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Network camera

With a network camera you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere. A network camera is not only useful if you want to check certain areas of your house, you can even use it during your holidays to check that no burglars have been at work. With a surveillance camera you can also keep a close eye on your sleeping baby while you are cooking or on your pet when you do your weekly shopping. In short, a network camera gives you the assurance that everything is fine at home.

Unlike a webcam, you can use a network camera without a computer. A network camera scores with additional useful features. In order to find the right model for you, you must first of all be clear about the intended use.

How large is the area to be monitored?
Should the security camera be used indoors or outdoors?
are there any special features of the security camera that are important to you?

Equipped with your requirements, you can set out on a targeted search for the ideal model. What you might look out for is shown below.

Do you want your surveillance camera indoor or outdoor? If the camera is used indoors, it does not require any additional protection. If you want to use it to monitor a forecourt, your camera must have a certain amount of weather protection so that it does not break down. Outdoors, a network camera must be able to cope with cold and heat as well as rain and snow. These cameras are often certified to IP65: dustproof and protected against water jets (nozzles) from any angle. If the camera is to provide useful image material at night, an infrared model is useful: these devices are more light-sensitive and have an integrated infrared spotlight.

The location of surveillance cameras also determines whether a wired device is sufficient or whether you should go for a model with WLAN. The consideration is simple: The further away from your router the camera is or the more flexible you want to use it, the more WLAN is an important criterion. And finally, the area to be monitored determines whether you need a strongly wide-angle model or whether you want an undistorted image.

In addition, the software and the setting options are central. You can use it to set from when to when the camera is active. Or you can command the camera to send a snapshot or SMS when certain events occur. Some cameras have inputs to which additional sensors can be connected. The sensors can also be programmed to trigger alarms. Many network cameras have a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, enabling two-way communication.

Some network cameras come with associated apps. This allows many useful additional functions. You can, for example, view a live image from the camera or play back those sequences where motion has been detected. Some models even score points with automatic daily summaries. Thanks to apps, you can also set smart alarms, where you get a push alert if the camera detects movement or noise, for example.

You will find the following brands of surveillance cameras in our assortment: D-Link, Ubiquiti, Trendnet, Devolo, Axis, Arlo, Netatmo, Gigaset, Logitech, Reolink, Blaupunkt, Nest etc.