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Apple HomePod mini (Apple Siri)

Apple HomePod mini

Apple Siri

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3 years ago

Small but mighty

For the size really good sound, fits perfectly into my Apple environment. With the U1 chip, the music can be transferred wonderfully.

With the sound you have to compromise the small can not keep up with the large which is why I would recommend all those who prefer the sound of the large, but this is wonderful for the kitchen or the bathroom.

The adapter is white and the cable gray a bit of a shame.

Conclusion: Clearly recommended for all Apple disciples.

What I would like to add to listen to some music in the evening, I find the small even more pleasant than the big one since this is less bassy.



2 years ago

Disappointing (4 in use, top wifi signal in 75m2)

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  • Klarooooo

    6 hours ago
    purchased this product


  • walter.stocco

    5 days ago
    purchased this product

    Excellent product

    This mini completes my installation of 2 mini's and fits in perfectly.
    Stylish, discreet and great sound!

  • Anonymous

    28 days ago
    purchased this product

    No Spotify control possible!

    This review was created for a different variant: HomePod mini (Apple Siri)

  • philippbachmann1

    29 days ago
    purchased this product

    Very disappointing, only need it very rarely

    Research shows this is a common problem. Would not buy again.
    Homepod stopped playing again while writing this review.


    • Connection problems with all Apple products
    • Only device in the house that has problems with the wifi
    • Audio lagged steadily several seconds behind
    • Playback often breaks off for no reason, reconnection afterwards only with great difficulty

    This review was created for a different variant: HomePod mini (Apple Siri)

  • Anonymous

    29 days ago
    purchased this product


    I am a big fan of Homekit and also use Alexa.

    However, in recent years I have had to rely more on Alexa because Siri or my Homepod are either too slow to respond to certain commands or don't produce the desired results.
    A simple weather query often starts with "Wait a minute, I'm looking for...", which can be frustrating at times. In contrast, Alexa provides an answer within seconds.

    However, Alexa also has its own problems, for example with commands such as "Open blinds/shutters", as it has difficulty categorising the devices correctly. Siri performs somewhat better here.

    However, Siri lags behind in most other areas. It's a shame, as I was firmly convinced that Apple would always lead in this area. But next to today's artificial intelligence capabilities, both Siri and Alexa seem to lag a little behind.

    Another issue is the price. Echos are sometimes available for 39.-, but mostly for 59.-, while the Homepod is more expensive here. From my point of view, the Homepod does not currently offer sufficient added value, and I am well served by Alexa.

    Therefore, I will stay with my Homepod for the time being, but I see no reason to do without Alexa, as it currently serves me very well.


    • Homekit
    • Apple ecosystem


    • Slow
    • Any errors after each update