SanDisk Extreme PRO

microSDXC, 1000 GB, U3, UHS-I
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The high speed of this powerful microSD memory card ensures fast transfers, high app performance and high-quality recordings in 4K UHD format. The card supports 4K UHD videos, Full HD videos and high resolution
photos. This makes it ideal for Android smartphones, action cams and drones. The fast SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC memory card reads at up to 200 MB/s8 and writes at up to 140 MB/s. It's also A2 certified - so it enables high application performance and improves the way your smartphone works.

Video Speed Class includes five speed levels, V6, V10, V30, V60 and V90, with the number indicating the minimum write rate in megabytes per second (MB/s). By combining a Video Speed Class labelled device and an SD memory card with the same Video Speed Class label, memories can be captured in quality. The fastest options, V60 and V90, support 8K resolution, while V6, V10 and V30 reliably capture Full HD and 4K resolution.

The Speed Class indicates the minimum continuous data transfer rate when writing video files to a memory card. The Speed Class number indicates the transfer rate in megabytes per second. Class 2 cards are designed for a minimum, continuous transfer rate of 2 MB/s and Class 10 for a minimum, continuous transfer rate of 10 MB/s. The speed class is divided into classes 2, 4, 6 and 10. For full HD video (1080p), at least Class 6 is recommended.

UHS-I capable SD cards allow theoretical data transfer speeds of up to 104 MB/s. The speed class is indicated as U1 or U3: U1 for Full HD videos - and U3 for 4K videos. Memory cards with support for UHS-I are backwards compatible and can be used in devices without UHS support (with limited performance).

This card is optimised for apps and delivers fast start-up and more performance for your mobile apps. The App Performance Class is especially important for SD cards used in smartphones and tablets. The A2 symbol indicates that the SD card meets the requirements of the corresponding App Performance Class 2 (A2): At least 4000/2000 IOPS for random transfers and at least 10 MB/s for sequential transfers.

Key specifications

Write transfer speed
140 MB/s
Read transfer speed
200 MB/s
Memory card class
Class 10
SD adapter
incl. adapter
Item number

General information

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Data storage properties

Memory card type
Number of memory cards included
Storage capacity
1000 GB
Memory card class
Class 10
UHS bus
UHS speed class
Read transfer speed
200 MB/s
Write transfer speed
140 MB/s
Video speed class
SD adapter
incl. adapter

Package dimensions

15.60 cm
10.40 cm
0.70 cm
13 g

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