mini Display and Thunderbolt for MAC should be available. * Remember that built-in speakers are generally not powerful enough to fill a large room with music (see tips below). * The USB or SD card slots to directly connect laptops and smartphones should be compatible with the most common formats such as PDF, AVI and PPT.

EB-W05 (WXGA, 3300lm, UHP, 37dB)
Epson EB-W05 (WXGA, 3300lm, UHP, 37dB)
P1525 (Full HD, 4000lm, UHP, 32dB)
Acer P1525 (Full HD, 4000lm, UHP, 32dB)
MH733 (Full HD, 4000lm, 3D, UHP, 33dB)
BenQ MH733 (Full HD, 4000lm, 3D, UHP, 33dB)
IN3138HDa (Full HD, 4500lm, UHP, 37dB)
Infocus IN3138HDa (Full HD, 4500lm, UHP, 37dB)
EB-2250U (WUXGA, 5000lm, UHP, 39dB)
Epson EB-2250U (WUXGA, 5000lm, UHP, 39dB)
EH416 (Full HD, 4200lm, 3D, UHP, 34dB)
Optoma EH416 (Full HD, 4200lm, 3D, UHP, 34dB)

Low-cost alternatives with less resolution

We like the sound of this

If you want to step up your game in the acoustic department, we recommend getting equipped with external speakers. The following three models are particularly well-suited for this task: Bose “Companion 2 Series III” stands for great, room-filling sound quality. “Companion 20” offers even better sound quality, room-filling TrueSpace technology and a Control Pod. JBL delivers great, room-filling sound quality and is connectable via Bluetooth – so it’s adios to cable clutter.

PC speakers/>
Jembe Wireless
JBL Jembe Wireless

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