Sold Out Evil Genius 2: World Domination (D)

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In this sequel to the 2004 cult classic, you'll build your own unique lair for your diversionary operation, train a squad of criminal minions, defend your lair against the forces of justice, and attempt to rule the world with your doomsday device! Features Cruel Constructions! - Every villain needs an island hideout. Choose the paradise of your choice and impose your own nasty style on it! You can shape the internal structure of your treacherous lair to fit your play style, and build delightfully evil devices for your minions to use. Abominable antiheroes! - Competence alone isn't enough if you want to launch an evil enterprise. As you become more powerful and train your minions, you can create new specialists to help you carry out your nasty plans! Need something more intimidating? Then recruit powerful henchmen to fit your play style - after all, every supervillain needs a right hand or more! Sneaky gadgets! - The forces of justice are unpleasantly punctual, so supplement your brute force with a bit of research and the development of a series of trap networks! Fling those pesky do-gooders away with a pinball lever or send them over to the Venus spy trap for dinner. One trap is good, but several are nastier. Link your traps together to permanently put the fear of God into intruders! Devilish schemes! - Execute your evil plans to advance your doomsday device and then use it to rule the world! Sell the British royal family, kidnap the governor of Maine and BACKE ALASKA - literally. With hundreds of possible targets, you'll be spoiled for choice.

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