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BaByliss X-10

BaByliss X-10


5 years ago
purchased this product

Do not buy unless looking for a tiny trimmer for precision work on tough skin

Everything still works after using 3-4 times. That's about sums up the positives for this product.
It's a tiny machine. Basically child sized.. There are a lot of measurements given in the product description, but the cutting
with of the blades is not one. Its about half of my previous machine, which means it takes considerably longer to go over the whole face.
It feels flimsy. The machine itself may be ok, but all attachments and heads feel like cheap and brittle plastic.
The tips of the various attachments are sharp! They are uncomfortable against the skin and if you are not careful they will leave red scratches and stripes.
The base is a joke; The charger does not plug into it, but you have to thread the cord underneath and clip it in place so the plug pokes through the bottom. So rather than placing the unit in a base to charge, you skewer the machine onto the charger plug directly.
The attachments do not click into the base for secure storage like you expect. They just sit loosely in cubbyholes. so every time you move the base, the attachments fall out and go all over the place. This could have been a great feature if they had spent a couple of cents more when making the base. But now it's like trying to move a house of cards.


  • Decent if you have lots of time and want a face full of red stripes and scratches


  • Tiny. Narrow head. Takes forever to trim a full beard.
  • Cheap plastic with sharp edges. Scratches your skin.
  • Base is very cheaply made and does not hold the attachments in place
  • Base does not double as charging doc as you would expect
  • Partial information shown on the website. Key info missing making the listing misleading.

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