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Samsung Trio EP-P6300 (9 W)

Samsung Trio EP-P6300

9 W

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3 years ago
purchased this product




1 year ago
purchased this product

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro cannot be charged

You can only charge the watch if you buy a wristband at extra cost. With the original wristband, no matter how you put the watch down, it will not charge. It only works if you weigh it down with at least two kilos. For me, the product is absolutely unusable. It's not worth returning it because Digitec charges Fr. 10 for the opened package and the post office Fr. 9 for postage. So it goes unused and into the electronic waste bin.

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  • gilclerc

    3 months ago
    purchased this product

    Not great

    Doesn't work very well with 2 smartphones (Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22). But it says on the instructions that you can.
    The 2 phones don't charge to 100%, one remaining at 72% and the other at 83%, even after a full night on
    the "fast" wireless charger. 


    • Not really suitable for 2 smartphones
  • Anonymous

    4 months ago
    purchased this product

    Samsung S21 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 5 charge perfectly


    • Magnetic for placing the clock
    • Battery LED display dimmable


    • Mobile has to be placed perfectly, by now I know exactly where to place it
  • info

    5 months ago
    purchased this product

    Great, but...


    • Everything you need to do well
    • Practice


    • Why such a low voltage?
  • Helvete X0ne

    6 months ago
    purchased this product

    It deserves to be at 15/25w

    It would have been cool to have a more upright position for the phone.


    • 3 charging points simultaneously
    • The watch's charging point is magnetic


    • Only 9/10w charge (although more than enough to charge overnight)

    8 months ago
    purchased this product

    Perfect solution for couples


    • 2 normal device plus watch charging at the same time
    • Decent speed while charging one device


    • Built in USB port is specially designed to work mostly only with with Samsung overpriced cables
    • Works only with Samsung chargers
  • sensei_tamtam

    11 months ago
    purchased this product

    Does what it should

    skrrrrr skibbidi dab dab dab dab jes jes jes skib skib skibbidi dib skibbidi dabbedu dabbedu dab


    • Schnieke
    • Wireless
    • LEDs dimmable for the night


    • Does not load particularly quickly