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    High price not justified: Wacom Cintiq Pro 17 tested

    by Michelle Brändle

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    Not for the electrosensitive: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 tested

    by Martin Jud

Graphics tablets

A digitizer tablet, digitizer, pen tablet, or graphics tablet allows input to be made on a computer using a pen (also called a stylus) or other similar pointing tool. When the pen is moved on the tablet, these movements and commands are transmitted to the computer, enabling precise input for graphic designers. Some graphics tablets also allow the user to enter commands by touching with the finger or the whole hand. Often there are also additional keys at the edge of the contact or pressure sensitive surface. With the help of such a tablet, one can work much more precisely, for example with the different tools (e.g. pen or brush) of a graphics program. Important criteria when buying a graphics tablet are the size (in inches), the resolution (in lpi), the pressure level, the operation with or without pen and the DIN format (e.g. A4).

digitec offers graphics tablets from the manufacturers Genius and Wacom in various designs and price segments - whether you are a beginner or a professional graphic designer, we have the right product for you!