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Polaroid Instant film Hi-Print 2x3

Polaroid Instant film Hi-Print 2x3

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2 years ago
purchased this product

Good image quality - poor adhesive quality



3 years ago
purchased this product

Thought it would be a little more photo paper

24 reviews

  • proginrene

    3 months ago
    purchased this product

    Ecological nonsense at an excessive price!

    Don't buy!
    For over 8 years I had been using a zink printer, the Snap.
    After printing hundreds of photos, with average quality but good service, I bought a hi-print printer and these cartridges. I'm going to throw them all
    Not only is the quality disgraceful, it saturates the colours excessively and clogs up the blacks with far too much contrast.
    But ESPECIALLY! Above all, it's ecological and economic nonsense. Where the ZINK allows you to buy packs of 30 or 50 sheets at a reasonable price, and with just a thin plastic wrapper, these Hi-Print cartridges contain 10 sheets in a large DISPOSABLE plastic cartridge! The waste is considerable, for what it is. If at least one cartridge could print 200 or even 100 photos before being thrown away, that might be defensible. But 10 photos for so much single-use plastic is unacceptable.
    I'm really disappointed with Polaroid.


    • Cartridge must be discarded after 10 photos, non-refillable
    • Photos are of poor quality, with too much contrast and saturation
    • The paper sticker doesn't stick well
    • Too expensive for what it is!
  • Georges

    4 months ago
    purchased this product

    The perfect travel printer

    I bought this printer for a wedding to decorate the guestbook I bought from Apfelkiste. The effect was perfect. The photos are printed on self-adhesive paper, which makes the layout easier.


    • Easy to use
    • Excellent print quality
    • An almost pocket-sized printer
    • Self-adhesive paper


    • Prices
  • ale.f.8

    4 months ago
    purchased this product

    super, specially for making memories book

    pictures are great, however, the contrast + intensity of colours + sharpness have to be modified before printing as the quality is not as seen on the screen.


    • sticker backing
    • good thickness


    • sometimes looks unsharp
  • goumazsandrine7

    6 months ago
    purchased this product

    Great for an evening where you want to keep good memories

  • rita_g

    7 months ago
    purchased this product

    Pricey but fun


    • Fun to have in the moment memories
    • Sticker option useful


    • Picture quality not that great
    • Quite small
    • Expensive
  • Anonymous

    8 months ago
    purchased this product

    Easy to use, but sticks poorly.


    • Easy to use
    • Good photo quality


    • Very expensive
    • A lot of plastic waste per film cassette
    • Photos stick very badly