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AGFAPHOTO APX Pan 400 135/36

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APX 400 (New emulsion) ISO 400 photo film for black and white paper images AgfaPhoto APX 400 is a black and white photo film with high sensitivity for a large number of applications in the field of photography. As a high-sensitivity film, APX 400 is particularly suitable for taking pictures in unfavourable light conditions and for freezing faster motion sequences, such as in sports and action photography. APX 400 is only available as 35mm film with 36 exposures. Product features: -High sensitivity Nominal sensitivity ISO 400/27° -Useable for many photographic applications -Fine grain -Good sharpness -Wide tonal range with good contrast -Large exposure latitude -Pushable up to ISO 800 / 30° -Developable in a variety of black and white developers Storage It is recommended to store undeveloped films in a cool and dry place and if possible (before and after exposure) in the original packaging. Recommended temperature between 10°C and 20°C. In addition, developed negatives should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and in suitable negative sleeves (e.g. cellulose, triacetate or paper [pH 6.5-7.5]). Exposure The APX 400 has a sensitivity of ISO 400 / 27° (400ASA, 27DIN). Alternative exposures of the film such as ISO 320/26° and ISO 800/30° are also possible, but the film gives the best results when exposed at the nominal speed of ISO 400. Furthermore, in case of exposures deviating from ISO 400, it is advisable to first carry out test exposures and developments with adjusted times in order to check whether the desired results are achieved Even if the film does not show any visible changes in its latent image behaviour for a few months when stored properly, dry and cooled, we recommend developing it as soon as possible after exposure. Filter factors APX 400 can be used with all standard filters. It is recommended to follow the instructions of the filter manufacturers regarding necessary exposure compensation. Development APX 400 is suitable for development in all standard development equipment and devices and in a large number of developers.

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