Travel adapters

There are various supply voltage systems and connector types all over the world. Many countries can be grouped, as they have the same connections and thus the same travel adapter or travel plug can be used.

The supply voltage for sockets differs mainly between 220/240 Volt and 110/120 Volt, with tolerances of about 10%.

Due to different voltages in some countries, a travel adapter must also be used with the same type of connector to avoid overheating or undersupply. The connector types are standardised worldwide and are designated with the letters A-M. The visible differences are in the number (2 or 3) and shape of the pins.

To make it easier for you to choose the right travel adapter for your destination, our filter options let you specify your origin and destination and you'll be shown suitable products. We distinguish the devices in input voltage, the maximum power output and the maximum load.

Some devices come with integrated USB charging adapters. Our range includes the brands Apple, Brennenstuhl, Max Hauri, Steffen and SKROSS.